Monday, June 08, 2009

Berkeley on Sunday

My brother and I met my two lovely cousins in Berkeley Sunday. On the ride up, Chris was talking about how great their family was and that they all used to get together and do plays for the neighborhood. I looked at Chris and couldn't help but wonder what kind of plays OUR family would have come up with...probably a remake of One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest.

Yesterday was really pretty. When Mira and Halina showed up, the orignal cafe we were going to eat at was super-packed so we found a really nice Mexican restaurant where I had a delicious salad with avocado and pumpkin seeds. It was topped with an awesome lime/cilantro vinagrette and if you know me, i hate vinagrette.

After that we cruised down past Peet's and saw this darling little "Irish" girl playing an accordian. she was so odd/cute/different/brave/out-of-place that I really felt compelled to hang out with her for a night. I'll bet she'd be entertaining.

After we watched her for a while, we went shopping at the Crate & Barrell outlet and this awesome shop that had the BEST Olive Oil I've ever had. Mira and I bought a $35 bottle and split it...i mixed it in with some hard boiled egg this morning and daaaamn! yummy! Mira said she made pasta last night with the OO. you can't cook with it becuase it's unfiltered and would burn too easy.
After about an hour plus of shopping we went to the Botanical Gardens. My GOD..i mean i love my cousins but the only word i could come up with was NERDS!! They damn near knew every name of every plant and not just "oh that's a daisy" but "Oh isn't that a Osteospermum? Yes, why yes it is and that belongs to the Calenduleae family, right?"
"Mmm yes you're right! Oh look over here!! it's a Alstroemeria!! It looks like it's cross-bred with some sort of Baldliobiblum gender."
Chris and I are like "Umm...i see a poppy! Hey look! A tree!!"
This pix was in the carnivorious and orchid greenhouse...

hahah...they funny.

This is just stunning.


A lily pond.

another cool pix

lizard! There were LOTS of lizards...

Butterfly....lots of butterflies....

View of the City.


i LOVED these...they're light in the middle and get darker as it goes out... that's my professional description.

This was a little bit of redwood. and THAT'S my favorite...i love redwoods. i hate the word moist but they're so moist.

well that's it. It was SUPER nice to have a normal day with normal people. It was the perfect amount of time as we got home in time to BBQ dinner, watch the end of the Giants game and throw in a few family guys.
Tomorrow night i'm meeting the girls for fondue. ONE friend i have not seen in 20 years? should be fun....


Blogger doggybloggy said...

I like moist but then I'm a guy!

9:50 AM  
Blogger deb said...

what a perfectly great day! who is the friend? have I met her?

good photos too

11:51 AM  
Anonymous Robin said...

Anyone ever tell you that you have pretty teeth and smile? Well, you do. You all look like you have to pee in that pic cause your all squatting for no reason:-)

How fun, FONDUE. Where I'm from Rotel is fondue. Flowers are pretty.That's about all I know about flowers and trees. My fave is the orange flower. Wish i were more of a nerd!

12:25 PM  
Blogger Tanya Kristine said...

robin, you are incredibly observant. both for the teeth and the squatting : ) hahaha...i though we had to duck lower to get in the frame but apparantely i was way wrong.

debby, it's MELINA!! i haven't seen her in forever!!!

yes most certainly ARE a guy.

3:33 PM  
Blogger Mira said...

Wow - I'm sure I speak for Halina when i say that we are so deeply honored to make it into your hip blog. Your photos are AMAZINGLY lovely - that aloe is way cool! You really captured the Irish girl well and I will cherish the squatting shot ;-) I hope the afternoon wasn't TOO nerdy normal for ya' -- hey, we did all sing along in harmony with the girl on the corner (although I think Pher was backing away at the time).

3:54 PM  

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