Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sylvan school dropout

I texted Dustin something last week that prompted him to text back “Your nice”

Ugh.  I gave him an unsolicited tiny English lesson to better him as a man.   “It’s ‘you’re’ as in you are.  You are nice.  You’re nice”  He acknowledged my lesson and we moved on.

Monday he texted me like a madman but I wasn’t in the mood to respond.  Yesterday, however, I felt bad because he seemed sad and he asked me if he had done anything to make me mad.  I decided to just let him know that this wasn’t going to work out for me.  For a myriad of reasons; but, the top 3 were his age, his location and his partying habits.

He texted me back:  “Your stupid”


Monday, November 28, 2011


i gotta get out of this fucking city.  i hate it here, i hate the people and i hate the energy. 

Friday, November 25, 2011

Calorie burn

Riding to folsom and back.  I should do it twice, as much as I ate yesterday.
And as much as I'm going to eat today. : )


never made it to folsom but i went to sunrise and back. took me frickin 2.5 hours so that's good enough.  A buck and a doe.  The doe took the lead as the male froze...hahaha...

avg:  13.8 mph
dst:  35 miles
time: 2.32

Could it be mimosa time AGAIN?  I LOVE the holidays!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


that was a fucking nightmare.  CLEARLY this race is not meant for runners.

next year I will be dressed as a turkey and will be shitfaced.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Ah, the holidays.  They certainly are a potential setup for being tragically sad.  I'm just trying to make mine tragically mind-numbing and average.  The only good thing about holidays is our work schedule is light.

It's just me and Jeannie this year.  her sisters are working and her son is at his dads.  Last  years thanksgiving was awesome and we had no plans...well we HAD plans but they didnt' work out so we winged it after that, had a great time and i'm expecting the same thing this year.



This show is hilarious.  HILARIOUS!!!!  I'm so glad I found it so i can hound F/X to ensure they don't cancel it.  I'm worried that it's not getting its just deserts. (desserts is technically the incorrect spelling)

This is a scene with Ricky Gervais

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Went to REI to get my packet.  that's kinda cool.  I like the shirts this opposed to the shirts of none of the other years i ran.

I already got my tag on my shoes...someone's excited.  Now if i can just do at LEAST an 11 minute mile.

i funny

Dustin asked me to send him a picture of "it" so I did...
Momma don't play that game, my little friend.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Shit the security guard says...

I could make a whole new blog about that.  We have a security guard here who's probably in her late 60's and she's is very very quirky.  But every day I lock up my bike or when i unlock my bike to leave she comes out and chats with me like we're old buddies.

Last week, she came out and was playing with her phone and here's how her story goes:

"I kept getting these phone calls from a number I didn't recognize.  I just found out it was from a Christian Singles group adn they asked me for a good number.  I told them they could have my home phone number but certainly my dog & bird can't answer the phone so i told them they could call me on this number but they haven't called me back yet!"  and so on...

today, I walk in the building and she informs me that her and Lillian are doing much better now that they're on medication for their achy bones...Lillian is her dog.  I never asked her about her bones and I don't know why she 'picks up the conversation' with me as if she left it off somewhere earlier...

My man girl

Show of hands that would think a 6'2, 200# man would have more girlie traits than me.  (well...maybe I shouldn't add "than me" but how about just "than not")  No one?  That's what I thought.

My phone has never rang that much in it's little life.  And neither did my trusty old iphone from days gone past...I finally had to ask him "my GOD!  why are you calling me so much!?" He was a little hurt but he said that he doen'st mind texting but when he wants to talk to someone he'd just rather call and talk. 

He takes longer than me to get ready AND he uses eye cream. hahahaha...When we went out for b'fast, he had to do his hair and brush his teeth.  You don't even wanna know what i looked like.

And at breakfast, as soon as we sat down I pulled out my phone and he said "are you going to play with your phone the whole time, or are we going to talk?"..hahhaah..i'm cracking up writing this.  After brunch, he made me go to the auto store to get wipers...i begged him to just take me home; but, no...girls like company when they shop. (he did redeem his manhood when i told him next time he comes over we're doing ANYTHING but going to tallac.  He said "You're assuming there's going to be a next time".  We're going to slice each other to death with our own tongues)

I'm glad he lives in Santa Rosa...that's exhausting...but he really IS darling.

Did i tell you I ran 3.6 miles Saturday?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

damn girl!

Well, i didn't do the 5.2 but i DID do the 3.6!!!  It was one of those runs that you really could run forever but things started to hurt regardless.  So I literally, from 29th on followed lightrail til i got to 48th and took that home.  pretty good.

Girl time.  going shopping with Jeannie and then having a late lunch.  dustin's in town so i'll hook up with him later for some Boy time.  got my genders covered.  i know i said i woudlnt' but he is irresistable.  And i FINALLY figured out what it is about him that drives me insane..and by insane, i mean i adore him and he drives me nuts; he is me.  I can see the potential addiction in the beginning and the sheer exhaustion near the end. hahhaha...but it's aaaaall still fun.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Forgive me, Knee....

