Sunday, May 31, 2009

That's why he's my ex

i always loved the fact that Kevin buys me gifts with meaning...whether it's $10 or .99cents. I mean $5,000 or .99cents. But this one has solidified why he's my ex...
Of course, another reason why he's my ex is becuase he causes such conflicting feelings in me. This cup represents the 2004 season where Damon brought the Sox in to their first World Series win in EIGHTY-SIX YEARS which was a sight no one would thought we'd see. And this cup represents a glorious time BEFORE he went to the YANKEES!! Of all fucking teams!!
How should i feel???

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Friday Night

Janet has season tickets to the Music Circus' broadway series and she had an extra ticket for The Lion King and kindly asked if i wanted to go.

i do not like goin to the theater. I think it's actually large venues that i don't like. i don't like concerts or going to the movies either. But I try very hard to live life to the fullest and do lots of things i don't want to do becuase i AM the better for it. (like the movie Yes Man)

We started off by having dinner at Mason's. i had a yukon gold potato gnocchi that was TO DIE FOR! and a delicious Salad Nicoise which was also TO DIE FOR. we had a couple glasses of wine and headed out to the patio which is really lovely. it was a GORGEOUS evening too.

So we headed to the show, me dreading it all the way.


I frickin bawled the first 5 minutes. It was absolutely stunning, breathtaking, goosebumpy, etc...i was mezmerized & moved.

and it was funny becuase Janet, of course, has the rich seats so we're 7 rows from the front. we're dancing, chatting, waving our arms - just having the time of our lives...we were shushed 3 times and stared at most of the night. But what i noticed was in the cheaper seats people were having more fun. like we were. it's like if you're rich, you're boring???

Not us! and I'm glad for that....last night is definitely in the top 3 of the best times we've ever had.

yay! off to costco! oh...check out Kody's blog too if you haven't yet. because that's what i did this morning....FUN!

p.s. i am well aware that chatting during any performance is abhorred by most. I apologize sincerely the 3 times i was shushed because it WAS deserved.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Downtown Scene

Okay..we've decided we're going to do this every other Tuesday but the very minimum; once a month.

Me, Kelly, Michelle and Janet met at Mix. It's a GORGEOUS rooftop bar...swanky, candle-lighty AND sky-lighty with the most tasty delactable food i've had in a while...minus Debby's house. We started with an ahi tuna with Taro chips...amazing. moved on to a vegetable paninish type app that was topped with grilled zucchini, mushrooms, red peppers & onions and goat cheese with a balsamic reduction sauce...oh god. to DIE for.

Janet and i, of course, mosied on out for our smokes with cocktails to a lovely deck with more candles and practically back yard seating. Once we got back in the bar we had 2 more cocktails and it was time to do something different. Michelle walked home. A mere 20 blocks.

Janet, Kelly and I headed to Spataro's and had one more drink and another amzing app of bruschetta. But not your usual brushcetta. one of this recipe (for Kelly)

baked garlic smooshed in fresh lemon juice spread on bruschetta
baked until crisped, pulled out of the oven, spread with goat cheese, topped with chopped artichoke hearts (NOT marinated) and toasted pine nuts. back under a broiler for 5 minutes.


it was a fun night. kinda sex and the cityish, with friends included but minus the shoes and hot men. still; good, no less...

Friday's interview

I gave the worst interview I think i've ever given last Friday. It was so bad I couldn't even cry; i had to laugh.

and guess what....I GOT THAT JOB!!!!

I'm not sure if this says alot about this company or not very much : )

i am very excited though becuase it's all about infrastructure and that's the ONE thing I know nothing about but want to know everything about....

i'm considering this the beginning of a new life of no bitching and complaining about my life. I blamed everything on Stockton and now that I wno't be driving two hours every day on the ugliest commute of my life, i'll have to buck up and take charge.

But before I grow up, Kelly and I are hitting the downtown scene tonight after work, albeit mildly...and maybe janet will skip pilates and go with us...jaaneet???

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Kelly bought these for her husband for his birthday and she was worried that he might not like them. Hmm..I can see why.

isn't the tongue supposed to be inside??

