Thursday, June 04, 2009

St. Kevins Day / tidbit blog

Yesterday was St. Kevin's day as i'm sure you all know.

We met at McKinley park for a few games of horseshoes, pizza and beer. after the game, it started to rain AND lightening. it was so cool! I fell twice yesterday. my legs still haven't caught up to my body.

On my way to work today, i saw a sheriff using the carpool lane doing about 90 talking on his cell phone. i sure would love to be above the law.

well i spoke too soon. i have a zit on my chin and it's grown a face.

tomorrow is furlough friday and i'm taking full advantage of it.

Janet is going to europe for 6 weeks and that's when i plan on doing my final attempt at dieting. since she is SUCH a bad influence on me, without her here i have no excuse except my own behavior.

signing off for the day...


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