Monday, October 31, 2005

LOVE the weekends...

Peng and I went out for margaritas Friday. We had 3..each. That's two more than Peng normally has so I was really turned on.

We went home, grabbed a bottle of wine & Kody and headed to the apartment complex by our work. They have a jacuzzi for us and a pool for Kody. Of course, we knew it woudldn't last very long...Kody Big Boy = Kody Big Splash. 15 splashes later, a man walked in and said in a whiny, but true, tone "come on guys...Basic 101: no dogs in the pool!"

I apologized and recognized our stupidity but defended it as well...It's WINTER!! Who uses the pool in winter?? I wanted to skim the top for a half hour but couldn't find the skimmer thing...

So we left. We hung out at the river with all the other lovers and bums and finished our wine.

Saturday was my volunteer day at The Animal Place. We had to round up about 75 chickens in to a small room so we could, one by one, grab them, trim their nails, powder their backs & butts for lice and spray their legs with solution stuff to kill the bugs under their skin.

It was exhausting and totally fun. They tried to teach me how to catch a chicken but it was too stressful for me. They literally scream their heads off and that was just too upsetting to me. So i went back out to powder butts. Much more fun.

Saturday night we saw my girlfriends play about Breast CAncer. It was SO serious!!! We had the giggles too, like you did when you were little in church? what up with taht!

Dena did a GREAT job...i'm getting a mammogram February 16th as soon as i turn 40.

Sunday is my day to drink. i got a late start though: 1:30. I cleaned my house for about 9 hours. (that's with a few breaks in between of playing games, shopping, dancing, cooking, loving, and tv too)

My house looks fucking awesome. If it could only stay that way...


Blogger Park Gnome said...

Thank you for pretending i'm not an alcoholic. Some day i really won't be.

11:47 AM  
Blogger Tanya Kristine said... wish!

12:59 PM  
Blogger GlitterGlamGirl05 said...

Maybe you can both go to AA together? LOL. There's nothing like kicking back w/ magaritas to make life interesting. : )

7:59 AM  
Blogger Beans said...

Everyday is my day to drink i think. I drank margaritas on Saturday night, i heart them mucho.

9:53 AM  
Blogger tabitha jane said...

i put that were turning 40 next year into my calendar.

12:19 PM  

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