Monday, September 29, 2008

Ah...getting work done before i have to get work done

I'm trying to get my white trash back yard in nice shape before i get my spa. So, over the weekend i mowed my lawn til my mower died. then i did the rest with a weed eater. today i tried to clean up the dog pen so i could lay down pea gravel for the winter to looks like shit but i broke my BACK cleaning this up...

Then I planted Jasmine, Morning Glories and some yellow awesome climbing vine:

Again...looks like shit but you should have seen it before. and speaking of shit....

i was COVERED in mud & sweat...i'm proud of me...and i must say...that was the BEST shower ever!

Get in line for my first hot tub party!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I formally accepted the position in Stockton so commuting here i come!~ What i get in salary increase will be given to Mobil; but, that's okay. sacrifices to move ahead.

Of course I'm taking the next few days off becuase that's what i do. and since i actually have to grow up and be responsible in this new job, i'm trying to squeeze out all irresponsibility right now. Ugh. I'm not sure i can be responsible. Not as responsible as the level of a Staff but at least it's still in the technical field and 'those people' are usually pretty immature. and gassy. Hence, why i'm so successful. sloooowly successful; but successful no less.

Now my concern is my 1996 Avalon. I bought it out right becuase who needs a fantastic expensive car when you live & work downtown? Not I! I just hope it holds out for at least another 6 months and then i'm thinking CRV. Not quite an SUV not quite a car and for sure not a mini-van. Pretty good gas mileage and large enough for Kody and Betsy and friends to occupy.

Anyway, i've been no where the last few weeks. Having fun, of course, but nothing fabby to report. I even went gambling (in a NON ALCOHOLIC CASINO!!!) went up with $200, gambled for 8 hours and came back with $193. not bad.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Michelle accuses me of eating some of the snacks before our Bosses retirement party was set to begin. HOW DARE SHE!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Take Note Men Across the World...

...I may be able to burp 15 words in one sentence, drink a 12 pack before you, still maintain acne and a beer belly, let dog hair accumulate in my house like no one else; but, let me tell order to GET all this, I'll want a ring like this:

That's on a dried up old hand to boot. lucky fucker.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sunday fair

i haven't blogged in a while becuase you know? sometimes you just don't feel like writing....and if you can't write something good, then don't write at all.
I will say that all my friends have kids, grandkids, parties, plans, etc., so to get all of them under one roof, in one day for 9 consecutive hours is nothing short of a miracle. I'm quite proud to say I did it. :)

so here are the pix from our sunday fair and i'll let them kinda speak for themselves...

Janet proud that six people fit in her car:

the long trek to the fair because we had to park in Lot E:

Of course as soon as we get in, we imbibe.

Dena and I paid Carrie a visit.

My brother ate his way through the fair; the rest drank their way through.

Smokey friends:

Every year, Terry Stokes has his famous Hypnotist show. Janet and Sally's son Garrett were determined to get picked, and picked they were...Garrett is in the white tshirt. you all know janet.

This is when Terry puts you to "sleep". Garrett actaully fell off his chair...hahahah!!!

Here's Garrett trying out for the Chippendales.

Who's your daddy?

"Annette Funicello" leading the crowd in the Mickey Mouse song.

a slightly buzzed picture. the best kind.

We dared my brother to ask this guy if he had any cream for chaffed balls and, sure as shit, he did.

uncontrollable laughter ensues...

and the final pix of the night....

Thanks guys for make the Tanya State Fair another great time. It would NOT be as great without you all there....period. love you.