Saturday, July 28, 2012

weird week

Tuesday.  Best lunch ever.  In hindsight, minus the company.  Wednesday...getting sick - Thursday, Friday very sick.  And work for the first time in like, ever, we're swamped.  I used to have zero problem calling in sick becuase half a monkey could run that help desk.  But now, we've got better players and big projects so on top of feeling sick, i felt guilty. 

Yesterday Rich, our bartender, texts me that they found Dan dead in his apartment.  DAN!  I've played pool & darts with him a million times, had some deep drunken converstaions with him over the years, he even bathed my dog while i was in Key West!...he was 51...  It's just such a weird feeling...

Today i'm going to rest again since i'm feeling better but tomorrow is massive chore day and farmer;s market day.  i better feel good.