Wednesday, April 29, 2009


While working from home (yes today is an AWESOME day) I saw a gray parakeet on the wires outside my window. He/she was soon to be joined by another baby blue parakeet. I was worried becuase i think domesticated birds dont' know how to live in the wild so i put out some bird seed for them.

And although I was kinda sad, it was really nice to see them flying around because i'm sure before, they were unable to do so in a tiny cramped cage.

I'll never understand why we cage birds.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Ghost Hunters

Ever see this show? I watched a few episodes yesterday and today and I can tell you it's very frustrating.

Here's the script:

"Did you hear that?"

"No...what was it??"

"Sounded like footsteps. somewhere over there!"

"Did you feel that"?


"I felt something touch my hair"

"Shh...did you hear that??"

NO I DID NOT HEAR THAT ... WHAT IS IT YOU'RE HEARING!!!??! How did this show stay on for so long.

although, i would love to be on the team : )

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Last night I had a hard time sleeping becuase i took my phentermine a bit late in the morning. So I laid in bed for about an hour and a half. In that hour and a half I had a million thoughts go through my head but nothing was so disturbing as the SONG I had running in the background:


No shit.

Friday, April 10, 2009

My first cartoon!

Thursday, April 09, 2009


I haven't blogged in a while because i kinda fell off the wagon and have been hating myself.

Today I'm back on with a new resolution of zero alcohol and 5% cigarettes until I lose damn near every pound I've set out to lose. Maybe I'll do my own The Biggest Loser. I just need a husband to film me...

We went to the Bockbierfest Saturday and of course we start the day off by hitting our local bar. They allowed us to bring Kody & Betsy in so who wouldn't have 3 drinks to go with that!?!

When I got home my heart beated out of my reminded me of my old stomping ground days ..."Should i go to the ER?" yuk. anyway, it fianlly calmed down and i went out and got hammered that night. out of fear really...if i was giong to die, i'd prefer it be in a black out so I don't panic.

But now, no more. I didn't re-gain a lot back during my week of uncontrollable, non-phentermined eating so i'm happy about's not too late to turn around.

It's Thursday. one more day til the weekend. I'm going to angel island sunday to hike the beautiful island...aren't i lucky?

Friday, April 03, 2009

tidbit blog

Instead of artificial sweetners, I'm now using Agave Nectar. I love it! Course i have to use a ton becuase i have a massive sweet tooth; but, i don't feel bad about it.

Today is furlough friday. I was going to start banking them but since i'm in stockton now...hell to the no. it's a gorgeous day, i'm wired on appetite suppressants and i've got shit to do. yessa!

My dr. finally figured out why my left night contact lense felt like a rock and fixed it. I've been suffering with that for a year! Oh it doesn't hurt and i can see 20/to china every day.

Speaking of eyes, I got this supposed eyelash grower called Bamboo Lash. it's all natural so it probably won't do shit but i've taken a before 4 weeks I'll take an after and we'll see. Unless it has glaucoma meds in it, i doubt it will work but i'm still excited to see...who doesn't want long, thick, black eyelashes??

i've lost 7 pounds on my diet. These pills have made me realize what a little piggy I am. I can now eat normal food in normal amounts and be happy. yesterday i did't take a pill and was gorgingly starving but i maintained control and after 1.5 cup of soup and 4 crackers, i was full!! They say the stomach shrinkage thing is a myth but i'm not so sure.

I found a beautiful convertible Mitsubishi spyder on craigslist and i want it. it's only 6400 BUT its' a 97, it's a mitsubishi and...well..that's about all i need. So cute though and i KNOW Kody would LOVE IT!

It's one of my best friends birthday Saturday. I'd say Happy Birthday but the bitch never reads my blog...happy birthday bitch!

I never post on Kody's blog anymore. I feel really guilty about that but he only does two things over and over and over...sleep & ball. BORING!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Fuck me.

I have to go back to work in Stockton. No more cows & calves grazing lazily all day, no more fields of amazing green, no more purple majesty mountains, no more back-breaking yet rewarding i'm back to traffic, mean people, dead animals along the road..and yes...cows...but dairy cows...up to their asses in dung & dirt just praying for the sweet release of death.

as will be I.

My boss even called the head person in Stockton to say she wants to bring me to sacramento only to be met with his "Hell no!"

A new project has arised. arisen? We'll be a pilot project for all of the youth authority and will be completely enmeshed in this project from start to finish and the big boss wants me there. meanwhile, i've already gotten caught up on 30 rock (ever want to see how Kenneth views the world? classic!), family guy, 24, and american dad...what's left? I'll have to start a new series!

One good thing happened today: I settled from our accident in january...a cool 5K. what will i do with 5k? here are my options:

buy a new car (even though my 96 avalon runs great)
hire someone to redo my backyard
have a ton of money to gamble with
buy a husband
save it
invest it in this shitty market

any suggestions?

Thank you Cesar!

Yesterday was Cesar Chavez day and we got it off. I honored the Mexicans by working really hard.

I was up a 5:30am and spent the next 6 hours cleaning my kitchen. yes. it was THAT gross. i scrubbed cabinets, floorboards, the stove, under the stove, the table, windows, grout, etc....i had a list of 12 things to do and becuase of the damn kitchen, i only got to about 6.

I did get to home depot though to pick up some flowers JUST to fill these 4 baskets:

But i had so many flowers left over that i did all this:

decorated my stairs

filled my cigaretty butted porch planter

and here's kinda the whole pix of the baskets and the porch planter thing.