Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Jerry Shirley

I watched FIVE minutes of a Seinfeld episode last night and then dreamt that Jerry and I got married.  And we were so cute together!  He told me he was going out to buy me a ring and i said "let me tell you something..." while i was walking to my jewelery box.  I pulled out my fake huge Emerald-cut diamond ring and told him not to buy anything smaller than this...and we laaaauuughed.  hahaha...I hope my next man is funny.  I think humor is the most sexiest trait ever. 

We (co-workers) were supposed to meet at Tower Cafe this mroning for b'fast but they changed their hours to 8am so we ended up at Fox & Goose and i HATE that place for food.  and, true to their style, my potatoes tasted like dirt and my waffle was a tiny version of an Eggo.  Plus, the waitress actually switched out our checks because she forgot to ADD A COFFEE TO THE BILL!!  Who fucking does that???

BUT, it is a fun place to party and that's where we'll be for my b'day...shootin steel tip darts and swillin' draught beer.