Sunday, January 29, 2006

Peng's B-day weekend

Peng decided to somewhat celebrate his b-day this weekend...even though his b-day is 2 weeks away. as is mine. but i'll be in Ireland...

he planned a surprise trip and didnt' tell me of it until we were on the road. We were going to San Jose to see Circus du soleil! I wanted to appear so very grateful but honestly i was thinking "ew...a circus?!?" Now i know it's not the animal kind; but, still...

well it was magical. and fabulous. and amazing. it brought me to tears at one point; that's how spectacular it was. An evening well spent...

Before we went to the circus; however, we went on a gorgeous hike through the hills of Sunol. What a beautiful hike! It looked like we were already in Ireland!~ so green with cows grazing unconcerned with our presence...the hike took about 4 hours. i was sore and tired. but got my work out in.

now during this weekend i brought a book that i had bought for my friend but decided i would read it first. no gift comes from me without it benefitting me's called Marley & Me. it's a funny, heart-wrenching story about a man & his dog and his family. Of course today on our ride home Im in the last 5 chapters and I cry and cry and cry. Some of the stuff wasn't quite sad anymore; but, it brought back vividly Bear's last few months in my life...and it brought back the pain so clearly of the day i had to let my boy sleep one last time in my arms.

by the time i got home i was emotionally exhausted and i think peng was too. I felt bad for him as i'm sure he's thinkging "shit. what do i do? do i console her? Should i talk to her? Is her drama real?" you know...all the thoughts that can go through a guys head. He asked quietly if maybe i should finish the book at home but i had nothing to do on the long ride home so i wouldn't hear of it.

but it was a sweet arrival home becuase i still have Kody. He's not the most loving beast. In fact, he's a cross between Marley and something else with no description but he is my boy. He makes me laugh, keeps me company and i love him deeply.

And i think he, too, is book-worthy material...someday, my dear poopie, some day...

here are the pix from the weekend...
Peng King of the Hill

Me Queen of the hill with the most gorgeous backdrop

More gorgeous backdrop

Me admiring scat

The scat makers: scat maker

and to think: I used to eat these sweet, innocent creatures!!! I shudder at the thought!

Me in Valerie beautiful hand-crafted hat!!

Me and my "friend" Peng

Where me and my friend Peng ate

An illegal-almost-got-my-camera-taken-away horrible shot of inside the tent before the show

Thursday, January 26, 2006


My girlfriend and I went out tonight to catch up on life and each other and we went to one of the most trendiest spots in Sacramento. Kind of an oxymoron, i know; but, still. There were plastic surgery miracles, Christina Aguilares look-a-likes and some downright beautiful women. Right beside us was one of the "downright beautiful" woman and her two very cute friends. One of the louder ones (read in between the lines: when i was young and cute) was ordering Soco Limes (southern comfort with lime juice) shots for her friends:

"Suck it up and drink it! you'll like it "Trust Me!""

Aaah...they did their shots and i reminisced. I wondered why i missed those days. I was young, wrinkle-free and didn't look like a shar-pei when i bent over. Shots were sexy and so was getting drunk. Even sexier was the attitude of "i'm not trying to impress you - i'm strictly here to have fun!"

Weird getting older...

We had to go because we needed to eat so we didnt' get too drunk. after all, we had to work the next day. Strange because at 25 i didn't care if i had to work the next day; i just did.

So here i am at 9:30ish, bloggin about the good 'ol days...and those girls are probably on their 5th shot, laughin' it up - and not realizing that some day they'll all be me. They'll all be older and not quite so cute when they're drunk. and they'll all be watching the next generation...reminiscing...and wondering why do they miss those days...

here's to you girls...cheers!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

yay! new windows

the guys are coming in one hour to put in my new windows. i escited!

i bought a new yoga cd. i'm at that age where it's time to stretch, stretch, stretch....

Peng and i went snow shoeing Saturday. it was nice hanging out with him and the setting was beautiful...i love him.

i'll spend today catching up on everyones blog. i feel like a bad 'friend'....

BUT Valerie, i was in starbucks the other day and this older gentleman walked up to me and said "that's a great hat!" i said "I know! My uh....girlfriend made it for me!" didn't know if he'd know what blogger buddy meant.

: )

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Planning my trip

I am, right now, going through the Bed & Breakfast book i just got in the mail. i'm flagging all the 5 star B&B's so i can ensure where we stay is good.

now i'm just trying to figure out which direction we shall go once we land in Shannon. Shall we go up the coast - North? or down the west coast - South? Or shall we head inland to Dublin and come back around to Cork back to Shannon?

