Saturday, August 30, 2008

No, I'm not dead...

...but I did wish I was.

Not really...I'm just being dramatic. But I was really sick. So sick I thought I might make my first ER visit since my old party days! But alas, I toughed it out, survived and lived to tell about it today.

But really, my biggest fear was not death but that I'd be too sick to go to the FAIR SUNDAY!!! I'm excited about tomorrow because, although I have fun when it's just me & Janet, it's also fun when there are 7 other people going! AND it's going to be an amazing 80 degrees instead of the usual 4,875 degrees at the fair.

So i must warm up my flask bro is going and he's our permanent designated driver :) poor guy.

Today I took down my tomato plants. i got tired of watering them every day. i'm pretty lazy. but i picked every single one and tonight i will make my (SS) famous tomato soup. yum.

Well...I missed you all! but i was reading your blogs even though i t'werent blogging myself.

oh and i have the most amazing best ever interview tuesday so if you could send well wishes in to the universe for me, i'd greatly appreciate it! xoxoxo

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A day with the Giants

My brother and I went to the San Franciso Giants game (it was IRISH DAY!) yesterday and I had a GREAT time! I wasn't going to drink since my brother doesn't drink; but, i'm an alcoholic, I'm in San Francisco, I'm at a ball game and I'm not driving. That just all equals to PARTY TIME!

We left sacto at 12:50 and the game starts at 7:05 so i think we were in the perfect timing range. Parking at the AT&T lot is frickin' $30 for the day! The rape-age of that! Since it was only 2:00 we had plenty of time to seek more reasonable parking and we did...$15.

We had lunch at the 21st Amendment. It was just okay...what i love about restaurants and bars in the city is they all have huge windows that are open. i only had iced tea but it was hard becuase there were a few people partying at the bar and i was in the mood.

after lunch we headed down to the wharf and found this cute little bar called the High Dive.
Another great bar surrounded by open windows. This my bro.

After the high dive and 2 minutes later i found another appealing moment not to be missed with beer, smoke and a great view...a marina and me being gay by marina.

Cute little Irish dancer girls

me and my bro...fake smile, Chris..hahha...

Since the Giants suck and it was Tuesday night we had NO problem sneaking down to the field. We had EXCELLENT seats behind 3rd base. The field is so much more beautiful in real life. i love it.

We decided to get coffee and more beer so we headed up to walk around the stadium. right outside the park is a bar called Momo's. I had to show you how alive the city is no matter WHAT the's tuesday and that bar is packed!

You can take the alcohol out of the drunk; but....

course this one really IS drunk.


So that was my Tuesday. Do I love my life sometimes, or WHAT???

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Fair

Well...I'm embarrassed to admit this but our fair day was totally normal, fun and too short.

I spent $6,180. That included eye shadow, parking, beer, food, and a hot tub. I tried to buy a horse for $200 but the owner was such an asshole about it. Saying something about that's how much the hay costs or some crap like that. I left without counter offering.

It's absolutely exhausting walking & drinking in that heat all day too hence the early departure. We got there around noonish and left around 8. you'd think 8 hours was enough but not for me. And i gained 4 pounds for all that fun. kinda worth it.

I want to go again but i've sworn off alcohol until i'm a size 6. I might miss 3 fairs at that commitment.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The ADD Wedding Dinner

My friend held her wedding dinner reception at The Firehouse in Old Sac. I've never been there and it is beautiful. An old brick building with super high ceilings and elaborate art hanging from the walls. Old oak bars accompanied by old oak bar stools.

The actual dinner was held in the court yard which is way in the back of the building. In the courtyard is a huge old leafy tree, brick flooring, simple white decorated tables and a few people milling about.

I got out my camera and proceeded to take a ton of shitty, unusable pictures becuase I suck. Thank GOD everyone, it seemed, was taking pictures so the burden is off my shoulders. I still owe kelly $300+ dollars.

I call this party ADD becuase every time i would talk to someone or vice versa, the conversation would never finish. Kelly asked me about my contacts and when i started to tell her my glorific experience, she got up to go pee! I just told my dinner plate the rest of the story.

"I'm getting my hot tub tomorrow!!"

