Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tidbit Blog

My friend, Janet, is leaving for Europe for 6 weeks starting next week. Although i'm going to miss her terribly, I'm only slightly excited. For her and I have the SAME BAD HABITS! So when she's gone, it's my goal to stay sober and eat well and lose at least 20 pounds. Although, I do have my other friends to contend with but if any of them offer to party with me, i'm calling the police.

I'm still fighting to get my job in Sacramento. It's such a long story that I won't bore you with the details but I was a pit bull. Now I find out they might upgrade our positions in place, no testing required, to a Senior. The only problem with that, if I'm a senior, how will I get to sacramento?? I can't qualify for a Senior unless the state pulls something unusual. Oy vey.

I've decided to let my back lawn die. It's easier: can pick up poop easier, my hammock can stay out back without rusting or the hassle of moving it everytime i water and i don't have to get my auto sprinklers fixed. What's better? A green lawn or laziness?

I pooped my pants today. (hey..it's called tidbits and there you go)

My eyelashes are gorgeous. They are long and thick and i can thank Bamboo lash for that. Even when I don't wear mascara, they're beautiful, thick and dark. yahoo!!!

It's hot in Sacramento. 100+ degrees hot. My veggies are dying and i put an umbrella over them today to give them a break from the non-forgiving sun. They seemed greatful.

I watched a movie called 11:14. Cast: patrick swayze, hilary swank, barbara hershey...heloo??? why have i not heard of this movie becuase it was AWESOME! and it was a few years before Crash which was the same concept but they did not pull it off. 11:14 did. Excellent.

I just found out my neighbor lost his job; however, they offered him DOUBLE his Californian salary to be director over the nation!! His only caveat? Moving to Oklahoma City. are you kidding me??? I'd do that in a heartbeat to a) get out of this sinking state and b) to enjoy tornadoes....some people just don't know how lucky they are.

If I have nothing to look forward to in July, then it's Harry Potter.




Friday, June 26, 2009


My blog is updated. happy? GOD everyone wants a piece of me!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

unusual b'fast but delcious, no less

portabello mushrooms, tomatoes and red onion soaked in a very expensive non-refined sicilian olive oil and balsamic vinegar then carefullly grilled.

i say carefully because i burn everything on the grill....

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

are women born this way?

this has to be my favoritest video in a while...i'm gonna talk like her for like a week


This must be my friend, janets, baby video...hahaha...(sorry Janet...we all love you for JUST who you are!)

go giants?

Went to a Giants game last night and they got creamed. We left around the 5th inning.

But before we left, my brother and i ALWAYS seat hop becuase our seats are on the top bleacher and I like to sit inthe first section. i know, white trash but fu toi

i went to get us fries and when i came back Chris had moved a row back. When i asked him waht happened, he started to explain and the fat-ass in front of us turns around and says "Sir. if you dont' think i'm in the right seat then we can call the usher down here to verify"

I looked at him, mouth open and furrowed my brow and told him to mind his own business that i was ASKING MY BROTHER A QUESTION AND HE WAS ANSWERING...DO YOU MIND???

Thank god he didn't want to fight becuase then I'd have to run.

i'm known for that.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Weekend

Janet and I picked up Dena around 6:30 and headed to Citrus Heights (aka Syphyillus heights). The bar was in a strip mall, no less and it was a frickin' $7 cover charge to get IN this silly bar.

Once inside we grabbed drinks and a table and hung out. Shortly thereafter Matt came up to say hi and he's the reason we were there; to watch him entertain. While he was talking to us, two bleached blonde gruopies tugged at his shirt sleeve, smiled the GUMMIEST smile i've ever seen and waved shyly. Lord. He politely smiled back and told them to hold on, he was almost done.

