Friday, March 25, 2011


I haven't written in a while becuase not much is going on. I finished the diet 2 days earlier than when i wanted; but, i was having so many peanut butter cheats, I just felt it was my body saying enough was enough.

Losing 22.2 pounds was nothing to sneeze at anyway. Now i'm doing the low-carb maintenance. easy peasy. i had one drinking day at the casino and i HATED it. i still feel bad about it 5 days later. Just don't wanna go back there....that's all....(drinking, i mean..not the casino)

i did a modified steak day yesterday and lost about 3ish pounds, ate totally normal yesterday and gained over 2 today! i think now i'm down to just exercising. which i'll do next monday. i had a biopsy taken out of each foot monday and i have stitches so it should be okay to ride my bike. the running is what will worry me about the stitches. but i reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally want to train for an 8 mile trail run on 8/31. i think that's a good goal for me. i'm going to join fleet feets running team on June 15th and i have to train just to jointhe training! the thought of being able to run an 11 minute mile for an hour is daunting. but, i can do it.

I ordered a "teach yourself Spanish" book from the library yesterday. might as well do something on my down time at work. I'm tired of wasting precious time doing nothing. maybe if i learn that i can get a 10% pay increase for being bi-lingual. hahah....or i can finally hire some pepole that sit around at home depot and be able to tell them what i want. wihtout possibly saying i need my actual bush trimmed.

gotta get pumped up to go to work!

Monday, March 14, 2011


I busted my ASS this weekend cleaning out blackberry bushes, rocks, wild weeds, super over-grown bushes, mowed my backyard THREE times and front lawn (once of course)... I was going to plant bushes and flowers but i was way too wiped out. that's a lot of work on 500 calories. and it was 300 calories that day becuase i wasn't hungry.

AND...i did my taxes on turbo tax and OWED the feds $1,200!!! I asked Kevin to come over and take a look at my taxes and i made one weird error that he caught, we changed it and now i only owe them $100! THT was like winning a small lottery...THANK YOU KEVIN!!!

i've got about 6 days left on the VLCD. im not excited at all. i'm liking the strict regimine of this diet. although i'm having waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many peanut butter days. if i could have peanut butter on this diet id' stay on it forEVER.

janet and i went to "9 to 5" yesterday as one of the broadway series shows. it was really good...there was one girl in the cast who was on American Idol Season 3 and her voice gave me goosebumps. she played dolly parton. i'm not in to theater but i certainly can do matinees.

st. patty's day week.. : ( i could cry a river.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Lost a pound! i can get in to my 12's now. they're tight but a month ago i couldn't get them over my hippo thighs : )

My brother came over last night to watch Weeds Season 6 and he brought over a huge cheeseburger and fries. such a guy move. i wasn't even tempted even though the fries smelled heavenly. Kody thought so too since each side of his mouth had the hangy stringy drooly ropes.

i've decided i'm NOT going to do P90X. it's just way too fucking hard. i'm going to follow the slim in 6 for 6 weeks and hopefully that'll get me in shape. i cna't start that till i'm off the low-carb becuase i can't lose any weight on that part of the diet. that totally sucks! but supposedly i'm resetting my metabolism and if i keeplosing weight, it won't know where my set point is. but after the 21 days low carb i will ramp it up with daily workouts. Still won't be able to drink but i absolutely do not miss drinking. i can get up every single morning and make it to work without being tired and listless. I get more shit done on the weekends than i ever did drinking & cleaning!

Kody's really hurt right now. I found a new treatment for arthritic dogs called stem cell treatment. They actually pull cells from the dogs "good" areas and inject them directly in to the damaged area where it will regenerate and heal the bad area. It's expensive but i'd take out a second to make sure that dog is comfortable and happy. the fact that he's 11 is amazing. Large dogs just don't live that long...but kody's the epitome of health. all his bloodwork and other stuff is about the level of a 2 year old dog. he's in pristine shape. I wanna keep him that way as long as i can becuase when he goes, a part of me will go too.

Today's wedensday. i wanna call in sick so bad but i can't. yesterday i took a two hour lunch because i wanted to. There's a girl at work who we started to become friends but she's been weird and aloof lately. she's like me only 10 times worse. Good thing i'm familiar with that behavior so i can go in to that mode too, so there bitch! Maybe the layoffs will provide a different opportunity for me. or maybe the lottery will....

Tuesday, March 08, 2011


gained today. I was going to give this diet til Friday then fuck it but Kevin convinced me to just stay the course so i can say i finished something i started. So I will. in the diets defense, I did add cream to my coffee the last 3 days. I'm stopping that today. well after my first coffee....

Went to my brothers house last night to see Anna's pictures of Cambodia, Burma and another place i can't remember. I don't know how she does it! those places are sooo poor...i would be homesick in an instant. Now...send me to the carribean and i could stay a month! Which I will be doing again this summer.

We're having a bunch of layoffs at work. I could be moving to another department. I think now's a good time to ask to work a reduced work schedule. Once i'm done this diet I'm going to start P90X and that requires quite a time committment. If i had 5 hours in the morning, i could get that done, shower, get ready and come to work happy & glowy.

Yeah...that's what i'm gonna do...

Sunday, March 06, 2011

well. bummer.

i TOTALLY blew it last night. And I thought watching Harry Potter would keep me occupied. But i had peanut butter on the brain so i thought "well...just one young piece of celery with 1 teaspoon of peanut butter should suffice."

1/2 cup of peanut butter later, I was done. Once i got a taste of it, i just coudln't stop. each bite was heaven. You have no idea how hard this diet is and how disciplined you have to be and since Dena is done, i'm on my own. which really makes it harder. AND i quit smoking on top of that!

Today is flush my system day with lemon water and coffee : ) of COURSE i took a phentermine to keep me happy about it. it's rainy and i'm motivated so it's all good...

oh. and a new member to my Zephyr:

He won't hold still for a pix. he's a fiery one.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Half way there...

I've been on this diet 20 days. i'm halfway there. tomorrow, our hypothalamus is "reset" and I really wanted to get thru the first 21 days without cheating ONE bit. i can say, i've done that.

during the last phase, i'll probably have cream in my coffee on the weekends. maybe even during the week. i'll see how my weight loss goes with that addition. it's been pretty slow even though, overall, i've lost 17 pounds. not bad. when we're done Dena and i are celebrating the doing of this horrific diet by having dinner at Chris' ruths and that will be the evening of the day of when i get my hair did. AWESOME! i already picked out my order...hahahah...and that bitch can have sugar so she's ordering creme brulee. so not fair. but that's okay. she's the size of a matchstick. I will encourage this order.

Not much else going on. my life gets put on hold when i do this diet. although, a group of us are going to the casino to take over a table of 4 card poker and cleaning up the house! hahah...AND they're giving away Emiril knives so i'm putting in my order.

Kody's barking at nothing in the kitchen. must be a dollop of food somewhere on the counter...must go investigate.