5 mile run tomorrow.

Trader Joes Pizza

Is THE best frozen pizza i've ever had.  All of them!

Look at this...gorgeous!  right out of the box...when does that ever happen?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Aaaaaand back to my happy place...

I watched a movie yesterday called Trust about an online paedophile predator that lured a 14 year old to a motel for one "meeting".  Tragicly sad movie except the one line from the very distraught father to the mother..."For Christ's sake Lynn!  He's 20 years older than her!", of course, 20 years is huge to a 14 year old but still...made me chuckle...

Yesterday was not my most favoritest day.  I got up late and it was critical shower day so that made me even later which meant i had to drive in and i hate driving in.  When i walked in the building, nick was walking out reminding me we had sexual harrassment training.  1/3rd of the way thru SH training my phone dies so no more Angry Birds.  Back at work, I get scolded by my boss for not telling him that i had MANDATORY TRAINING and as a common courtesy to let him know next time becuase even Nick told him about his training and he's not even his boss, and the phones were ringing off the hook (they weren't.  and Nick told him becuase he was walking by him; not becuase he felt compelled to tell him.  i HATE people that embellish stories to make their anger look more relevant)  I apologized but he had to send me an email cc'ing our big boss becuase i heard him venting to him, to remind me why it's important to let him know where i am.  and this is coming from someone who was afriad to let our students go even though they were completely lame and from teh same guy who knows, as it was brought to his attention, about one of our co-workers who comes in late every single day and does nothing about it.  and not just the usual 15 to 30 minutes late but an hour and a half, two hours late.
Then i leave to move my car only to find this:

oh god i HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE that!!!!  So, it took me about 8 Austin Power moves to get out of there; but, i did not leave without sharing a bit of my displeasure.

You can see where i broke my lipstick on the letter "R"...too bad...i liked that lipstick too. 


Today will be a MUCH better day...i'm up early, gonna walk my boy, ride my bike in and remember it's thursday.  tomorrow i leave at noon to get my hair did...

and i LOVE this song:  (singer ain't bad either)

very clever.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I have inner knee pain!  I think I might need new shoes so i'm going to Fleet Feet to get some.  And i'm thinking ix-nay on the ennis-tay until my ee-nay eals-hay.  hey!  that was pretty ood-gay!  (hahaha...i say 'gay')

Why is it, when i ride my bike straight as an arrow for 4 miles, do I get all wobbly and crazy when trying to maneuver my way between a telephone pole and a fire hydrant?  I have plenty of room but tell my brain that...
Dustin left this morning for Santa Rosa and we said our goodbyes.  That was fun and I super-ass thanked him for filling my time, changing my course and making me feel good.  It was nice to have a man around again and even better was I wasn’t attached to him but I did really enjoy his company.  I doubt I'll see him again becuase he's too young and he's too far away.  I'm not in to long-distance liaisons.

We (co-workers on a different subject) played tennis yesterday for 45 minutes and I burned like 175 calories!!! WTF??  I sweated, twisted my ankle, tweaked my back and popped my knee for that?!  Lame-ass sport.   Anyway, I do it for the company and for the fun of it and it’s better than doing nothing for lunch.  Today we run and I’m looking forward to it. 

Jill...I got my earrings and i LOVE them.  thank you!!!
The SPCA had a special over the weekend; all animals could be adopted for $11.11.  The SPCA lost money but they completely sold out of animals.  They had to take in animals from city and county shelters and sold out of those too!!!  As soon as I pay off my yearly timeshare bill, whatever money I have left over, I’m donating to the SPCA.  (well maybe not...i have a bit too much left over...DAMN!  Poor me!)  I'm reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally thinking my next dog is going to be a pit.  I'm starting to heavily fall in love with them.  this is the girl i was interested in; but, she got adopted.  well that and she'd probably kill Kody with love.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lovely, lovely sunday

Starbucks, farmers market, long walk for Kody, 40 minute treadmill run, signed up for Run to Feed the Hungry, watching The Christmas Story and getting lucky later.

yeah.  i could do that EVERY Sunday.

Friday, November 11, 2011



well I went out with him anyway.  And it was really pretty awesome.  he's a big guy and i LOVE that.  He was extremely complimentary, sweet, funny, passionate, accommodating and made me feel good.

IRONICALLY, he's actually going thru the same thing i am but in the other shoes.  His ex who wants him, doesn't want him, wants him, doesn't want him knew we were going out to lunch yesterday so he got the barrage of texts and phone calls. I've never bothered my ex when he's with his girl; but, I did understand the behavior.  I felt really bad for her becuase i know that pain all too well.