5 minutes later this obnoxiuos girl from Jersey came and sat at our table (only becuase Janet stuck her finger down her plumber crack - tryin to make painfully long story short) and we loved her. She was fun & funny....her son came by a few minutes later with his beautiful girl who kinda looked like Uma Thurman. Now one of the skanky blondes i had mentioned earlier was actaully the mothers best friend. Uma got pretty hammered so i asked skanky blonde if she was keeping an eye on uma to which she said yes.

An hour passes by and everyone is pretty toasty and while i'm outside smoking (as i do ONLY when i drink - don't judge me) that skanky blonde is making out with "uma"! FULL-ON MAKING OUT! I walk over to them, split them up and ask "is this how you look out for your friends daughter-in-law??? When the mother came out i totally tattled and the mother looks at skank and says "I cannot BELIEVE you were making out with my daughter-in-law...you've been my friend for 20 years?!?" I'm thinking 'right on lady...you might be hammered but your loyalty is not...only to be followed by "Who do find more attractive? Her or me?!?"

THAT WAS HER CONCERN! THEN...and not shitting you...they proceeded to make out. That's when i said OKAY! let's go!

on our way out, daughter-in-law was inthe car making out with husbands best friend. it was a pretty night.

and THIS is why i do not leave the confines of my little world...it's way too scary out there for me.

Saturday we went to 2nd saturday and THAT was fricking awesome. i got the CUTEST earrings!!!

Downtown was packed, some streets were closed off and the night was perfect! We met Dena and Eric and Dena's co-worker Janet and her husband Jeff and another of Dena's friend Julie. i LOVED Janet and Jeff (and of course Julie but i know julie)...they were so fun and funny and a great audience which i always love.
We ended up at Streets of London where we split off and headed home. well the goody-goodies headed home...janet and i got closer to home for some good ol' pool & darts.
Now is the time where i get my shit together and start working out. remember that quote? you'll find it peppered throughout my blog; but, each time i say it, i mean it. and each time i say it, i hope it's the last time i do.

Friday, June 12, 2009

it's FRIDAY!

I still haven't received final word on my job in sacramento. it's driving me crazy. i'm trying to let it go but FUCK....what's the problem???

Anyway, I'm meeting some friends at a bar on madison and dewey (like EW!) after work to watch some live music. it's not something i normally do as i'm weird about leaving my home and surrounding area but i'm trying to be more of a "Yes Man" and DO things i don't do.

Tomorrow I'm going to see Up in 3-D. Another thing I don't do but am doing it anyway. who am i?

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


i'm SO pissed I forgot my camera tonight becuase there were many great pix to be had.

Me, Kelly and Dena met with an OOOOOLD friend of ours; whom we haven't seen in probably 20 years and it was like we just saw her yesterday. oh not during the first 10 minutes when it was kinda awkward and checking each other out secretly; but, after that...the old habits came flamin' forward.

I'll tell you. there's nothing more that brings you to the feeling of life then sitting with old friends. we laughed, choked, pee'd, burped, howled, ate, got shushed by the guests AND our waitress...aah...it was lovely. Our food was so difficult since it was fondue. Funny...i don't remember fondue being so hard but tonight it was worthy of a masters degree.

so we left, $340 poorer and still hungry for taco bell. GOD i could write so much more but it's late, i'm tired and slightly buzzed.

I can't WAIT to do it again. I love you girls. I'm so glad, Melina, you came back if but just for a night.

now, where's my mushroom??

Thanks for Breakfast, DB....

The sprouts added such an amazingingly fresh flavor...i loved it!

Monday, June 08, 2009

Berkeley on Sunday

My brother and I met my two lovely cousins in Berkeley Sunday. On the ride up, Chris was talking about how great their family was and that they all used to get together and do plays for the neighborhood. I looked at Chris and couldn't help but wonder what kind of plays OUR family would have come up with...probably a remake of One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest.

Yesterday was really pretty. When Mira and Halina showed up, the orignal cafe we were going to eat at was super-packed so we found a really nice Mexican restaurant where I had a delicious salad with avocado and pumpkin seeds. It was topped with an awesome lime/cilantro vinagrette and if you know me, i hate vinagrette.

