Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hyper Bowl

I found a site yesterday that i had completely forgotten about.  I love this site for two reasons, one - it's hilarious and two - it reminds me of one of my favoritest people.

and this is the exact url of that site i found...years ago:

I ran over to Christina (our student at work) to share; I knew she'd love it because we have a similar style of humor.  Oh that, and she really is an amazing person; she's funny, smart, articulate, clever, intelligent and veeery slightly caustic (i like to think I imparted a bit of that to her).

"You have to check out this site; it's hilarious.....'it's (and i'll repeat phonetically) hyper-bowl-andahalfdotblogspotdotcom'.  she immediately stopped typing and whipped her head towards me and said "what did you say??"  My brain flooded with thoughts, did i just call her a raving stupid douchebag when i thought i gave her a blog address?  did i insult her mother? her father? the dog?  Whatever it was, I knew i had said something really lame; but, and this is rare, i'm not ALWAYS super-smart so I repeated myself.  This time with not as much gusto..."hy per..uh..bowl and a ha....."

"It's hyPUUUURRboLEE...."  Right.  It's so rare that I make grammatical errors in my speech since English was my only straight A class; but, when i do, i remember them like a traumatic childhood experience...hypuuuuurrrbolee.  I've heard of that before too; just never seen it in print.  and to this day i don't even know what it means; but if i ever need to say it, i now say it with pride.

file hyperbole along with:
mural (NOT muriel)


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