Dustin actually asked me if he should call her back becuase of my comment earlier of "you should never ignore crazy" so i said of course.  I appreciated his sensitivity. 

anyway, he's moving to Santa Rosa next week.  He just called to thank me for yesterday and that he would like to be friends or more than that if I'm interested and i said i would love that.  and being the projector that i am, i would also love to live in santa rosa...hahahah....

giong bowling with jeannie now!  she's going to kick my ass.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

I'm feeling poignant

...and I can thank my Trader Joe's vodka for that.

Janet was supposed to come over tonight to talk about Hawaii and I was kinda hoping she was because when i'm drinking, i'm vulnerable and I probably would have said "hell yes!!!" to the trip.

But she didn't and so now I waffle.  Surprisingly, I'm not "hell no!" either; but, my biggest concern (and guilt) is leaving Kody.  I know, in my heart, he doesn't have much longer with me and if me leaving causes him any stress that shortens his life, I cannot live with myself.  When i came back from florida, I swear he was years older.  He's not a momma's boy by any means, but deep down, and although he'd NEVER admit it, he really is. 

So maybe it's not so much about him as it is about me.  As it's always been...I anthropomorphise him to the friggin' max.  But, again, that seems to be about me as I really like to think he lives and dies for me.  It's my analogical reasoning.

Hm. Tomorrow i run.  I'll be tired, worn out, lonely, hungry, confused...but I'll run.  And like Tuesday, I'll run even though it hurts because pain is what I know.

I'm so weird...

...but goddamn funny.

Here's my new project.  Since Kody is an old 'fart' now and farts alot, i'm giong to collect a collage of them.

Here's his first clip:

LOVE that fucker.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Michael Vick

I don't really watch football unless it's the playoffs or superbowl or whatever; but, tonight i turned on monday night football to see chicago's last quarter with the Eagles.  Michael Vick being the quarterback for the eagles i just couldn't help finding myself rooting for chicago. A lot of people can forgive Vick for what he did, but i cannot.  But a lot of people also bury their heads in the sand.

NO ONE can possibly endure, create, participate in that kind of animal cruelty and then suddenly be reformed.  I know this will be a weird analogy but that's like asking me to stop being kind to animals and start beating them mercilessly, kicking them and laughing while i do so...i just can't.  NEVER could i do that.  And the only reason Vick is "pretending" that he's reformed is because he has a multi-million dollar contract at stake.  Why would he risk that?  But again, anyone that can delve in that kind of cruelty, watching dogs fight to the death, electrocuting those that don't do well, putting 'bait' dogs in the pit to watch champions hone their skills, subjecting innocent beings to such horrific abuse for notoriety, money, status, have to have some evil in you.

This is Cherry. I was moved by his story becuase he was such a sweet, shy guy.  He knew nothing of love, affection or trust and you can see that clearly from this video (nothing graphic) and sorry for the ads.  this is him, by the way, when he got to best friends...he has since been adopted and no longer feels like a bait dog.

Here's cherry (and other vick dogs) now....(and i ADORE Curly...look at his attentive eyes)  I also find it amazing that these "fighting" dogs can actually play with other dogs...wth!!!??

why wouldn't everyone want to be this kind?

and why is it always my nose-picking thumbnail that breaks??

Monday, November 07, 2011

3 posts in one day??

you can tell i'm bored.

so after much thought, I've decided NOT to be Samanta Jones.  I just can't do's not really my style; never has been and i don't think I should start now.  Although, it felt good to consider a 36 year old, this guy is actually the desired (mentally, i mean) 20 years younger.  Dating a younger man is a whole different animal than dating a younger woman.  97% of men don't mature until they're 50ish.  So, this would be the type that would totally call his friend and say "duuude!  i totally saw her nipple!!!" or be happy that i paid for everything without blinking an eye.  If i'm gonna shoot for a 36 year old, he better be a totally responsible millionaire.  and if he happens to be a 26 year old, then he better be a totally responsible billionaire.

All day long for some reason I had one of doug heffernans stupid skits in my head and i kept saying out loud and subconsiously "is this nipple on?"  so I told the boys about that skit.  Carrie was unable to find a job and was depressed so doug was trying to cheer her up and asked her "Would a little Man Boob puppet show help right about now?" and he grabs his boobies and "talks" to her boobies..."Hey!  we were wondering if you and your friend would like to come over to our van and have some beers..."  but looking at Carrie, she was not amused and slightly disgusted so Doug taps his booby and says "Is this nipple on?"


I could get a PhD if they had a degree in remembering sitcom lines.


...was a blast and Nick and i kicked ASS!  6 games to 2. 

Just ordered a new bike light too since it'll be dark pretty soon on my way home...


...not one of my favorite days; but, it comes anyway.  i have to ride my bike in and I think it's like 35 degrees.  BUT today i play tennis with 3 of my co-workers and i think that'll be fun!
i have nothing to report.  NOTHING!