...insert cricket sound...

I talked to Jeff a little while later and he was imparting some awesome stock info and just when he gets to the good part, his nieces walk by and he forgot i was there. I'll just buy some Enron. Another nice looking fellow came up to talk to me and Adrienne, someone yelled his name and he was off! Helloooo....Is there ritalin in the house?

Kelly was all over the map and she never really asks for much in life and rarely asks to be the center of attention; but, today...she didn't have to. She just was. No, this isn't Jeff's's Kellys. He's allowed to stay but don't overdo it buddy.

Few things about Kelly: when Kelly gets excited, she gets loud. It's only cute when I'M loud. But, since it was her day, I let it go. The happy couple sat across from me at the dinner table, Jeff closing his eyes for a long 3 seconds and saying under his breath "You don't have to yell!" and Kelly ignoring his irritation and yelling away. hahaha.a.....i love marriage.

Another thing, Kelly's not a natural comedian like me or Condaleeza Rice so when she does a funny, she does it again. and again...and maybe one more. So her one funny for tonight was telling some guy who was wearing a tie to "loosen up, man! Have some fun!! Let out your tie!!" Jeff laughs pretty loud and I think Kelly likes to make her man laugh. So she saw the only other guy in the party wearing a tie and says "loosen up, man! Have some fun!! Let out your tie!!" When she realized there were only two men at the party with ties, she had to move on to buttoned people. "Loosen up, man! Have some fun!! Undo a few buttons!!"

Before she moved on to pants, I went to the bar to prepare for my departure.

I hated leaving Kelly so early on her night; but, i had today planned for like a year. And I had 4 good friends going too (of course upon day of departure it's down to me & janet) so i needed to get home and sleep.

I gave Kelly a hug and she wailed "Oh're leaving?? Oh..." but she was glad I came and hugged me back. Her friend Adrienne was also leaving so she gave Kelly a hug to her wails of "Oh're leaving?? Oh..." As Adrienne and I walked off together I heard Kelly let out another "oh're leaving??" and turned around to see her hugging this sweet, white-haired woman that must've been in her 80's and i'm thinking of COURSE she's leaving Kelly! it's 3 hours past her bedtime...

But Kelly doesn't care about that...she doesn't care that i have a big day the next day or that Adrienne has little ones at home or that it's way past someone's bedtime...she just wants everyone there with her, on her special night, right up until the point that Jeff pours her in to bed to dream about her future with her new husband. And since she doesn't ask for much, that's just okay with us....

Congratulations you two...I'm glad we finally made it!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Party weekend...

I have a lovely wedding dinner party to attend this evening where I will also be the photographer.

and tomorrow is THE FAIR!!!

I'm happy for the wedded couple but can you tell which one i'm more excited about??? Love you, Kels.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Low carb...

So I've been doing low carb since last Sunday and I've lost 4 pounds on TOP of the 4 pounds i lost just by watching my eating.

One of the life savers during lowcarb is Suzanne Somers' tomato soup. It takes like 15 minutes to make but provides quite a memorable moment of bliss.

I usually use the 24 ounce can of yellow tomatoes i actually found at a 98 cent center. i bought all of them because they are so amazing. Of course, as is normal for these kinds of stores, they are not to be found again.

however, this time i used tomatoes from my garden: heirloom, zebra and cherry - i smushed them all up in my salsa maker so they resembeled the consistency of canned tomatoes (as required in her 20 minutes or less book)

The next IMPORTANT step are the onions. You must sautee them til translucent and when you process them, dont' process them too much becuase the chunkiness of the onions are the best part of this lovely soup.

this is after adding the cream and simmering for 5 minutes.

Once that's done, you process the whole batch in a food processor or blender, CAREFULLY - it's hot - and then top it with a dollop of sour cream. Hello! amazing! on to the HARD part of low crackers, chips, breads, etc. Tonight I made crackers from almond meal. Well, you're supposed to use almond FLOUR but at TJ's i couldn't find the flour so i bought some almond meal. The lady at TJ's said just process the meal in the food processor to "fine" it more and that's what i attempted to do. While i cleaned and prepared the other ingredients i looked back at my processor to find almond butter. DUUUH! Rachel Ray i am not. But, Columbus I am so i dared to explore.

