Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Where've I been?

I've been to mellow town, that's where. and it's boring there. I wasn't planning on being there til i'm 57.

I rode my bike in today. I love the ride in and absolutely abhor the ride home. It's hot, sticky and you just want to be home. I was supposed to meet a co-worker at the gym this morning but fuck that. a.) I can't get up that early b.) my hand still hurts from a drunken wipe-out over a month ago and c.) i hate working out with people. I like my ipod. So I flaked and rode my bike in. Listening to the Amy Wine-o which was my first time. she's pretty cool but Jesus...1950's? LOVE the rehab song. i sang that before she wrote it.

I got to baby sit my friends puppy this weekend. could you not just beat the SHIT out of this boy??? (look at his spotty nose!)

Kody, however, really WANTED to beat the shit out of him so i couldn't keep him for long. When he's older we'll try it again...Here he is looking mighty irritated that that "thing" is still here.

I've decided to try and add some raw food to my diet so tonight i made Pea Mole with Jicama and it was not as good as i hoped. The pea "sauce" is made with cilantro and lime juice and the puree is topped with figs. you'd think this would be phenomenal; but, it was just okay. it WAS a beautiful dish though...

Makes me appreciate pizza & beer, i must say...

Friday, June 22, 2007

I'm self-sufficient!

Look at the bounty my garden has produced for me!

AND dream of all dreams...my lemon tree has finally produced a grape sized bud that will turn in to an actualy LEMON! i'm stoked.

okay off to work then to celebrate the summer solstice..(i'll use any excuse)

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Michelle mentioned to me that she was going to make a carrot cake for her dad for Father's Day. Well, being the selfish person I am I had to squawk that i LOVE carrot cake so she mentioned she might make two.

thinking she was going to bring the extra cake to work, I dropped it. But she called me on Sunday and left a message that she was hoping I'd be at home so she could bring me the cake THAT SHE MADE JUST FOR ME by. Once i got that voicemail i immediately called her back not sure i heard what she said. So she answers and said "that's ONE way to get you to call back...just mention you're getting a cake!"

Oh how she knows me.

Look at this fucking beauty:

It has a CARROT ON IT! God i love her...thank you Michelle!!!

My other girlfriend Janet called to ask if i needed anything at the specialty pet food store and i really did need some dog food. I hate to ask becuase it's a.) expensive and b.) heavy since his ass weighs 100#'s plus and it got that way by eating very heavy bags of food.

But she was happy to assist. I wanted it on my credit card since it costs so much so i wrote out a permission slip hoping they'd let her use my card.

they thought it was so funny they let her use it.

Sometimes I really love me.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Someone needs to tell 65 year old Paul McCartney that he should not be trying to look sexy.

Now, he might BE sexy; but, not with this look....

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Longest Blog Ever...

Sorry but it was the wildest and funnest weekend that i've had in a while so please forgive my lack of punctuation and lack of caps.

Friday night Janet and I (and Betsy & Kody) went to Streets of London with our usual ammo: a cribbage board and cards. We ordered two beers and played away. There is something about a cribbage board that brings out the spirit of all....but we certainly didn't need that to be the most popular of the crowd because I had Kody. He climbed up on the tables and before you think he was misbehaving, let it be known that this is him simply being gorgeous. Becuase HE IS so gorgeous...and funny....

that was him singing for his beer.

And i was trying to capture his pix on the table with my beer in front of him but this is where he's like me and took a stealing sip:

As the night progressed, Kody became more famous. This, by the way, did not equate to any free beer from his many admirer-ors but i suppose it was payment enough.

after this fun ass place, i decided i wanted to check out the haunted house at 22nd and H. So Janet bought us a 6 pack of 16 oz. bud..hahahahhah....gotta love that girl.

so here's the front of the house:

and here is the ever-criminal-highly-paid-normal-citizen Janet scaling the fence:

and CHECK THIS OUT! I've heard you cannot take a picture of the top floor so, of course, i have to try. I did and this is what we got..a picture of the top floor with ORBS!!!!

Can you see them?

Spirits, is what those are known as...So we climbed the fence and sat on the porch to have a beer. i feel nothing; no spirits, no smells, no whispers...or maybe i'm just too drunk. but no matter because a couple of guys cruise by and they see us on the porch and let us know that the house has cameras and most likely the cops are on their way. I cannot afford any trouble with the law so i high tail it over the fence, ripping my pants and bruising my entire body in the process; but, at least i'm not in jail.

After we jump the fence, we take this picture of the guy that warned us...more orbs: if you click to enlarge you'll see more:

Saturday Morning I went to Whole foods for my friend Kleo. It was a vegan fair to raise awareness for veganism. I love Whole Foods. It's beautiful, clean, and loaded with wonderful stuff you'd not find at a regular store. There was quite a turn out for the Vegan fair and that's always good to see. the farm sanctuary was there with their booth as was the Sacramento Vegetarian society. Which is who we hang out with every once in a great while for good get togethers.

