Monday, October 10, 2005

What a @%#*% weekend...

Friday - Oktoberfest

Okay. Where do i begin? First off - the liver thing? Do it. I felt pretty dern good even after drinking 87 beers. And I even lost a few pounds! The draggy part is you cannot eat for 3 hours before you go party and then not again until the next day. I was starving.

So Peng and I actually discuss not going to the Oktoberfest. We had a big weekend planned and, as we all know, I can't function when i'm hungover. How frickin' sad is that? We have to plan our weekends around my hangover time! Anyway, we decide we'll go for a couple of hours and that's it. I warn him if anyone shows up, he should know a 'couple' means 'five'.

We park and get out. Another couple behind us does the same. I look at a 'For Sale' sign and the boy part of the couple behind us makes a comment. A few courtesy laughs are exchanged and then we wind up in line together. Dave and Sonya. Dave is a light-hearted, goofy and funny guy. You can tell that right from the start. Sonya is elegant, personable and obviously quite tolerant. (This will become more apparant as the night moves on.) After we talk for a few minutes, they both invite us to sit at their table, much to my delight! I hate when we have to party alone.

Our first view of the party is Cal. An asian german? Not quite sure on this one but he was great, no less. AND he plays the Accordian!!

Oh, this is gonna be fun...

We find Sonya and Dave and sit down to discover they have 16 people coming! This is great since we invited about 87 and only got 2 strong "maybe's". But here's to our new friends!!
The first to arrive is Leslie. She's a breezy, sweet, and a welcoming person...she exudes friendliness. I love her instantly. In fact, both Sonya and Leslie were similar in the arena of comfortableness. I was becoming more and more greatful that i met these people. Both graciously included us in all their conversations, which is really nice seeings how we are the new people. Next up is Alison. Oh what a joy she is! and she loved me so who can't love that? Plus, anyone who has the 'balls' to wear the shirt she wore, is all right in my book...

Peng is chatting with Dave while I find my niche with the new girls...however, it IS time for a beer. I grab Peng and we head to the line to grab some Spaten. But not before i capture more beauty from this evening...

and, of course, my favorite couple:

With our pitcher in hand, the evening now begins to flow comfortably. Janice is the next to arrive. She friggin looks like Tara Reid! It was really amazing.

She brought her adorable son, Brian (not pictured). I thought he would be her DD but he's only 11. If he were my son, he'd still be the DD regardless. If only I could teach Kody to drive..Course, he's only 4.

The whole group is now here:

The beer is flowing, Dave and I are getting louder, and then FINALLY, my two friends arrive, thankyouverymuchiamNOTaloser! Kelly and Jeff:

(i love that artsy. It was taken later in the evening though) I warn Dave that they are WAAAAY more conservative than even Dubya; but, he prepares to mess with them anyway. Turns out, no one really needed to loosen these two up; they were ready. Dave tells Jeff as soon as he sits that he must follow the German tradition of "Shnipple" and down his first beer. He does so with barely any prodding...Kelly and i's friendship, by the way, is older than dirt. We've changed over the years...well she's changed, i'm the same as i was when i met her 15 years ago; but, every once in a while, she can revert back to the days.

Oh yeah! We're here for the German Traditions - beer makes me forget stuff like that. Peng and i head off to Polka. CRAP! Note to self: going around in circles after 3 beers can make you very dizzy! Another note to self: German music never ends. I had to cut our dance short. a.) i was dizzy and b.) my beer was getting lonely. But back at our home base, we get to watch some tradition german dancing...

It really is cool here. If i open mind just enough, i feel like I'm actually in Germany. Next year: GO to germany for oktoberfest.

Li'l bits: we take pix. An older woman walks by me and pokes my belly because...well, it's there!

Dave and I chat about writing books. Outside, as we smoke, a german woman, who Dave and I insulted earlier BY MISTAKE becuase we both have big mouths, came by and they each spoke fluent german to each other - how friggin' cool is that? Jeff asks if i want more beer, i say 'no i'm only having water', take sip of water and then say 'okay'. Peng chases the St. Pauli girl around to try and get a key ring. she's rude. we hate her becuase a.) she's rude and b.) she's a size 0.

