Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Kody Therapy

Kody is 13 now and although his brain, blood, organs & spirit are all still pretty young; his body is not.

almost 2 months ago, Kody collapsed on his daily walk.  I watched his back feet start to curl under, his legs buckle and his back end go down.  I am not good in bad situations so i just stared at him, not knowing what to do.  I walked in front of him thinking that'll make him get up; nothing.  i walked back to him to love him then walked away again.  he tried...bless his beautiful, obnoxious, funny, charming, perfect heart, he tried; nothing. 

Then i started to cry.  How am i going to get a hundred pound dog back to my house?  i started to knock on the neighbors doors and either no one was home or they looked out the window and thought it best not to answer the door to the crazy crying pink-haired woman in pajamas.  (hahah...i just got a serious image of that)  My favorite neighbor was out of town and he would have stopped part of his world to help me because he is so great.  He has two hunting spaniels - one is on his way out and the other is a year old so we have shared many, many stories about our dogs together.

finally, the other crazy lady in the neighborhood came out and said she would wait with him while i ran to get my car.  i think she scared Kody becuase he struggled and struggled and struggled til he was able to rise.  We made it home but the next day i made Kody's first acupuncture appointment.

Since then, he's had 4.  Last week i took kody to the vet for a leaky man unit and got on the subject of Kody's acupuncture and she was surprised the acu did not take xrays.  So.  I ordered xrays on the spot.  When Dr. True looked at them she said "his hips are remarkable!  they look like hips of a 6 year old!" and his spine and neck weren't much worse.  Goddamn dog makes everything hard.  even his leaky peepee showed no signs of an easy-curable urinary tract infection!  

But now i'm kinda pissed.  He's had 3 acu treatments and she's been treating the wrong area!  at a pretty penny too..i don't mind spending the money as long as it's money well spent.

yesterday he had his 4th acu appt and the dr. that's been seeing him is gone.  Dr. Beebe is the one who's going to be seeing kody and i half undermybreath mention that i'm upset we've been treating the wrong area and, of course, she defended the dr. (very nicely, of course) I did tell her, kody did do really well after the first treatment but then...i noticed no difference after the next two.

After 10 minutes of chatting, she made Kody get up so she could watch him walk and within 20 seconds she rattled off a myriad of issues she saw in him and verified those issues when she looked at the xrays.  Then, no longer under my breath, because now i AM pissed, i said "you look at him for SECONDS, identify all his problems and i've been coming here for over a month with the last lady and it looks like she had no idea what she was doing... i am pissed!"

so we picked out the treatment Kody should be on (read: time for a 2nd job) and she finished our visit out with acupuncture to deal directly with his painful spine & neck & elbows & floating knee & leaky peepee & surprise (everytime) bowels & didn't charge me a dime.

Kody starts his treatment Friday and she squeezed him in becuase she won't be able to see him the following christmas week so i'm going to bring her lunch from the co-op (she's a hippy right?  eastern medicine?  yeah...i think i'm right) and my credit card....I'm a gonna need it....

(good sign that the model on the research i was doing is Kody's twin!)


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