Saturday, May 30, 2009

Friday Night

Janet has season tickets to the Music Circus' broadway series and she had an extra ticket for The Lion King and kindly asked if i wanted to go.

i do not like goin to the theater. I think it's actually large venues that i don't like. i don't like concerts or going to the movies either. But I try very hard to live life to the fullest and do lots of things i don't want to do becuase i AM the better for it. (like the movie Yes Man)

We started off by having dinner at Mason's. i had a yukon gold potato gnocchi that was TO DIE FOR! and a delicious Salad Nicoise which was also TO DIE FOR. we had a couple glasses of wine and headed out to the patio which is really lovely. it was a GORGEOUS evening too.

So we headed to the show, me dreading it all the way.


I frickin bawled the first 5 minutes. It was absolutely stunning, breathtaking, goosebumpy, etc...i was mezmerized & moved.

and it was funny becuase Janet, of course, has the rich seats so we're 7 rows from the front. we're dancing, chatting, waving our arms - just having the time of our lives...we were shushed 3 times and stared at most of the night. But what i noticed was in the cheaper seats people were having more fun. like we were. it's like if you're rich, you're boring???

Not us! and I'm glad for that....last night is definitely in the top 3 of the best times we've ever had.

yay! off to costco! oh...check out Kody's blog too if you haven't yet. because that's what i did this morning....FUN!

p.s. i am well aware that chatting during any performance is abhorred by most. I apologize sincerely the 3 times i was shushed because it WAS deserved.


Blogger Candi said...

i hate that. being shusssshhhed. its like this one time at a hockey game..10 rows from the boards.. i was screaming my face off. and all these suits were staring at me.. and like all great people. who actually enjoy the game, are up in the nose bleed section. its sad. those 'rich' people dont deserve our seats!!!

1:19 PM  
Blogger tabitha jane said...

i HATE going to the movies too . . . weird . . . it has something to do with all the people and the fact that the closest theatre to us is in the mall - which just represents a way of life that i HATE.

but we went there last night to watch star trek and i was seriously SWEATY the ENTIRE time! the movie was that good. ack.

2:17 PM  

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