Saturday, July 21, 2007

Day 2 - Nutrisystem

Not too bad today. The tootin' has subsided and is now replaced with some odd gurgling. But i'd rather have THAT then the other.

today i had a delicious blood red plum (never thought I'd hear myself call a piece of fruit delicious - i can thank nutrisystem for that) and a cup of gooey, yet yummy, brown sugar oatmeal. And my usual Starbucks Americano.

I was so hungry before lunch that I got excited I had some fruit left; but, realized i had had my fruit quota for this part of the day. So what i'm really learning is how to be okay with feeling starvation. It's an interesting lesson.

For lunch, i actually went to La Bou becuase i was meeting Juror #2. aka Sarah. I had 1/2 asian noodle salad (sans bread) and 1/2 green bean, carrot & onion salad. Now i would NEVER in a million years order a veggie salad. or pass on bread but i'm serious this time. i spent $300, you know?

I'm SO serious that going to happy hour at two of my favorite bars with two super fun chicks; i stayed sober! Pay no attention to the white knuckles becuase that doesnt matter; i did it. I was actually the Designated Driver. last time i was the Designated Driver, I got so drunk I can't even remember how i got home. I think I missed the point.

For dinner I ate what i brought to work for lunch which was a concoction of chemicals, broccoli & corkscrew pasta. Now you can't deter me. i LOVE chemicals. If it taste like chef boyardee or hamburger helper, you got me. So I'm pretty lucky here.

When we got back from the bar, i really was starving and i hadn't even met my quota of food for the day so i chopped up my garden zucchini, a portabello mushroom, garlic and sauteed all that in a TB of olive oil, wine, lemon & herbs de provence. fuck that was good.

So, today Im still loving the NS - it's still exciting. I've worked out every single day since i started - can you say 2 - AND i've lost 3 pounds. (most of that is water weight so don't get excited)

Hope everyone is having a GREAT weekend.


Blogger fatwonkkid said...

so from what i read, from a weight loss perspective, feeling hungry is bad. as a reaction your body puts itself into a fat storing mode because it thinks there is a lack of food and does this for survival.

there is also a very big biochemical component of dieting. i believe glucogen and the glycemic index may be the term.

in addition, if the diet is not sustainable (i.e. lifestyle change) what regularly happens is you will gain back the weight if you get off of it.

some people that study nutrition and the biochemical response say it is better to have 5-6 smaller meals than 3 normal sized meals.

just my $0.02

9:19 AM  
Blogger Tanya Kristine said...

Jesus H. that's more like $.87!

9:58 AM  
Blogger Valerie said...

lol - I don't have $.00


10:49 AM  
Blogger buffalodickdy said...

In some weird, unexplainable way-I'm proud of you!

7:25 PM  
Blogger veggie barbie girl said...

Well way to go on day two! Good luck, I love fruit and veggies and salad dearly, but can pack away enough of those items to keep my plus-sized-ness happily intact.

7:29 PM  
Blogger Tofu Mom (AKA Tofu-n-Sprouts) said...

OK... THE ABOVE^^^^^ was left by me! I guess my daughter was using the computer and hadn't logged off of HER blog spot yet! agh! Sorry!

7:33 PM  
Blogger KleoPatra said...

Oh girl, i do not envy you. Financially, hungrily, emotionally. Still here for you to vent... keep up the good work. It sounds like a tough task that i'd never be able to deal with. Good for you, TK!

10:56 PM  
Blogger Tanya Kristine said...

Thank you all for your wonderful comments, except you fatwonkid. you're a guy and you're probably naturally skinny.

actaully valerie I'm "thirsty" :)

tofu mom...i WISH i loved fruits and veggies but i really dont'. i love meat and potatoes. and i gave up meat so i'm stuck with potatoes. THAT'S why i'm on this diet.

i love you Kleo. you're always so upbeat...

9:43 AM  
Blogger fatwonkkid said...

it is pretty interesting when I tell people that I have to start exercising. they do look at me and say why.

my response if usually i am a lazy sack that sometimes gets winded going up stairs. it is really more for health (and cholesterol) reasons.

10:29 AM  

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