These are vegan AND beautiful:

These desserts are NOT vegan but so beautiful:

So I do love Whole Foods but there is a reason they also call it Whole Paycheck. If, however, they opened one near my neighborhood i would only shop there.

The next day we went to the 2nd Saturday Art Walk. A supposed non-chalant evening that always turns out great because that's what we seem to ask the universe for.

we found the perfect parking spot and on our way out, there were a group of people playing street music that is just so addicting you can't help but yell and dance and join in....
This music went down the street and we followed gladly joining in when we could. so contagious...can you tell?

Here's me in my fabulous top that makes my boobs look gorgeous. They were even complimented by a gay guy! (no one complimented my on my belly roll, however)

And here is me and my best friend at the Depot singing and drinking...can life get any better?

So Sunday is a day of rest, right? But not for a mother of a rambunctious teenager. here are all the shots of trying to capture Kody jumping in to the pool: (the last one being the greatest)

After all the jumps, he's tired. and ain't he gorgeous?

But I really must say...what's really important in life is not a ghostly experience, a fabulous art find, an exciting new love, or the best cribbage hand ever; but, just a best friend that you love :)

Friday, June 08, 2007

New Hairstyle...

whattya think?


My 2nd favorite day of the week.

I checked my lottery numbers this morning and i STILL haven't won so i wrote God a little poem. It's called:

Hi God, it's me Tanya. Again.

I checked my numbers again today
and off to work i go
this pisses me off as i'm sure you're aware
So here's what you should know

The red sox lost 3 games of 4
what more to me can you do
as I'm still overweight and overly drunk
and sometimes cannot poo

so hear me now and listen good
cuz i'm only gonna say this once
give me 6 numbers that match the balls
or theonlywordsthatrhymeswithonceis dunce

If you continue to let me lose
I will no longer pray
I know this hurts you deeply, so
would you let me win Sunday?

Okay...so i won't quit my day job

Thursday, June 07, 2007


I was late, again, to work today. I tried REALLY hard to come in every day, on time; but, today...I failed.

I used to be a morning person but alas...no more. I'm more of a late morning, early afternoon person.

Unless it's Saturday. then i'm up at the crack of dawn...

The Red Sox lost again last night. And I lost $10. Well...$8 and some .02 cent stamps...Since the game was not being televised at our neighborhood bar, we had to go to Gay Hoppy's which i hate becuase it's so not fun. AND, to make matters worse, it was an internet connection so it was choppy and sporadic. NOthing quite like the HD we were watching at Tallac. But regardless...eventually, time would catch up to the play and we would see that the Red Sox were suckin' big time.

and Janet shared her delicious pizza with me so my wounds weren't quite so painful. Or was it the beer...?

As soon as i get my Raw books from Amazon, i'm going to try eating healthy foods with 50% being raw. No more soy mochas, no more pizza, no more oreo cookies and no more budweiser. Oh God...that hurts just typing that! and for a whole month! so please forgive me in advance if my posts are bitchy and mean....it's not really me...

I have my camera beside my bed and one of these mornings, i'm going to capture kody's face the minute he wakes up because he ALWAYS has the hugest smile...it's priceless and lucky you will soon see it...

okay...off to pretend i'm super busy!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

various tidbits...

Janet and I rode our bikes to sushi the other night. we had a couple beers and ate our food as if we hadn't eaten in like for like ever. it was THEN we remembered we never took pictures of our food so we just took one of what was left....

After sushi, we rode our bikes to the local pub and went straight to the back where all the smokers are...(they're funner)

I settled in and looked at this girl across the table. She was crocheting and I blurted out "VANESSA????" Hey! isnt' that cool!!! i ran in to a fellow blogger and recognized her instantly becuase she was doing what she loves to do; yarny things...

Of course I was having too much fun to just stay for one, so i had 3 : ) It was getting dark; however, and we had no lights on our bikes. Tipsy + riding bikes in dark = nothing good

On our way home, we spotted a friends car. bob bought this diesel and converted it to be able to run off of corn oil. An artist painted this beautiful mur(i)al on the side of his car...you can figure out the pattern if you click to enlarge...

On to other important things that i do in my busy life...I tried to get a picture of Kody's underbite, which i find completely adorable. But i think i did more harm than good....poor Kody.

Oh well....don't YOU think that's adorable too?

My neighbor down the street, who has one leg (and his name is Richard but we call him Dick behind his back because he IS one) has some super hot cars. (He also has a super hot temper to go with those cars hence his behind-his-back name) But this guy is STUCK in the 50's becuase not only does he have old cars, he blasts 50's music from them. Yesterday, he was blaring "Why must i beee a teen ager in looove?" god. who wrote that?

You can baaaarely see his red car but that's him...

Okay, off to shop and tune in to today's RED SOX GAME!!!!