Tuesday, May 29, 2007

San Fran....again!

I never get sick of this city. Ever. This time I was joined by mi amiga Janita and her lovely girl, Betsy. Here they are eagerly awaiting a fun day ahead!

We got to SF around noon and started our walk. that would take us to 7:30. But don't think we didn't stop for a few libations along the way which took about 2.5 hours. So we really walked for 5 hours. And i feel it today...

the first thing we see are the Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. I always get excited everytime i hear or see them...(look veeeery closely)

We decided to head to Little Italy becuase it's great. Our first stop, however, is an Irish pub...oh well.

Then we continued on. Seemingly straight up.

Some how we seem to find the hills that go up and not too many that go down. but no matter...we needed to work out anyway.

this is just a cool pix:

and a stop for "coffee"

Two tired doggies on the way home : )

(this one is funny becuase Kody is so big and i no longer have an SUV he really doesn't have anywhere to lay comfortably. so he'd pathetically place his big head on the armrest and fall asleep! i was worried he'd snap his neck if we went over a bump! poor baby...someday kody..momma will get an suv)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I did it!

Ever since I've had my first dog, Bear, I have always wanted a "dog" cart for my bike. So with Kody I was determined to make this happen. I bought a $40 2-kid cart from Craigslist and had my brother modify it to fit his over-sized ass.

Here's his on-again off-again Daddy attaching it to the free bike i found on a walk one day:

"what's goin' on? You ain't putting me in THAT are you???"

Oh yes we aaaaarre....(as if he weren't embarrassed enough to be seen with Mommy in her Costco jammy bottoms : )

And he's OFF!

Look how unbelievably cute he is! He got out twice but he at least did it. My purpose for the cart is to be able to take him when we do our long bike rides. he'll run till he's exhausted and then i'll throw him in the cart to rest.

Can you tell I'm in love?

thanks Kevin and Eric for making my idea unfold!

oh and thanks to eric for finishing the project of ceiling fan and recessessed lighting...looks good huh?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My throat hurts...

...not the normal kinda hurt; but, more of like...a possible cancer kinda hurt. Because what else could it be?

Yesterday, I had an ocular migraine that REALLY took out my vision and for like 45 minutes. scared the shit out of me. Those usually last 5 to 20 minutes; but, never 45!!!

And now I just finished an article in the now-way-too-young Self magazine about a woman who has MS. I remember when I lived in Seattle/Vancouver in 2000 and "had" MS. I was terrified. (turns out it was really bad stress of moving to another city, giving up my state job, having Satan's daughter for a boss, losing my dog of 14 years and then losing my job)

There are certain kinds of diseases I will be okay with; however, none of them can EVER result in:

a wheelchair
or a hole in the throat

I think I'd rather be dead than have any of those above. And that's just me. Some people have the strength to survive certain adversity.

I barely have the strength to survive a pap smear.

And that's what's on my mind today....


Friday, May 18, 2007

Concert in the Park...

On Fridays in Sacramento, we have a free concert in the Cesar Chavez park. it's from 6 to 10ish. and tonight Michelle and i decided that's where we wanted to be.

We parked her car at 65th and took light rail aaaaaall the way down to the park (well, like a 20 minute ride) and got off to a nice 3 block walk. We really didn't stay very long as it got cold and i had to pee and the line for the disgusting bathrooms were too long so we left pretty early.

but aren't we cute?

Then we had to really pee so where's the best place to do that? a sushi restaurant!

After that we headed back to light rail for the most interesting part of the evening. Light rail, as i've stated before, is the BEST place to meet the most intriguing people...for lack of a better word. i did my fake spanish to a columbian man who actually responded back to me....neither of us knew what the other was saying but neither one of us seemed to care.

And now back to my brother. I bought beer yesterday and before i left for work this mroning i posted this sign on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator:

because beHIND the sign was his 'gold'

and i ain't talkin' the root beer....

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I say enthusiastically but not without a weird heart.

After learning more about the defendant, i'm certain we all made the right decision. I can't go in to detail here on my public blog becuase it involved gangs and many murders. I just don't want to end up being one of those pictures i witnessed in court.

But what I will say is i met some of the finest people ever. Some were similar; most were different; but, we all meshed. Since i'm quite abrasive, i only irritated a few and only on sporadic moments so I'd say they even liked me!

Our jury was picked on Wednesday April 4th, and as I exclaimed before it was like winning the lottery. But i really had no idea what experience i would have during the next 6 weeks.