The evening is wearing on. Dave and I are rescuing abandoned pitchers and making them feel at home in our bellies. Sonya is the DD and I think us drunkards are wearing her thin. I owe her a pack of smokes. The younger of their crowd come out to join the smoking crowd and they, somehow, don't find me too entertaining. one of them said something that hurt my feelings so i knew it was nearing the time to go home.

I grab Peng and we head upstairs to nurse our last beer. We talk about the evening and about the new people we've met, the conversations we had, etc. The lights now seem brighter, the music is dying down, less people are milling about and the beer just doesn't taste as sweet as it did 4 hours ago.

If Germany is at all like this; sign me up...

Saturday - Blue Angels

So, okay, i'm not quite up for our Mt. Tallac hike after last nights festivities; but, i can tolerate a 75 minute trip to SF.

Starbucks first, please.

We argue about what a shitty navigator I am instead of focusing on how anal Peng is about knowing exactly where he is and where he needs to go. We're in a friggin block city! you go straight forever and then go right forever. eventually you get to the bay. We park near a park (hmm...) and unload the Kodster-au-matic. The walk is so beautiful to the bay. I always get this feeling of wanting to be wealthy whenever i'm there. Who should NOT experience life in the city? At least for a year or so.

We get to the bay, we're hungry, we're craving a beer (shut up) and there are no vendors to be seen. What a drag. Anyway, the two highlights of this day is the lovely Asian man i met who lived in two vans with his 5 dogs and the massive spraying everyone got from the ocean. The asian guy looked like he was right out of "Weeping Camel". He fed Kody treats and introduced me to his boy, Bear. (which was my old dogs name, by the way) He was so pleasant and had a jolly laugh and a smile that lit up his face! he was a bit hard to understand so i won't lie and say the conversation made me ponder anything - in fact, i really was done after about 30 minutes with this charming man. a dichotemy i know but only i know what goes on in my head.

But the funniest part was people (including me and Peng) sitting on the edge of the bay on those cement barriers. Every 15 minuets or so a wave would crash below and spray us all; but, just a tiny bit. it was only later when we realized the tide was moving in ane the "little bit" became buckets of water. By then, we had moved away to just enjoy the show. Some people were soaked, some got slammed in the face...the joy to be had by all!

The Blue Angels were 45 minutes late so that sucked. It was only kinda cool
. Even when they head for each other it wasn't all that spectacular (pix not of the actual day - they were pretty far off. Made me wonder if they were at the Oktoberfest the night before...)

so that was that. We left and i slept so hard, i dont' even think i moved.

Sunday - Mt. Tallac

We got up early enough and headed to Starbucks for our morning fix. We decided we'd head up I-80 so we could go to my most favoritest restaurant, The Donner Kitchen, to have the famous Huevos Rancheros! Mmm...our hike was up hwy 50 but we decided we'd cut over 89 to 50. Poor Kody. He was in the car for 2 hours. You shoulda seen him when we let him out for our hike! A whole bottle of energy poured out right before our eyes. He had to wear his boots too and THANK GOD becuase we accidentally made this a 7 hour hike!

It's a very rocky hike too. and mostly up hill. ugh.

We were supposed to have a 3:00 turn around time but at 3:00 we were at the base of Tallac and it would be such a shame to honor our rule. Plus i hate rules. Here is the base of the mountain:

So, even though i bitched the whole way up (i'm no fun to hike with) i thought "what's 30 more minutes of my bitching?" and off we went.
But we get to the top and here is the view:

here is the other side: you get a 360 up here - very cool~~

Now, on the way back, i take, what i think is, a simple way back. Umm...not so! It was a knee breaking, spirit crushing (yet oddly enriching) experience. I took off Kody's front shoes as they ripped and weren't fitting well, and also becuase i thought we only had about an hour left. Not so, again. we had to climb straight down this mountain, walk through manzanita bushes (Peng wearily called "Mountain hair" because he couldn't think of the word ..uuuh...bush), and scale a craggy, rocky cliff. I could care less; it was Kody i was worried about. He's so bonsai he just ran like he didn't care. Becuase he's dumb. I forget that sometimes. And i'm his mother so i'm responsible for his well-being which is what i thought about while he carelessly ran towards the edge of the cliff, eyeing the only thing he cares about; Water.

