Sunday, June 12, 2005

bye bye diet...hellooooo belly!

It's Friday. It's been a looong week. Momma wants a beer. I know, I is way better but I can't stand the little coat it leaves on my tongue. ick. I love wine with a good dinner but not to party on.

So we went to the concert in the park. No one really goes for the music because you can't hear it from the beer garden. It's more like a background beat. People come here for a reason to party. It's not like you can have just beer and people show up. Well...Okay, they probably would but that would make Sacramento look pretty lame. "hey! It's beer garden Friday! See you there!"

it's packed and the line for beer tickets is uber long. But we wait anyway. Then we wait in another long line for the actual beer (don't ask) when we run in to some people we met at a St. Patricks day party. I was instantly drawn in to these people because one of their group, Karen, made the most wrongest, morally wrong, funniest comment I've ever heard. We were talking about smoking and somehow pregnancy came up. She said "Oh yeah...smoking while you're pregnant is great because it makes for low birth rate which equals less labor pain!"

So they're our new friends. We discuss going to an after-the-concert-in-the-park party; but not before waiting in the one hour line to pee. src="" width="242" />

Aaaanyway, off we go... (cool pix, eh?) Oh and we have a new friend to our collection: Jen! Aww...sweet girl, very funny and fun. It was too bad she had to drive home because we could've stayed out allll night!

But we didn't. We left when Dena said I was trying to focus on her face and the floor at the same time. "I drunk..." I whisper which really means 'it's time to go'...

I told Dena before she dropped me off that I will call her when I wake up because I'm not making an effort to get up early...and so I crawl in to bed, with my underwear and my puppy, to sleep off one fun-filled evening...


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happy weekending . . .

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