Monday, August 02, 2010

Alexi Murdoch Crinan Wood

I don't listen to music anymore like I used to do when I was younger. And when i WAS younger, music made me feel many, hope, loss, inspiration, ponderation,'s rare when i hear music that moves my soul. Until I recently heard this song. When i listen to this song, I look far beyond what i currently see. I love that. i miss that. I miss the feelings of loss and hope. I love the way this song capture the little nuances you don't think to mention. Love was always full of hope when i was younger. in fact, i was probably more in love with the hope than what it really was. (I love that this song was sung with like a mandolin? )

Is it my age? Probably. Love doesn't feel the same now as it used to...but this song reminds of the pain love can lovingly bring....

It was cold you hid your hands inside your sleeve
as we walked I heard the laughter in the leaves
See the shadows lying now where once we stood
And I would lie down with them if I only could

Music came to me it came across the sound
How you laughed and shone and danced a circle round
As we walked away I saw a shadow on the ground
There were stones inside my pockets that were found

When I was younger I heard angels on the roof
A Thousand voices singing each note was the truth
All the wise and light I have left them in my youth
And I have only just my memory for proof

See a doorway open on a darkened room
In the garden thread lies broken on the loom
See a face is smiling flicker on a wall
In the distance mountains waiting for the Fall.

See these knots around my hands around my feet
They would take me down my end for me to meet
And I grow weary of this struggle and this fight
Morning so far off from out here in the night

The Night is cold and you must leave me this I know
And empty all the places where we used to go
Before I knew you I went climbing in the snow
And called your name out to the darkness down below
I miss you