Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Office of Emergency Svcs

I am going to apply here as SOON as they implement this program:

8608. The Office of Emergency Services shall approve and
adopt, and incorporate the California Animal Response Emergency
System (CARES) program developed under the oversight of the
Department of Food and Agriculture into the standardized
emergency management system established pursuant to subdivision (a)
of Section 8607 may take into account the needs of
individuals with household pets, service animals, livestock, and
equines following a major disaster or emergency.

i will be chief of that dept some day.

It's cinco de mayo next friday and i have a very important exam the next day. at 2:30 which is great but still....what if it's a "5:00" day?

Betsy is not eating or drinking very much so i dont' think she's doing very well. i thought about calling diane at the rescue and having her take her but i think Betsy would just rather stay with me. poor baby. i have to go buy her hamburger and chicken and eggs tonight and you all know how i'm going to hate that!!! but what can i do???

anyway, on another note, looks like the sun is out and soon it'll be 110 here. yuck.

Friday, April 21, 2006

feckin' eegiot!

i closed the garage door on my very expensive bumper. please don't make me talk about it becuase i will cry. what to do?

Betsy had her blood drawn. i'll find out today what's going on. in the meantime, she's been spoiled with wet, soft puppy food and she ain't complainin!

i have to start my notary biz up again as i seriuosly need cash. i'd hook but i'm too old. and Peng might not appreciate 8ths. or maybe only 2nds since i'm not as hot as i was...well never.

sunday we're going to napa to do a good long hike. all 3 of us need it. i hope you all have a wonderful weekend and i'll post if anything great happens. :)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


s'been a while. I'm still loving my car. i've decided to clean it every weekend for 15 minutes and not let it get to the point where it gags my co-workers when i give them a ride home.

speaking of...i sold my explorer for $700...not the best but it's gone and that's somewhat rewarding.

I took all my change to the local casino ($99 thank you very much) and hoped to killamanjaroillion it and come home with enough to pay off my truck but instead, after 4 hours of eating, partying and gambling, i came home with $85. not too bad.

Betsy is still pretty sick. she has massive boogars, yes - boogars like we would have, in her nose and it makes it hard for her to breathe. i want, so badly , to pick them but for a weakling, she sure knows how to fight me off! she goes to the vet on Friday...for seomthing. anything!

my greenhouse is up. my plants are in. lets hope the Sacramento sun does not melt looks like i'll have to take the plants out when it gets over 80..i ditn' know that. green house is for winters...duuuuuuh!

summer is coming and i need a serious 3 hour pedicure. i'm wearing sandals all season long...

is it REALLY only tuesday?

Monday, April 10, 2006

i did it...

...and here she is...

Thursday, April 06, 2006

new post

okay...i've decided on the Chrysler. and even more amazing is i've decided to buy new. now i'm doing "the dance" with the dealers trying to finagle the best deal for me. and a little bit of them. it's kinda fun. i'm not sure what i'm doing but i'm pretty sure they screw you right from the beginning and you can only go down from there.

i had the BEST veggie burger for lunch! topped with pickles, tomatoes and!

betsy is loving kody a lot more now so they're okay, in the house druing the day and peeing outide when they need to which pleases me. she has a stinky ear inffection so that's the only irritant.

i'm currently using this site called and i LOVE it!!! i was going to go for ediets but read one complaint that was so powerful i decided against it. $9 amonth. no introduction fee no cancellation fee. $9 a month and that's it. it tells me how much i've consumed, how much i have LEFT to consume (hint: exercise so you can eat more...derrrr!) and even scolds you for eating too much of something. like alcohol...heh..heh...?

all my friends are having a hard time and it really sucks. this morning riding to work on my bike (becuase i dont have a car) i thought my life is really not so bad so STOP being depressed half the time! i don't want to get old so i'm not gonna. and if i party on the weekends and get hammered, so fucking waht? i'm not going to feel guilty about that one thing that i love so much! i have a great job and even though i don't have a car, i sure can afford one! i have a house, a fantastic boyfriend (and if not then a fantastic friend), a blog with wonderful peopel i've met,, netflix, a sunny day, and two lovely doggies...what more can a person ask for...


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

he's a big baby too...blaming the world in front of his son making excuses for his behavior.

grow up bondy boy.