Saturday, August 18, 2012

I funny...

I don't know WHY i have not been married at least seven times...I'm that funny.  (only in short term...hence the number 7)

I bought my boys at work calendars for the year 2012.  I bought Drew a sportsy type calendar and Nick, as a joke, a kitten calendar.  I went in his cube about 2 weeks ago and he was still on July so I told him "Hey!  You're a month behind..."  He said he knew but he just felt uncomfortable with the August picture.  When i looked at it, i howled...I just told him i hoped it was at least a female kitty.

I went in to work today to finish a joke we were talking about; but, decided to add a message for Nick for Monday morning....

On to the joke.  I got this idea from Tim Lacy who used to work with all women and made the brilliant decision to track their cycles so he could understand why some of them were bitchy at certain times.  Of course, I'm not just bitchy then, i'm bitchy for lots of reasons so Nick and I discussed the fact that I needed more colors.
So I made his colors for him and took the liberty of starting out his calendar for training purposes.
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This is August...I won't be hungover because i'm on a special diet, which makes me cranky.

And this is September...a few added hungover days (start of the football season, Yom Kippur)

Hahahahah...i love me sometimes.  I just wish his calendar was alway color-free but then again, that wouldn't be me....


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