We met Monday through Thursday and Thursdays were always fiascos. Always. In fact, last Thursday was a normal day - we were all confused...what do we do? things are flowing as they're supposed to! People are here! We're on time! Made ME wanna smoke...but for six weeks, we all ate great (except my tofu jerky...no one seemed too excited about that), we played 7,832 games of Golf and 2,488 games of cribbage and had endless conversations about our lives, work and issues. Some played their own games (jerry on his cell), some did their own thing (Greg with his crosswords) and some tried new experiences (Sarah with checkers)....but every single day we were together, you could tell it was not an effort to be there.

Oh sure, in the beginning, some mumbled about missing work (of COURSE not me), and some mumbled about having things to do but as time went on, you could tell...most started to enjoy their court days. and, like my one not-guilty verdict, one by one, they came to my side. Some even started to mumble about not wanting jury duty to end so soon...

And even after the trial, the judge called us down to his chamber to tell us we were one of the best juries (?) he's ever had. He found us patient, funny, accepting and came with lots of food! we even had a reputation throughout the building as such...aint' that cool?

But to mention something about each one: Rebecca was the giggler. She always laughed heartily. Never was there a courtesy laugh. And her laughs were great...made YOU want to laugh.

Same with Maureen. She was a great story teller. Her, Rebecca, Loretta and Nelda hung tight. And they were a great group. I always felt comforted just when they were together.

Greg was the guy with the greatest blue eyes you'd ever see in your life. He did crosswords every day and would grumpily let me try to finish what he couldnt'...>(I never could) He was the normal guy...quiet and attentive and always on time.

Nelda was just the sweetest of the group. She'd always lose at Golf but never got pissed like i sure would have (I'm a very bad sport) so she was fun to play games with.

Loretta reminded me of my lovely mom. So sweet, smart and thorough. You could count on her to find miniscule points we'd all miss. Thanks Loretta...

Jirina was just great. Calm, poised, poignantly funny and attentive. So was Mark. He was our pilot. He actually flies those huge-ass planes all over the country! that's BRAVE in my book~ you know how i hate to fly...

Now John...I loved John... He was the reason we got many breaks becuase he had to smoke. In fact, at round table he stated "okay everyone! i've got to smoke! let's go!" becuase we were not allowed to be separated druing the delibartions. good for you John....

Holly was a wonderful conversationlist. She told me the story of her friend who, unfortunately, passed away during our time in the trial. But Holly remained positive....it's so very sad to lose someone; but you can gain so much from them while they are here...and that's a good lesson for us all, right? right.

Kris. She was the Legislative analyst and a God send during our deliberations. She clarified stuff so clearly it helped us reach our verdicts so thank you loretta....you grabber you...

RUSS! Russ was our caption. Our foreman...our man that kept us together. he was a very gentle leader than ensured we all got our say. He was the experienced one that we trusted to lead us through the process and he did such a great job. and the one that got me my very-needed pee break. Thanks Russ!

and Farmer...we all loved Farmer. He was feisty. Feisty like don't mess with me, feisty. Try to get him to take off his hat and you'll see what i mean...but he gave in when i wnted to extend jury duty one more day and i gave him a short day there after so we're even....

Ray...I loved Ray. He was my cribbage mentor. He was also gracious when i kicked his ass in cribbage twice...htat means SKUNK for those of you more unfamiliar with this game. But he was sweet about his losses and he went on to kick MY ass 28 times after that....frick.

And Robert. I loved Robert. He was the cool guy. Alwyas coming in just before the hour. never really took good notes but assured me he'd use mine. Let me lean on him when our elevator was super crowded. He was good. Good.

Which brings me to Bill. Also good. Cool, smart, funny, savvy, clever....reminded me of my favorite comforter. Love having him around because he was ... well, comforting. Loved your comment about being married too...i can relate.

and last but never least was Sarah. She was my jury buddy. She was with me in the very beginning before we got picked. she was the one who i blamed when i tlaked too much. and she was the one who actually fell asleep in the box and got us a break. Her notes will tell you the tale of what goes on in the head of a juror who falls asleep during trial. She's the one who graciously fell to the ground as i pushed her aside rushing to the bathroom and just laughed about my assholeness. I love Sarah. (and her dad who interviewed me!)

Don't you think that's cool? Even the bailiffs got to know us individually and say enthusiastically "HI!" "Good morning!!" "You're late!" etc...

So, as I type knowing my duty is now over; i'm sad. But I'm greatful (grateful?). Greatful to have met such wonderful people, learn about the justice system, learn about the greatest snacks of all and learn all the tricks of a good cribbage game...all while getting 6 weeks, fully paid, off from work.

life really was good....

Sunday, May 13, 2007

insomnia sucks

lately i've been waking up around 1:30am and can't fall back asleep til 4:30.

nothing feels more lonely than that. Even Kody is out and i can't get him up.

but what really sucks is when that damn morning bird starts chirping about 3:30. so i get an hour of the same song over and over and over and over...."cherloop, cherloop, cherLOOP....cherloop, cherloop, cherLOOP" oh my god...it drives me mad! And he/she is the ONLY one singing! Get a clue birdy!