Friday, May 15, 2009

Pt. Reyes... blogger sucks in the fact that it places your pix's exactly as you post them which is usually first to last. so I'm going to start from last and head to first.

this is i think it's called Estuary?? you can see the little tiny bridge we crossed over and took the pix from the top of the hike. was it over at that point?? noooo.....

If you look reeeal clse you can see crabs. not MY crabs but the crabs of pt. reyes. hahaha..not funny.


beautiful pix meggy. the never ending trail...
these are the horses outside our patio. this beyotch wanted some and the male had SUCH a headache. you can see her ears peeled back and her ass ready.

these are the chickens of the cabin we stayed at. it was funny becuase as soon as we walked in they RUN to you because they KNOW you're a source of food....

nice pix courtesy of the ever-budding artist, Megan.

Yay!~!! we made of lighthouse stairs(remember..wer're going backwards)

almost there tanya almost there....

meggy and mommy.


view of impending climb:
shock at view (THIS one is in order)

just nice pix

massive sea lion colony

and MORE massive sea lions...

me and my baby girl:

hip hop!

cows everywhere!!! i was in heaven. and apparantley so was megan becuase she swore off meat for the weekend...that's my girl!

more of megan's artwork. she's a NATURAL!

Me with cat. me no likey cats but they likey me!

beautiful pix

this picture made us laugh and laugh and can i BE so ugly when i'm a breck girl!!!

indian poker! i won...of course.

debby says she looks like keith you see that? me neither.


OKAY..this was hilarious....i thought i'd set the timer and 'pretend' i didnt' make it in time...see my thermafuse diaper?

before above pix, i set timer and meg walked out just in time for a gorgeous pix.

i took this.. hot, huh?
megan took this of me and her mom collecting cool shells...she has a thermafuse diaper on too. it's FUN getting old!

I leaned back for debby to catch me for this pix. as you can see...she did not catch me.

debby and her beautiful, lovely, articulate, artistic, confident, intelligent daughter.

lovely. who runs with both hands togheter????

me, again, and my baby girl.

it was a wonderful weekend. one of fun, play, downtime, reading, showering (alone pervy db), eating, drinking, talking, laughing, games, facials, hiking, shopping. i mgiht hate my life sometimes; but, friends always make it bearable.

Monday, May 11, 2009

guess i'll blog...

...even though Debby can't post the pictures.

Debby, Megan (debby's 13 year old daughter) and i went to pt. reyes this past weekend. it was probably one of the best weekends i've had in a while becuase i decided not to be a pain in the ass and just go with the flow. the weekdn before Janet and i went to tahoe and of coruse THAT was great too; but, it was gambling, losing money and getting hammered. been there; done that.

of course the very first day, the lady we were renting the cottage from was rude even though debby assured me she was the greatest thing on earth. when we got in to town, parked and got out of the car, i spied a black lab. i heard the owner call him Buddy so I threw up my arms and yellled "Buuudddyyyyyyyy" which caused the dog to break free from his owner and run across the street to greet me. I did NOT know this would happen and a car was coming super fast causing the owner to scream that all-too-familar gutteral scream and causing me to scream as well. thank GOD the car stopped in time and i ran in the road to scoot buddy back to his owner. she was a total bitch to me, which i understand but was the bitches fault for not having the leash tight. i HAVE to blame her because if anything happened to that dog, i'd never forgive myself.

our weekend consisted of many beach hikes, some great food - some shitty food, laughs, funny pictures, lame card games, chicken feeding, beer, magazines, facials, shopping, pondering, farting & burping (not from megan. i dont' think she produces gas) movies, gale-force winds, horses, brooks, was fun. i needed that.

on the way home, i got 2 minutes of watching Megan try to stay awake. so friggin' cute. bobbing, nodding, trying so hard...hahahah.....

today my body is stiff as a board and my back is that of an 80 year old sedentary woman. AND i had to clean my spa...that ain't no easy feat.

tomorrow: Stockton. sometimes, life isn't fair...but's amazing.