I'm almost in tears here. I'm not sure we went the right way (turns out we did; Peng was right - Mr. Direction Man) and, again, my concern is simply Kody's safety. FINALLY, we reach civilization. Do you know how good it is to see a parking lot full of cars? It's good. Now, instead of worrying that we have no tent, fire, warm clothes and only 1/8th of a cup of sunflower seeds to keep us alive, our worse case scenario is we rent a cabin.

Peng runs to get the truck and of course, Benedict Arnold (aka Kody) follows him. The bastard never even looks back to see if I'm coming. He did this on the whole hike too. Total opposite of my Bearie. Hmph...see if i worry about his ass again.

Alas, i see my dirty, dinged, windshield-cracked beauty crest the hill and we're off for a well-deserved beer and a veggie burger.

Life has been good so far...


Blogger Shananigans said...

Your weekend sounds so awesome! I love German beer festivals! I spent a night in M√ľnchen beer hall once, and from what I remember it was kind of lick that. Only we did the funky chicken dance on tables and there was some drunk dude with a raging hard-on who wet himself chasing me at some point. Those pictures from Mt. Tallac are amazing.

3:07 PM  
Blogger Shananigans said...

It was kind of like that, not lick that...oh you know what I mean.

3:08 PM  
Blogger tabitha jane said...

i LOVE germany! if you go there, the beer will be plentiful, but the people aren't always so very friendly. it takes a while for them to warm up to you sometimes.
that's funny that the girl wore a proud to be jewish t'shirt at a german event! awesome!

tanya, looking at your pictures, i think we could look alike. maybe we were separated at birth?

i love SF too! that is where my man and i got engaged . . . sigh.

3:56 PM  
Blogger Tanya Kristine said...

Lick. that's hilarious...only you, my dear Shanani. We did the chicken dance too and apparantely you're supposed to lift the tables to and swing themback and forth.

Those crazy germans...

If i go to Germany, Tabs, you're coming with me.

4:21 PM  
Blogger PapaPeters said...

I was in Germany 4 months ago and first thing first they don't even like heiniken there they drink beck's like its going out of style at least were I was.... Second this was the longest blog i've ever read, my favorite part was everyone should be able to live in the city for at least a year. i feel that everytime in in San Fran or Downtown Portland....

9:54 PM  
Blogger Valerie said...

holy moly. sounds like a blast. Gimme a call when you go to Germany. I'm in. (I have a habit of inviting myself. I don't wait for invitations.) :)

9:56 AM  
Blogger GlitterGlamGirl05 said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. And you remembered it all - even better.

12:21 PM  
Blogger tabitha jane said...

i'm totally there with you tanya!
wir sind reisen nach deutcshland zuzammen (grammar and spelling should be disregarded).

3:04 PM  
Blogger Sonya said...

Hey Tanya! Dave and I were laughing our asses off at your take on the Oktoberfest!!! That was a great night...made better by meeting you two! Everyone in our gang loved you both and we welcome the chance to tie one on again!!! This time, I will NOT be the designated driver!! HA HA! I actually am starting to miss the comfy bed Dave makes for me on the floor and those yummy tater-tots I can barely keep down!! Yeah, I won't be lookin' too elegant post-intoxication. Definitely bring your camera. TALK TO YA SOON!

9:01 AM  
Blogger Ghost Dog said...

Pics...too small...feel like...I'm...looking


Oktoberfests are so awesome. I missed them all this year. I only ever did the real thing once (in 1993) while I was stationed over there. Germany rocks.

3:14 PM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Hey Tanya!
Everyone keeps telling me to go on this site, turns out it was really hard to find, could be me. Giggle Giggle. Loved meeting you, you are so us!!! Can not tell you how many of my friends said, "loved your friend Tanya from highschool" I laugh every time. Well, you do fit in. Glad you enjoyed us as much as we enjoyed you. The only thing missing was my little doggie, Sake. Hope to see you soon, Janice was looking for you tonight.

11:17 PM  

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