Monday, March 03, 2008


you HAVE to check out my dogs site...this video is very funny IMHO.


Blogger buffalodickdy said...

The Airedale rescue would kill us if they saw how we turned their well-trained dog back into a fun-loving Airedale who plays tug-of war, bitey mouth, and sleeps on beds and furniture, and helps me raid the fridge... and has never been happier!

1:05 PM  
Blogger Carrieā„¢ said...

I've been busy working my ass off. Strange's not any smaller. Damn! I just got caught up on all of your posts. Glad Kody's surgery went well. I'd have been a nervous wreck. I have been a nervous wreck. Too bad about the lottery. Sounds like you have luck like me. Simon is very excited that Kody is back blogging again. He wanted to check it out as soon as he heard.

8:19 PM  

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