Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I've always thought about tattoos but never really planned on getting one. then it hit me...my sac bee icon! Keep in mind, i've adored these characters for over 15 years....

Yes? No? Ass? Ankle? Shoulder blade? Tramp stamp?

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Hangover

You'd have to be an absolute moron to like this movie.

and an absolute moron if you don't....it was FRICKING HILARIOUS!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas party?

We had our pretty lame Christmas party luncheon last week. it was kinda thrown together, no games, no gifts and we were away from work a little over an hour. okay...that's more than pretty lame...

But the most amazing part was our boss Marlon picked up the entire tab!!! NO one does that at the state I swear. what a nice guy. I guess i could get him a big fat $10 Starbucks card to show my appreciation. : )

I bought a new yoga CD that my girl Aniston is endorsing. i see why her ass is so hot; that was HARD! i'm going to be training for a half marathon that takes place in May 2010 so i thought i'd prepare my body early by doing yoga...excellent for runners. it's gonna be a loooooooooooong road.

it's my furloughed friday so off to do lots of little shit. yay!

Sunday, December 06, 2009


i get fart cards, fart emails, fart wishes...fart everything....and there's a reason for that. Janet sent me a recent email which she wasnt' going to send until she saw the last pix...it reminded her of someone....

Lots of things

We went to the California International marathon SUnday. Not to run it but to drink, smoke and WATCH the runners. Course it's not about the runners that run the 26.1 miles...an amazing feat...it's about how CUTE we look!

Janet brought me some lemons & limes last week. I thanked her for bringing me 3 lemons and one lime and she said "oh no! they're all limes! they just turn yellow for whatever reason and they're more amazing than normal limes!" so i said that i should make something delicious with them then....her suggestion? Lemon Bars. you figure it out. anyway...look how pretty they are looking like lemons when they're really limes!

Debby and her amazing daughter came over tonight to bring me a gay irish christmas decoration. i love it!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Tidbit Blog

i typed up a bunch of notes today to tell people how bad of a parker they are. we all do the 2 hour dance where we hunt for free parking every two hours and you find those fucks that take up two spots by parking inconsiderably. i HATE that. so now when you take two spots you'll be getting a home-typed note from me. consider yourself blessed.

i hate a lot of things...like people who spit ON THE SIDEWALK! I'm a look-down walker. i don't want to see your lung contents. spit on a tree; spit in a bush, swallow your shit but don't make me look at it.

bad segue but i made the awesomest pecan soup. i got the recipe from my Vegetarian Times magazine. i've been getting that mag since 2005 and i think that's the 2nd recipe i've made. my new years resolution is to make more...besides the usual quit drinking, smoking and lose weight rule.

i've also decided to de-hair my life...now don't worry. i won't kill kody. but i might wrap him in saran wrap until he dies but in the meantime i'm so taping, vacuuming, picking etc to get rid of this massive intruder.

i'm caught up on my dexters...well almost. thursday i will be. have you seen this show? You must. it's awesome!

i'm not sure why every few years i ask my hairdresser to cut me bangs buecase every few years i have to use clips. i HATE bangs. i love them becuase they hide my wrinkles but i hate them beucase they're IN MY FACE! so clips it'll be for the next few months.

we have the next two months of fridays off pretty much thanks to the holiday..mommy happy about that.