Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Morning Glory!

My first one...she ain't pretty...but she's there : )

None of my tomatoes are blooming either. I blame this non-Sacramento type weather. Tomatoes love heat & sun. We've had sun, just not heat.

I STILL have not officially got the Sacramento job. it's a big hot mess and frankly, i'm sick of thinking about it. although the thought of staying in stockton will drive me near suicide. maybe i'll quit the state and move to alabama. i love that idea.

i have two dogs for 6 weeks. another suicidal situation. They're alraedy driving me nuts and it hasn't even been 24 hours.

i watched Fever Pitch the other night. twice. it was that cute.



Blogger deb said...

hey I am dog sitting two chiquas or chiwawas...whatever this weekend. they bark non stop. but they are sweet-cute. but then again i am pms-ing. there could blood shed

3:10 PM  

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