Sunday, July 15, 2012

Life is good...

...and bad becuase i'm me.

But i have to say, when i review what i have, i'm pretty frickin lucky.  I have an awesome job and have had that job since 1993.  Is it my dream job?  no.  But by God it bought me this house and several vacations and allowed me to take care of my dogs.  It's allowed me to live pretty freely without worry becuase i know, no matter what, I'll be able to take care of things.

I have friends, including from high school, that i've had for over 20 years.  I have an awesome brother whom I adore and the two others that i love too.  : )  i have new friends 6 years and younger that will become life long friends. 

I've had two dogs that have been amazing.  Both I adore(d) and am grateful for them.  They've been anchors, company, companionship and friends.  I'm glad i have the heart to love them so deeply that it has changed me.  And even though Kody is on his way out, I've reached a level of peace about that.  I was the best 'mom' I could have been.  Not great but that dog had it made.  He did whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted and lived a pretty good life.  i shall feel no guilt.  I'm just glad he's been a selfish prick most of his life becuase that will explain why I get to be selfish in not putting him to sleep, even if he screams in pain.

so kidding.

I've finally answered my dream of working with animals, in whatever capacity, by going back to school, months ago, and i'm greatful it's an online program so i can both work and learn.

I may not be perfect; but, by God, I always try.  And i thank a semi-old friend for pointing that out...I continue to work out sporatically, continue to be healthy sporadically, continue to live life sporatically and etc., etc...but at least i'm movin....

Life really has been good....