My brother put in my recessed lighting in my living room and i will love it. he's finishing it up right now so i haven't even seen them on yet! oh the joy of what i have to look forward to today. life is good.

Today is a Costco run too! I just, after 3 years, ran out of hand soap so it's time for a new vat of it...another thing to look forward to.

okay, i have to catch up on everyone's blog. being on jury duty really is not conducive to my blogging world...

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Today we hear closing arguments and then we deliberate. i hope it lasts at LEAST until Tuesday.

My brother is installing recessed lighting in my living room and a ceiling fan too. If he ever comes home long enough to do so. >: (

Janet and I went out to Michealangelos for dinner the other night. She had the spinach filled ravioli with sage butter:

And I had the gnocchi...which was very well done!

Then we played pool


met a super nice girl...
You know...the usual....

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Kody's Head

Kevin thinks that the Infinity FX35 looks like Kody's head....
what do you think?

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Light Rail Pub Crawl #1

Well, first off...I was excited all day about going on this particular pub crawl for two reasons: 1.) i've never done it and i was in the mood and 2.) there were a lot of great girls going so even if the crawl sucked, we'd still have fun.

The pub crawl started at 3:00p.m; but, we (Dena, Sally, Candy, Janet and I) decided we'd head out at 1:00 to get some food near the first bar.

We went to Cafe Bernardo and Janet and I split the Veggie burger which is to DIE for. And i had a bowl of potato leek soup too...mmm, mm..good! And of course our first libation of the day.

(Janet is very easy to please...)

Off to Fox & Goose.

When we got there, there were like 2 people and they weren't there for the pub crawl.

It was 2:45. I was getting worried. finally ONE guy shows up at 2:50 and says we're to MEET at 3:00; we don't catch the train til 3:45...oooooh....they were giving us time to drink.

but i was giving us WAY more time to drink. oh well. This is the leader and his two buddies.

a KILT! I felt right at home...thank you Scottie...

And of course, we're wired and ready to go!

(L to R: Sally, Candy, me, Dena & Janet)

After Fox & Goose, Janet and I have to run to the bank to get some cash. We tell teh whole group, who were VERY inclusive and warm which was nice, that we'd meet them at the 13th street station.

Course as we're sitting at the station, Janet mentions that we're at 11th street. Den'as calling; "Where are you guys?"

SHIT! We run to the nearest station, knocking on the wrong car door until the group comes out of the first car and waves us over...we hop on and if you've ever been on city transportation after hours, it's really fun. (sarcastic) I sat across from two sweet homeless black men. One was singing to me so i told him he had a beautiful voice and he should always sing. he started crying!~! oh i know that feeling, mister...i do....

here was his buddy that was tyring to get a hug from Janet but she was worried about lice...or getting some of his Old English 800 on her...

and the crew on light rail:

On to Henry's Lounge which was a VERY seedy & dark bar that kinda smells like a urine cake and had a few beers there...after that, we went to Gallaghers which is a MUCH cleaner and nice Irish pub.

We met two DARLING girls there. ( they reminded me of when Dena and I were young & hot ; ) Natalie and Deeana.

They're the two girls in the back. right next to teh guy holding the "Dive Bar" flag...hahaha

After Gallaghers we hopped on light rail and headed to Del Paso Blvd. That even sounds ghetto...Janet almost got her ass kicked by some youngin's on the train that didn't like tall, happy-spirited white women but I reeled her in and taught her some street smarts quickly.

The next bar was Night Hawk. Now, there, the bartenders there have about 7 teeth between them and their dress code is a 3 teeth minimum. Their bathroom has a SHOWER CURTAIN FOR A STALL!!

But even funnier was Sally being able to use her breasteses as a beer cozy.

and funnier still, was our friend Dena, whom we've known for over 20 years, has become gay. So when she took a drink off Sally's beer, using her straw, Sally wanted another straw mumbling something about "i know where that mouth has been..."

Off and walking....

Yay!! I get to hold the dive bar flag...

The next stop was an unplanned one at a lovely wine bar.

They had a cool "back yard"with plastic couches, torches and a view of some seedy hotel pool. okay, that part wasn't great but their yard was...

After this, we went to the Stoney Inn but they had closed down. It was some mexican restaurant that had a huge dance floor. Now, it's here i'm getting fuzzy so i'll speak little and show lots.

Well, the rest of the night was something like another bar stop, walking on the rail road tracks for what seemed like ever, eating pizza, and passing out.

I'd say that was a pretty successful first Light Rail Pub Crawl....thanks GUYS!!!