Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My luck is a'changin'....


Man...there ain't nothing like find money. Or winning it...but the latter has caused me problems so I can't try anymore...

but the sidewalk won't hurt me : )

Monday, October 29, 2007

Sophie found a home...

...on 10 acres of land. She's probably better off...

Friday, October 26, 2007

this fucking bothers me...

Last chance dog - Border collie mix

We have a 9 year old border collie mix..that if not found a good home must be euthinized? Why? Its not cruel..its doing her a favor..We have had maybe two calls. Most people probably scoff at her ad because shes an older dog. But her time is running out. All the rescues contacted are full. And we would rather her running in doggy heaven then at the pound, alone and scared with no one to adopt her. This is kind of my last plea. Shes Up to date on all shots, playful, does not like cats, dogs or small children (fine with older children 10 and up), does not like thunder or fireworks. She'll get along with SOME DOGS but not all. Would do best as only dog, indoor. Though she can be an outdoor dog. We want a home where she'll be spoiled and loved just as much as we've loved her. Where she'll be allowed inside to sleep all day if she wants to, to chew on a rawhide next to you on the couch. Potential owners will be screened to Ensure a wonderful home as well as a $75 rehoming fee to ENSURE she will be in a loving home and not end up in a bad situation. We want whats best for her..please email me or call at 916-723-4655..thank you...

Why the fuck do they need to find a home for THEIR dog? I considered taking her but kody would probably kill her...then i think why am I trying to figure out a way to save her life when her own family won't?
people suck.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


I hate this weather becuase it's 40 degrees in the a.m. and 80 in the p.m.

so i dress according the morning temps and on the ride home, i feel like i'm in a hot flashing frying pan. Oy.

Thanks to those that made such heartfelt comments on my bad tuesday. it's going up but not as fast as it used to...good 'nuff.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Raw Tuesday

Today was one of those days where you've reached a breaking point and you cry.

You don't just 'cry' sob. And you can't stop.

I'm depressed by my genetic nature (is that a correct phrase?). Actually bi-polar to be exact except I'm bi-polar 2. And not even the GOOD kind of bi-polar 2 where you get the amazing highs. I just got the amazing lows. Now i'm on medication and i'm pretty dog-gone normal. Sometimes i try to cry, but, after many attempts, just shrug my shoulders and move on with my life.

But not on Raw Tuesday.

On Raw Tuesday I cried. Hard. I won't go in to the details of my day yesterday and today but it sucked. I, again, realized I really hate working because it takes away from the stuff i want to do. Like have open heart surgery. (you get my point)

When i was on that cruise, i really felt free. The kind of freedom I'm always searching for and i sort of find on the weekends when i party. Becuase then i feel free too.

At 41, i've accepted this is probably my life: a state job (which i'm greatful for), being 20 pounds overweight, having difficulties with relationships, wanting more but accepting less, living paycheck to paycheck. and how sad is that, really?

What I'd really love to do is work with animals. Every day. Saving them, loving them, finding them homes or giving them happiness...will that pay my mortgage? Maybe. If i'd take the chance.

But that's another thing i'm learning to accept...i probably WON'T take that chance.

and how sad is that?

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


it was this past friday. it's the one event where all the germans pour of out the sacramento woodwork and convene in one place - to get hammered, dance & eat. Which i do all 3 well. it was only when i started eating off of other peoples plate we had to leave.

Saturday morning, Kevin took Kody for a walk so he could a.) get Kody out while mummy sleeps and b.) get his coffee.

When he got back to my house, he realized he forgot his key so he had to ring the doorbell. Kody hears the door bell and barks. Not realizing it's HIM who's here...sometimes he's not very bright...

Monday, October 01, 2007

The Monarch of the Seas...part deux

I'm missing Family Guy to finish this post. grrr... (actually now it's the next day. no more vacations; they're too hard to blog about)

Okay, So Friday around 4 we have to do the Muster Room thing which is where you go to find out what to do if the boat mimics the Titanic. Sally and I are STILL like little kids so we don't even take this seriously. If we went down, I'd have no idea what to do except throw on my vest and turn on the little blinky light.

and this is why:

Then we found out no drinks can be ordered while we go through this process so now I must claim it against my religion to attend, and i'm sobering up. Also, against my religion...

Sally claimed she should be in the Special Ed section (they serve drinks there, i'd bet) and even THAT didn't work.

After an hour, they FINALLY let us out...woo hooooo time to party!!!

(Sally would toggle back and forth between these two pix...hilarious!)

This was the kick off party. They played killer 80's music and it was PACKED. The energy in the air was thick with mania! It was wild...I told Sally i could go home RIGHT now and say i had the greatest cruise ever.

Later on in the evening we met more people. This was Cirby. Gay as gay could be. very funny....but i got bored so i took off and left sally for a couple of hours.

That was a mistake becuase i quickly got lonely, was found again and became re-happy!

Mmm hmmm....we partied partied partied and went to bed.

The next day, we arrived at Ensenada and got off the boat around 9:15. no easy feat when you spent all night partying....I soon discovered I had a visitor: Aunt Flo. (does anyone even say that anymore?) so i ran to the duty-free shop right off the dock to pick up a pack of sticks when i see this: $39.00 for Tampons??? i hate those things and you want me to pay that???
course it's really $3.70ish.
Ensanada is actually pretty clean. Not like tijuana...We had a fish taco (sorry. had to) at the recommendation of our tour guide, Leslie. They were DELICIOUS! I only had one though cuz i felt bad.

I bought lots of presents for everyone; but, ran out of money to get everyone something at worked which sucked. I did get Kevin a shirt that said "I might be shy, but i've got a big dick"

I can tell you...he was not pleased. I told him he could wear it on casual fridays at work. or maybe just my house.

After our shopping spree we went to this cute little hotel where they put on a show for us Americans. (why do i always feel so lame during this stuff?) Anwya, my camera sucked beucase i took like 20 pictures and none of them came out.

it was very beautiful dancing, some weird deer dance with a fake deer head and singing. i loved it! God i wish i were ethnic.

Irish doesn't count, arrrgh.
and Sally and i got these really bitchin' jackets. We did have to back to the boat and get more money; but, they were worth it. Right Salls?

Okay back to partying.
It's fun coming and going and running back to your cabin to put your swimsuit back on. i really lived in that thing the whole weekend. and check out the pool. It's deep in the cetner but has an edge you can just hang out it...

They had a sexy leg contest, (two out of 4 were from Sally's moms group)

and a belly flop contest. another two of 4.

More people...

More partying:

Sally driving drunk...

Me blinded by her big-ass bra...

My typical take-pix-of-friend-peeing pix

The end.

i ran out of steam near the end of the story but iactually got a ton of work to do! no shit!

until next time.....