Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloooweeeeeniiieeeee....

we have a potluck at work today. i brought vegan mashed potatoes. everyone else brought meat. practically.

i got a new roof on my house! let the RAINS BEGIN!

My ipod took a dump. and the fuckers at Apple aren't going to do anything about it. if you're considering any type of player, might i suggest a nice $80 mp3 player? yes...much better. besides Apple has crappy...stuff. you can't send your friend a song so they can hear it becuase it's an itune. you cna't simply transfer your songs from your old computer to your new one becuase you have to purchase a product from Apple. you can't do shit and i hate Apple. so i'm sending them my ipod and if they don't repair it, they can throw it away.

off to eat...my favorite pastime...

Saturday, October 28, 2006


my eyelid has been twitching for almost two weeks now. I'm a very vain woman (oddly enough as so in my 40s) and this is disturbing me.

what if my other eye starts twitching? I did feel my chin spasm as i got in the car from my 2nd job this afternoon. maybe my whole face will spasm and THAT my friends is legal grounds for suicide. I live in America for cripes sake - you cannot be ugly or get old here. and simultaneously; i'm doing both.

i was supposed to quit drinking; but, i don't think now is a good time...

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Judge Judy

after watching a marathon of Judge Judy i have determined that love is a word used too loosely.

All these people, at one time, loved each other and now they're on national t.v. bickering over money owed, furniture had and children stuck in the middle. it's sad.

But sometimes, Judge Judy can be such an ASS!

just thought i'd throw that in there...

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Oh How I Can Relate....

Kody has shedded about 4 of himselves as of today.

Friday, October 20, 2006

so sorry!

Yesterday i was walking Kody to Starbucks. I waited patiently for the white walkey guy to pop up so i can safely cross the busy street. Busy as in freeway busy too.

right AS the white guy pops up a truck just goes without a care in the world for other part of the population following the rules. but, hey, i've done that too. so we step out in to the street and this lady is so ready to punch her gas and go too when she realizes, i'm trying to cross...

then i get the angry hand wave 23 times like she wants me to hurry up and legally cross. what up with that? why is it whenever you have the right of way to go and you've embarrassed some ass-wipe right before they were going to be rude, they give you that angry hand wave to go?

ever notice that?

anyway, i kinda mouthed the words "what are you mad at me for?" and she drives by, rolls down her window and yells "I'm so sooorryyyy" all sarcastic. I just had so much to say back but never had the opportunity. Which left me replaying the event over and over with me retorting back my clever comebacks that would have had her in tears.

she gave me a serious case of crosswalk rage...beotch.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Warning all bloggers!

do not meet up with Tanya Kristine. She's hyper & retarded.

So i got to meet Valerie (Vicki) last night and i was as excited as a school girl. she was with the new guy she met in Vegas. when i introduced her to my friend I said "..and this is Vicki". She extended her hand and said "well it's Valerie and nice to meet you" Oh God. i HATE that more than anything in the whole world.

i blame my meds.

and the drinks i had at lunch for bosses day.

Then i tell her how sweet my Kevin is for always reading Valerie's blog and he encouraged me to read hers for a particular day when she's saying to me under her breath "hedoesn'tknowhedoesn'tknowhedoesn't know" but i'm proud becuase i'm not going to mention the guy she had basically blogged about in Vegas and go on with my story. it's only when she say's "hedoen'stknowaboutmyblog" that i caught on and finished off the story with the fact that it was a long email she sent me and i sent it to kevin to read and ...oh fuck.

i finish my drink and go. it was probably best.

So Valerie, you are just a sweetheart and i'm sorry i was a hyper 4 year old. i was simply over-stimulated.

heh heh?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

my baby...as a baby

(click to enlarge)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bored of Blogging

when it feels like a job, it might be time to quit.

everyone knows how i hate working.

i worked saturday and made a measly $27. which went to beer and snacks for football the next day. oh and pizza that night. guess its' better than spending my other income.

we went to tallac to play darts and my brother was kicking my ass so bad i just quit. i do NOT like to lose. and 99.999% of the time i don't unless i play my brother. doesn't matter what it is either: cribbage, shuffle board, pool, darts, nose-picking...well, i always win that one, but you get the idea.

i'm on the 2nd season of Lost. lucky me!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Co-worker #1


Kathi is a sneaky one and she asked me to set her screen saver to never come on. Just in the event she's gone for, saaaay 25minutes or 4 hours - whatever.

so i do.

But one day i needed to talk to her and she was no where to be found. for far too long so i had to teach her a lesson:

A closer look at the screen that everyone saw as they walked by?

that'll teach her to shop at Macy's on off hours...

