Wednesday, July 15, 2009

boring work subject

today marks my 3rd day and i've already been "shhh'd" by my boss. I know my friend Kelly is loud; but, am i? I guess so becuase while going over a project with two other people, my boss came in to my cube and asked us (meaning me) to tone it down. crap! i hate that! but i love that i'm boisterous because i was born that way. that excuses kelly too.

i rode my bike in tuesday and today. Tuesday's ride home was brutal. i could have SWORN it was 115 here in sacto but it was only 91. BUT, just after two days my belly has gone down one size. yay! and my ass hurts like there was no tomorrow but i'm creating muscle memory and my ass has WAY forgotten what it was like to ride.

And on my brutal rides home, i remember how lucky i am to even be able to ride. no more 2 hour drives to stockton. I figured out, all this extra weight is from stockton - i call it my stockton ponch.

So i've cut out sugar and when i drink, i drink wine and dont' eat til 2 hours after my last drink. a good compromise, i think. however, i did go to an AA meeting on Sunday and i think i'll go again this Sunday. it's kinda comforting and reminds me of the old days when i was disillusioned. with a hint of truth and familiarness. eh...i do love to drink.

I went to REI yesterday to buy new panniers and i had a 15% coupon. I had no idea how much the panniers i picked cost(ed) but figured it's worth it no matter what the price. when i got the register i was pleasantly surprised that originally they were 109.something. i handed the cashier a 15% coupon, she rang it in and said "okay...that'll be 176." I looked at her increduliously (huh?? you like that??) and said "what?" She said "What. It's 109 plus a 15% discount that comes to 176" For a split second i thought 'give me that coupon back!' but when i inquired further she meant $100. and 76 cents!....ahhhaha....we were both tired.

so i like my job. it's really hard, i'm kinda scared (i like to THINK i'm smart but don't usually put myself in positions to prove otherwise) but today, was a good day. i did good. tomorrow i've got more work that i have no idea what to do; but, i'm confident i'll figure it out.

i'm learning me.


Blogger deb said...

good for you missy. see ya friday.

9:12 PM  
Anonymous Robin said...

You ARE smart and you are gonna dazzle 'em with your boisterous personality...that's just how you were made;-)

Congrats on riding your bike and losing a size in the belly...that is GOOD!

AA is a good thing.

9:15 PM  
Blogger buffalodick said...

Do you always type this loud? Shusshhh...! :)

12:17 PM  

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