Friday, February 27, 2009


My friend Debby started meditating a few days ago and it has inspired me to do the same.

Actually, my thought was more towards "that bitch ain't gonna find peace before I do!"

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

tidbit blog

My bro, Janet and I went to Red Hawk Sunday and i came home with $200 and my original $100. i won over $300 but played the last bit and gave jaent and chris money. that's right. i'm kind (I'm still in the hole with Janet though :) AND I actually drove the lot home becuase i had not ONE drink. It was Sunday and I had to report to my new post the next day so i didn't want to stink of a bar.

which brings me to my 2nd tidbit. I've been temporarily assigned to the darlingest town in northern cal called Ione. I'm upgrading 200+ machines to XP (yeah...the state's a liiiiitle behind the times). i LOVE the commute except yesterday i almost died, craning my neck to look at sweet cows on the greenest grass i've not seen since Ireland, with a back drop of sunlit dark gray skies when i drifted in to the other lane....this could be a problem. I did pull over and baby talk the cows that stared at me until i drove off. they better get used to it! (oh...drifting car story had no bad ending...just a concern)

I took a shower and slept on my newly layered hair and can i say i'm DARLING!?! It's wavy, wavy, wavy....i'd post a pix but in the morning i look like a homeless ex-crank addict.

Jesus. that's it? gambling and a new job?? someone needs a new direction...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

okay. NEW HAIR!

It's a bit blonde but i LOVE the dark red underneath....yes!~

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rock of Love Bus

I was watching Rock of Love Bus with Brett Michaels (i'm bored, okay?) Episode 5 on I'm embarrassed for these "women"...seriously. The only one I like is Beverly; but, BECAUSE she's on this show, my feelings are confused.

The only thing that made sense was this show was sponsored by a Herpe medication.

Smart advertising to know your audience.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I warn you...I'm drunk...

...but I think my mind and my heart is (are) in the right place.

My best friend just lost one of her best friends. They spent the last 35 years laughing, living, and hoping together. And now she is gone. She died today. but what she left was loved ones and friends behind that grieve the loss.

I dont' have a lot of the details of their friendship but what i do have is the story behind their common mantra...

The story goes that there was a party at Carol's house. Of course the invites always included the commen "FIVE" janet, debby, carol, susan and the original Janet. After much alcohol was imbibed, my best friend Janet said "I know we're hammered but 'let's ALWAYS be friends'. That simple statement really drove their lives because in marriage, death, children, jobs, etc., that was always true...they were always friends.

When Carol passed, I got an email from Janet...very simple. Carol had passed...we could have hung out longer.

I tried to say that death is not necessarily's simply a transition. She might be gone but what she left was a woman richer in her life experience BECAUSE of her. she left a woman that is now my friend and i can't help but think becuase of her I got a better friend.

So I thank you Carol...You gave Janet the value of friendship. You taught her to be fun, to be lively, to be appreciative of lifes moments and for've enriched MY life. I don't even know you and look what you've done!

Janet and I may be different but what we've learned together is no matter what we go through that we, too, will "always be friends."

Our State is broke

But the ONE good thing about that is we've been furloughed for two days a month. And if anyone knows me, the one think i absolutely love unconditionally 100% is time off.

Also, since I work at a 24/7 facility, someone does need to be here on the furloughed days. I voluneteered becuase that worked out to me having every Monday off. Course I have to work 9 hour days 4 days a week but to have every stinking Monday off???? I'll do it. Tomorrow starts a nice 5 day run of days off....with Monday being my birthday. I'm 29 again.

tomorrow i'm chopping my hair off and bleaching it blonde.

Monday, February 09, 2009

American Dad...part 2

Okay...honestly I do not like this show. The characters are not endearing as they are in Family Guy; however, the writer is the same with both shows so you know there will be good material.

Take for example, today. Roger, the Alien and his boy friend are trying to write porn. The kid's too young to understand porn but Roger is somehow knowledgable. and that's why he keeps writing his script with a pizza delivery guy and/or a cable guy.

When they both realize they suck Roger says "uh...i don't know. Maybe we just don't understand porn anymore. Did you know I read somewhere that porn stars are now bleaching their buttholes? When did they decide that God chose the wrong color?"

Somewhere my blog has gone seriously wrong.

i got nothing to say.

well maybe i do. i hate my period becuase as i've gotten older, i've gotten meaner. yesterday i about choked a 4 year old for staring at me. I literally said "what the fuck you lookin' at?".

under my breath of course...i'm not THAT mean.

i had a horrible dream this morning and woke up at 4am VERY sad. i decided to get up and clean my kitchen. at 5, i wanted to lay down and cuddle with think i know he's whining at 7 trying to get me up. shithead...when did he learn to tell time?

I went to a random starbucks so i don't have to face my regular baristas who painstakingly remember my complicated drink only for me to tell them 'no'. my two favorite baristas were serving at the random starbucks. Yay monday!!!

i hate my job. i'm sick of driving to stockton. two more months, i pass probe and i'm outtie.

that's my bitch-fest for today. thanks for caring.

Friday, February 06, 2009

American Dad

As I lay here hungover, i'm reminded of the funniest line I've ever heard, said by Roger from American Dad:

"Uh...I can't even finish that SENTENCE I'm so hung to the over!"


Thursday, February 05, 2009

Yucky Baby Showers

Andy and I had to go to a work babyshower yesterday. Personally I HATE these things but I knew there’d be food so I went.

One of our co-workers there had wicked long fingernails so I leaned over to Andy and said how horrible that would be to have such long fingernails.
(NO exaggeration!)

Andy, being a guy, could only comment how hard it would be to scratch your ass. And me being a guy, I’m like Oh YEAH…that would be nearly impossible! I tried to figure out how she would, indeed, scratch her ass when Andy and I realized we weren’t talking about the same thing. He was talking about her ass CHEEK but I was talking about her ass HOLE.

So, of course I take it further…because sometimes that itch is a friggin’ emergency! You know what i mean....when you’re walking down the street, minding your own business when ZING!…you get that twang in your pucker button and you just have to get to it immediately.

But not with nails like those….no sir. I’ll keep mine short in the event of an emergency.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Pretty...Pretty cool.

I went out to get my garbage cans last week and this is what my artists eye saw'r:
Me thinks the trash man were drunk.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Sober Super Bowl

That's right. No partying on super bowl sunday means tv goes off in half hour. it was too boring.

I spent the next 2 hours working on my glow-in-the-dark puzzle...oooooh. then the remainder of the evening watching Curb.

Could I BE anymore boring?