Thursday, October 12, 2006

not so funny

i had something really funny to blog about but i cannot post pictures so it's pointless.

i'll figure out how to move my blog this weekend i think.

i'm getting my roof replaced in less than a week so here's to hoping we have a super stormy winter!

I had this coworker ask me last week if she could have a new mouse as hers was acting funny so i said "sure!" and brought her a "new" mouse. She said "uuh, no. i want a BRAND NEW one - right out of the box"

this is lame for a number of reasons: One. a mouse is a stupid mouse. it's no more special if it's brand new...who cares? two: you're at work. what the hell do you care what kind of mouse you have? it's a mouse! okay...only two reasons.

So I tell her that she'll have to speak to her supervisor and have him order her a new mouse.

He comes up to me and asks me to get her a mouse. i told him the situation, that i gave her a mouse but she refused becuase she wanted a brand new mouse. he said "Just give her the mouse".

So i did. And i emailed her to let her know i replaced her mouse. i also tested the mouse, which worked fine and i used HER old mouse on another pc and it worked fine there.

Tuesday i come in to work and she's standing in her cube doorway, aaaaaall of her bad self exclaiming "I want my old mouse back. This one doen'st work"

"what's wrong with it? I tested it Friday and it worked fine."

"I don't know..it just jumps all over the place."

So i ask her:

"can i see what it's doing?"


i giggle in shock a little here..."really? I just want to see what it's doing so maybe i can figure it out...can you please show me what it's doing?"

Now i'm really asking her to show me becuase i KNOW the mouse works. but she defiantly says "No. I"m not going to show you. i want my old mouse back!"

I'm bored with this story my self so to make it shorter i go to her boss to warn him waht's coming and sure enough she goes in and bitches and accuses me of looking for cars on work time (which i was doing only slightly occasionally). I peeked in his cube to apologize for what he has to go through and that i bought a 96 Toyota Avalon.

walking back from Kathis cube (which is the funny email i originally wanted to blog about) Coworker #2 (you might remember her from a few blogs ago where she mentioned that i need to put my hair up becuase it didn't look good) stands with aaaaaaall her self in her cube door way and demands that i get her mouse NOW!

I'm not shitting you. "Now!", she says. i simply told her 'no'. and thank God, others in my office also don't like her so i don't feel so all alone.

so, that's my drama. And i'm greatful for it as it makes my days exciting. i still just wish i'd win the damn lottery.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

i hate blogger

i hate blogger so much most of the time. and i'm thinking if you go to another blog page, don't you lose the last how ever many months you've posted about???

i hate blogger.

i'm trying to post a simple picture from my desktop and i can't do it. does that really seem like such a difficult task? to post a 1.5mb photo onto my blog? I didnt' think so.

i hate blogger.

they really need to hire some technical staff that knows how to make blogger.com an AWESOME place to blog; not one that might work and then again, might not. No wonder it's free...

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Out with the "old"; in with the "new"

So, i sold my Pacifica. Thaaaat's right. and for 3 good reasons:

1.) one time i parked in 5 different spaces trying to find the perfect spot that i felt was "safe"
2.) the insurance was OUTRAGEOUS
3.) I didn't like having kody in the car - it made me too stressed.

Also it was $60 to fill the tank, the car was too nice, too big and just too much.

One time, at band camp, i came out and there was, what i thought, a scratch on the car and i literally had a shock go through my entire body. Turns out it was a kody hair but still...ouch.

SO i just bought myself an older car that didn't freak me out as much. a 96 toyota avalon...i like it:

for many reasons: It's reliable, good on gas, insurance is next to nothing but the REAL reason i love this car:

Kody and I (and Kevin) are MUCH happier...thanks Toyota!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

non-vegan lunch

well, i'm not perfect. and eating out, especially at a little French sidewalk cafe, can be reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally hard to stay vegan.

SO...on that note: today for lunch i hd the best, most delicious Cream of Vegetable soup i've ever had in my life. I'm going to try to dupe it vegan-wise. i'm sure the secret is extra, EXTRA salt...which is okay by me.

THEN i had a delicious Goat Cheese & Fig sandwich with a balsamic vinagrette creamy mayonnaisey dressing and big fat juicy delicious tomato slices...i think i cried a little at lunch it was so unbelievable.

This guy used to have a little french restaurant in San Fran but got sick of the city so he moved here, opened up an ugly-ass bistro and it's only open from 10:30 to 2:30 mOnday through Friday; BUT




Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Here's to my newly Outed friend..

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

well? i'm DONE!

Today i took my exam, and i have to tell you folks, without even a notification, i passed. i know it. as sure as i hate working, i passed.

and i deserved it becuase i studied for a MONTH! I studied at work (shhh), i studied before bed, i studied hungover, i studied while taking time off work and i practically studied in my sleep. All that studying is gettin' momma her real estate license.

now...what the hell do i do with it?