Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 1. no money

I went to Red Hawk Casino Saturday. got drunk enough to pull out $400 and lose it all.

SO, my punishment is to spend the next 2 weeks on $13. (I still had $100 that i went with??? and that goes to the State fair this saturday)

I decided to live off all the food i have in my house for those 2 weeks. Tonight for dinner i picked an eggplant from my garden, some tomatoes and sliced some red onoins...marinated all taht in a balsamic olive oil and grilled it on my grill. i then topped the eggplant with feta cheese and basil and ate them all together.


Next i made 1/2 a sweet potato, a white potato and corn...boiled that all, whipped it good with butter and milk and seasoned it with salt & Pepper and rosemary.

NEXT, i made a homemade tuna casserole roughly based on rachel ray's recipe. but i added lemon juice and tarragon. and topped it with panko. it's browning as i speak...the $13 will probably buy cream for my coffee and that's about it.

fun, huh?

next up? Bread.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

i suck.

i can't do ANYTHING i say i'm gonna do BUT party.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

happy 4th!

went to trader joes and bought stuff for the BBQ and NO BOOZE!

see? I meant it.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

A new path

okay...i'm done drinking. although i totally love it, it does not love me. it causes me depression, weight gain and the possibility of getting a DUI. i just cannot continue down this path becuase i will either be a.) super obese b.) unemployed or c.) dead in a few years from an organ shut down.

and i just don't drink; i get wasted. i get 'time to carry tanya to her bed' drunk most every time. so pathetic and so unattractive. it was cute at 23 so not cute at 44.

this won't be easy but i'm making my blog accountable for me. I want to go out and party with everyone at any time and just not drink. THAT will be the hardest...alcohol to me means relief. freedom. numbness. comfortably numbness. but it affects EVERY area of my life. i'm just not a good drinker. i can never be casual or even once in a while drunk. anyway...that's my new thought. i wish i could bribe God to let me win the lottery and i'll stay sober for that; but, He hasn't fallen for that. He must be busy trying to save all the ocean life from the spill or the people from war-torn countries...He's like that you know.... for my last 7 beers : )