Sunday, November 06, 2011


Janet's little shindig went off well....she had a stack of free drink coupons which i benefited from since she's not the biggest drinker ever.  although i must say, she did pretty well.  hahah...she drinks more when she's the star AND when she's having fun.  We played darts & shuffleboard and eventually ate pizza and was home by midnight.  Heeeey!  look at me!  i thougth i'd be in bed by 7!

While we were at Tallac, this darling familiar looking boy came up to me and said "hey Tanya..."  I hate that.  "hey...yoooou! are you?"  i have no clue.  thank god it was just idle chit chat and we went our separate ways.  I woke up to a text of "you should come over" and a random number.  "hahah...who is this"..."You know who it is!"  "my bookie?? I dno't know"..."it's dustin"  DUSTIN!!!!  OH MYGOD...totally forgot about Dustin.  I brought him home from Tallac one afternoon to hang out MONTHS ago (okay, like 7 so you know).  He was just darling and funny and big and cute but he was highly irritating becuase he was pretty young and THAT'S when I ended up calling janet to come get him becuase there would be no other way to get him out of my house. (i'm well aware of how weird it is to not remember Dustin; but, we never joined "spiritually" and i have to believe that's why.  That or i was drunk)

But now, it's been a while, youth is no longer an obstacle (at least not for a tryst) so I will take him out and tolerate his Dennis-ness (from 30 know Dennis?  the one that calls Liz Dummy all the time? hahahah) to get a little man time.  It's been waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long.

On a sadder note, Tony our love/hate bartender, and the only bartender to ever kick me OUT of a bar,  probably won't be around much longer.  Cripes! he's only 36! *(or 38?...STILL)  But from what Rich told me friday night he was a VERY heavy daily drinker. Still...I would say his body just wasn't built for alcoholism, unlike germans and irishs.  Still sad and going to be weird.

*sigh..*  and why didn't i get this years ago?

anyway, i have a shit SHIT load of work to do today, state-wise and home-wise so off i go....

Thursday, November 03, 2011


They totally left me in the dust today.  BUT, I"m glad i'm running with them becuase i totally didn't feel like going today and they made me.

and i'm the not the only sweaty, smelly one in the office.

Ko Ko

For a brief moment, on my way home today I think I saw my future.

This fat old lady with long stringy gray hair, no teeth and faded pajamas was standing in her doorway screaming “Po Po!”  I didn’t pay any mind at first; I live downtown – I’m used to crazy people.  “Po Po!!”  What the hell?  Is that for me?  Her imaginary friend?  The bush?  Then I saw Po Po.  A little black Chihuahua with a tan and graying belly, standing there, with his ears half cocked, front leg raised, staring at her and I swear I can hear his thoughts.

“oh hell no…HELL NO!  Look at you!  In your faded Costco jammies that you bought years ago…you know they come out with new styles every year, right?  Get your teeth in woman!  In fact, you gonna have to come get me because I don’t want anyone thinking I came to you willingly!”

Poor Po Po.  Thank God Kody will never experience that…he got the CUTE white trash mommy.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011


You know what's harder than riding your bike in the hurricane we had yesterday?  running in it.  And you know what's worse than both of those put together?  your two running partners that stayed 1/8th of the park distance ahead of you on their VERY FIRST RUN!

fuckers.  this was MY run.

That wind was brutal though.  i came home with half a tree in my eye.

Last night on my way home, i was behind a Chevy Equinox van and the license plate read "equnox".  why?  Tell me WHY you would pay extra to announce you're driving a MINI-VAN when it states what it is right by the license plate holder?!?  I can understand "Vette" or "mycmaro" because those people are usually meatheads that are proud of their muscle cars but a mini-van??   

Meeting Dena and Shayna at Goores to shop for her soon-to-be son tonight.  kinda exciting?

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Running day

I had to take my co-worker to Chipotles yesterday since i lost the world series bet.  He was just so cocky and slightly dickish about Texas losing; but, he meant no harm...he just insisted tehre was no way Texas would win.

I mentioned that tomorrow (today) is my running day at work and now he wants to go!  I'm not super fond of running with people becuase i have my own pace and it's basically just aggressive walking. (haha...that was funny)  Then he told Nick so now Nick wants to go. They seemed nervous about running so i may be in good company.  It'll be kinda fun running with my two favorite boys.  They absolutely adore me and that's good for me becuase whenever i don't want to figure something out work-wise i just whine a little and they're all over it.  hahah...gotta get my love where i can!

I'm making dinner for me and my brother tonight.  since we only have ONE dexter to watch :(((( we're filling in the void with a Walking Dead.  I just don't know where else walking dead can go...but, it's watchable.

gotta take my boy for a walk and pack my bike.  2nd good day in a row??? do i dare??