I must say - i love this kind of dilemma. i'm starting to get excited. i have my map of Ireland out, checking the mileage and such. Hopefully Jodi and i will get togehter and plan exactly where we're going so i can start calling these B&B's and making our reservations.

God, life can be fun...

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


i'm swamped at work and I LOVE IT!!! they love me and i love them and my life is filled with love.

minus peng. although i have talked to him a few times lately. i love him.


but on a super great note, i bought our tickets to Ireland! Jodi and i are flying in to shannon in February. and even cooler? i'll turn 40 there.

i'm going to turn 40 in cool is that??

we did the "choose your B&B's" so we can pretty much go anywhere...i'm deathly afraid of flying but i try pretty hard not to let it stop me from doing the things i want to do. and going to ireland was one of those things...

so? ain't i lucky? and i'll wear my new hat from my blogger girlfriend, Valerie . *(So very sweet of her. She offered the hat to me as a gift of solace...i wear it damn near every day...i love it!)

okay, now i'm off to catch up on everyone else!!! xoxoxo

Sunday, January 08, 2006


THIS is why i keep my bedroom door closed:

sucker slipped right by me...yeeeeeeeeees, i changed my sheets...(and that's mud; not poo)

Friday, January 06, 2006

bits & pieces

i just read a wonderful email from my high school girlfriend who now lives in Florida. She reads my blog almost every day!!! Isn't that sweet? I feel important and special. and she has always been an awesome chick. we shoulda been closer in high school.

Hi Terry!

I have minimal plans this weekend. going to the bookstore sometime to check out destinations for our trip in February. Part turning 40 + part healing = going on a fabulous vacation somewhere with my ever-ready girlfriend Jodi. Our first pick: Ireland. I have property over there, you know? a whole square inch; but, it's mine and i shall lay claim to it.

or the carribean.

Kody and i were snuggling this morning and it reminded me of why i would not want another dog. How could i share my love with another? Good thing i never had two children.

Today is my last day at this job. I'll be moving to the 14th floor on monday (i now work on the 5th). my favorite co-workers went to lunch with me yesterday. pizza...mmmm....

I've worked out every day since monday. and i've gained two pounds.

my house is a pig pen so some of my plans will include dehairing and dusting. story of my life.

my pants zipper won't lock today.

have a good weekend!!!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


we have sunshine today. yay! i rode my bike in to work this morning. took me forEVER! i think my new bike is the slow version becuase it can't be me!

I'm meeting my girlfriend and her friend for sushi tonight. vegetarian of course. I made some kale vegan dish from my "Garden of Vegan" over the weekend and it's pretty nasty. Kale is like the human version of hay. but it's good sustenance and i'm trying not to eat crap. plus if you drench it in soy sauce, it's not really all that bad.

it's my last week surfing the internet for most of my days. and i probably won't be blogging til normal hours. like after work...*GASP*

i'm still waiting for the kit to install my solar tube. by the time i get it, we'll probably have another hurricane.


next week i'm giong to see brokeback mountain. now, i rarely go to the movies (harry potter really) but this one i'm eager to see...don't ask me why and don't make any assumptions either...

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

a day of solitude

It's really pretty today. the skies are gray and the streets are wet and it's chilly & solemn.

Kinda like my mood

i bought a bike a few days ago and i needed (well, i thought I needed) a bike rack to go on the back so i can carry my panniers. I hooked up my magic ipod and headed to our local bike store.

I picked out my bike rack and begged the guy to put it on for me since i had no clue what i was doing. He was so very nice and acquiesed. It took a while so i shopped around and found a rain jacket. I don't really have a good rain jacket and this coat was 30% off! who puts rain coats on sale in rainy weather! it was WAY more money than i'd ever spend; but, i thought "what the hell?" and bought it. I bought some well-needed gloves too. i almost bought the water bottle with the humping bunnies but decided against that.

and i was told i put my front wheel on crooked. i'm a lame-o. so he fixed that too. He was kinda cute and it struck me that I'm single. Again. I'll actually be needing to look at men as potential partners. Again. I really thought i had met my final guy; but, life is funny like that. He'll be with another woman and I'll be with another guy. and we really won't get married.

Well i could just cry right now.

I'll get through it; i've done it a million times before...

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy 2006?

Peng is very private; but, i'm an open book and this is my blog. We have decided to part ways.

Love is very painful; that's why i always say "marry for money".

but the good thing is, i'll finally lose all my weight. best diet in the world, i've found.

yup. at 40 you know a lot...i just don't think i'll ever know about love.