I made the "dough" anyway and rolled out these little babies...

I pressed them with a small cup, baked them at 325 for 20 minutes and got these delightful almondy, buttery little crackers that i can use for cheese or artichoke dip, etc...

Now. If i could just stop drinking wine, i'd be a size 2!!!

Nothing to report.

...just watned to get rid of the S**** Royal D*** headline.

this weekend is the fair and i'm like a kid before christmas... I CANNOT WAIT! i love all the infomercial buildings, the food, the beer stands...course i acn't drink beer until i lose 22 pounds but i might smell a cup.

major headache today. yay?

Thursday, August 07, 2008

I suck royal dick

I called in sick today because i celebrated too much last night. It's the first day my boss is back from her vaca too. She's so good to me and I do this to her...i HATE myself. If i were a house elf, I'd hit me in the head a hundred times.

And the reason i'm so mad at myself is today happened to be the day my work decides to push out the Encryption process. It was supposed to be Monday...maybe Tuesday. I think they WAITED for me to call in to do this...and my staff is spoiled. They never have to do anything...they just call me crying and i go running. So even though they have instructions written for 2nd graders, they still want me there to do it.

I sent out an email written for pre-schoolers putting the responsibility BACK on the users to ease my pain. Michelle said I reminded her of the computer guy from SNL...hahaha

Oh...and the reason why I was celebrating? I was promoted to Staff. STAFF!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


I would adore Sundays if it wasn't the day before Monday. aka: the day before work. Because on Sunday's I tool around and do whatever I want, pretty much all by myself. I'm not social on Sundays because it's my day to re-group, prepare for said fucked Monday, clean, cook, snack, beat Kody, change sheets, watch movies and be in bed by 8.

Last Sunday, I had an over-abundance of heirloom tomatoes so I decided to "candy" them which entails slicing them in half, brushing them with olive oil & celtic salt and baking them at 325 for 2 hours. I did this early in the a.m before it got in the 90's.



These tomatoes were sweet like sugar, I tell ya....I've stored them in olive oil and pretty much eat them like a salad; but, Suzanne Somers suggests eating these in a sauce, on top of protein, mixed in rice....

Janet's friend gave her a pair of PJ bottoms that were too big for her so, thank GOD for my fat ass becuase they fit me just fine and they are adorable!!!

I LOVE the little dingleberries on the bottom!

A few months ago, Michelle and i went to the local farmers market and each purchased a patchouli plant (hers has since died and mine is a single stalk hanging on for dear life). My plant came with a baby praying mantis. I carefully bagged my plant as to not disturb the PM and put my plant out in my garden for the remainder of the evening so the PM could leave the plant when he wanted and have a gorgeous garden to live in.

Sunday afternoon, while i was out plucking tomatoes and pruning my plants, I put my hand gently on a peach to see if it was soft and something grabbed my finger tip. Of course I shrieked like i had been stabbed when I looked down to see what it was...It was a teenage PM!! this could be my baby PM!!! Living on my peach tree!!

I picked him back up with a leaf and set him back in the tree where I hope to see him again in a few more months.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Tidbit blog

It's Friday and that is my 2nd favorite day of the week.

Update on my CRT lenses: I love them. I can see 20/0 or some amazing sight like that...they don't even bother me that much at night anymore and in the morning, they're so squished to my eyeball i can't really feel them.

The electrician is coming over today to set up my connection for my hot tub that I'll buy eventually. The two things I decided to buy with the money my mom left me...a flat screen and a hot tub. The rest is in stocks and savings things. I'm possibly considering purchasing a house in south carolina. Oooh...i'm a millionaire! Or i talk like one.

Kody fell on my face the other morning and that really hurt. Albeit, quite funny. Love that fucker. I"ll put that on his tombstone.

I'm on the last Harry Potter Book on Tape which i hate to do becuase i haven't even seen the 6th movie yet! But it helps with my long, tedious bike rides to work...makes the ride fly by.
Speaking of books, I just bought THIS book:

Nothing else to report but aren't you glad I"ve updated you? now you can breathe again.