After that we cruised down past Peet's and saw this darling little "Irish" girl playing an accordian. she was so odd/cute/different/brave/out-of-place that I really felt compelled to hang out with her for a night. I'll bet she'd be entertaining.

After we watched her for a while, we went shopping at the Crate & Barrell outlet and this awesome shop that had the BEST Olive Oil I've ever had. Mira and I bought a $35 bottle and split it...i mixed it in with some hard boiled egg this morning and daaaamn! yummy! Mira said she made pasta last night with the OO. you can't cook with it becuase it's unfiltered and would burn too easy.
After about an hour plus of shopping we went to the Botanical Gardens. My GOD..i mean i love my cousins but the only word i could come up with was NERDS!! They damn near knew every name of every plant and not just "oh that's a daisy" but "Oh isn't that a Osteospermum? Yes, why yes it is and that belongs to the Calenduleae family, right?"
"Mmm yes you're right! Oh look over here!! it's a Alstroemeria!! It looks like it's cross-bred with some sort of Baldliobiblum gender."
Chris and I are like "Umm...i see a poppy! Hey look! A tree!!"
This pix was in the carnivorious and orchid greenhouse...

hahah...they funny.

This is just stunning.


A lily pond.

another cool pix

lizard! There were LOTS of lizards...

Butterfly....lots of butterflies....

View of the City.


i LOVED these...they're light in the middle and get darker as it goes out... that's my professional description.

This was a little bit of redwood. and THAT'S my favorite...i love redwoods. i hate the word moist but they're so moist.

well that's it. It was SUPER nice to have a normal day with normal people. It was the perfect amount of time as we got home in time to BBQ dinner, watch the end of the Giants game and throw in a few family guys.
Tomorrow night i'm meeting the girls for fondue. ONE friend i have not seen in 20 years? should be fun....

Thursday, June 04, 2009

okay ONE more post for today

Pan's Labryinth

I watched a movie today called Pan's Labryinth. what i got from that is that must be what heaven is. We leave a dreadful nightmare and end up as a princess in a heavenly kingdom. I love sci-fi'ish fantasy movies becuase it's like drinking; it takes you away from here.

When I first saw Harry Potter, i knew what my life had been missing. that i should've been born a wizard! A magical life is what I'm looking for...see how bad earth is comparatively speaking?

No wonder my life is so dull. yeah, yeah...life is great and i'm so spoiled.

shut up.

St. Kevins Day / tidbit blog

Yesterday was St. Kevin's day as i'm sure you all know.

We met at McKinley park for a few games of horseshoes, pizza and beer. after the game, it started to rain AND lightening. it was so cool! I fell twice yesterday. my legs still haven't caught up to my body.

On my way to work today, i saw a sheriff using the carpool lane doing about 90 talking on his cell phone. i sure would love to be above the law.

well i spoke too soon. i have a zit on my chin and it's grown a face.

tomorrow is furlough friday and i'm taking full advantage of it.

Janet is going to europe for 6 weeks and that's when i plan on doing my final attempt at dieting. since she is SUCH a bad influence on me, without her here i have no excuse except my own behavior.

signing off for the day...

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

You know I'm treating my body pretty badly right now. No one knows how bad but me and God.

However, my skin does not reflect that and i have to attribute that to the products I am currently using. I even had my period (sorry eveyrone) and not ONE period zit!! Not one!!

I use the Renew line to handle the sun damage i've accumulated over the short 28 years i've been here on earth. Not only do I love the results, I love the feel of the product. I love the feel of my skin when i use it...it's just pretty amazing.

If you're curious, you may go see my friends site. By the way...it's made by the same physicians that made pro-active. and i know when i used THAT i had no zits either. i just wasn't crazy about what it did to 28 year old skin.