Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm kinda bummed...

Looking back over my last few entries, I've lost a spark. I'm boring and...and....meatless. You know what that means? I'm boring and meatless. I mean I'm happy, yes...but come on!

Let's see....every morning I'm forced out of bed by Kody, I pack my lunch, commute to work, move around a gazillion computers (peppered with some fun golf cart rides), commute home, walk kody, eat dinner, watch family guy and go to bed.


I think today I'll speed to work just for a bit of naughtiness.

I have a tax appt. Saturday and i'll be gobdamned...i collected pretty much all i'm going to need to get that guy going! If you knew me, you'd know i'm a shitty record keeper. I do think i'll magically lose all documents that i'll owe money for, however. because I'm smart too!

My brother and I are seeing C.K. Lewis at the Crest Theater Saturday that will be fun. and he doesn't drink so it'll help me not drink (on a 4 day 3 today :)

Well now...hey, im gonna clean my house Saturday too! that's right...laundry, garage, yardwork, poop duty, floors....GOD i'm a ball of fire! I'd bet if the New York Times read this particular post, I'd be HIRED!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009


...which is tomorrow, is the day I start my amphetamine regime and can i tell you how excited I am?

things are FINALLY going my way, my friends...won $200 at Red Hawk (again), $50 today on a scratcher (hmm....i see a paaatterrrn.....), and got yet ANOTHER job offer in Ione...

today was exceptional! Had my annual "ladies" exam, had my nipple tag burned off (TMI?), got my hair done, met with my NEW BOSS IN SACRAMENTO and went to the weight loss dr today.

tonight i get to prepare for my first of a four day cleanse AND watch 24....I'm euphoric.

I think i'll save my tag as a sign of a new beginning.

p.s. You can go now...I'm okay. But thanks for making me feel important still : ) I xoxo U.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Well now...

I was actually asked OUT on a date yesterday. yes, folks...that's with my super low self-esteem has turned someone on.

Unfortunately, it didn't help that the guy looked kinda like this:

However, it did help that he was a psychiatrist.
Or did it...i'm confused. Am I'm just not as pretty as I think I am? Hellooooo?
It was a time like this when telling a good "current" Kevin story came in handy.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

you wanna hear something weird?

Where I am currently 'housed' for employment, they love me so much they are asking the manager who I am. Then they ask why am i not applying for the available position there.

If you knew me, you would know how odd this is. They really like me there. and the even funnier thing is: I'M ACTAULLY LIKING MY JOB! hence the reason why people probably like me beucase when i'm happy - i'm kinda nice. otherwise, bitch of the year...move over.

I can't apply for this job becuase it's a 45 minute commute and believe it or not i'm missing my biking commute. I'm applying for a job downtown where i'm used to working and i pray i get it. if i do, i'll be leaving a job i like for one thats uncertain but them's the way the balls bounce.

i have to's kinda nice being appreciated. One manager even asked someone if they could NOMINATE AN OUTSIDE EMPLOYEE FOR EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH!!

did you hear that?

Happy St. Patty's Day!

well...the day after.

There was a HUGE block party downtown sac all day yesterday from 9am to 2am and I was not the fuck there. Honestly...i am the biggest fun/party whore I know because i literally had to fight back tears all night knowing i was missing all the green Irish revelry. okay....not literally; but, you know what i mean.

or do you?

Instead, I went to Debby's with Kody and her, meggy and my boy and I had an awesome long walk to the river and aaaaall the way around the block. Debby made me and meg wear huge comical green Irish hats while of course she wore a cute little shamrock headband. hahaha....then she made a great irish dinner, we chatted OVER WATER and i went home.

who am i?

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Kitchen

Janet and I decided to splurge on an amazing night out of the finest food & drink. It was VERY expensive; but, i have to say...quite worth it.

The restaurant is called the kitchen. You have to arrive between 6:30 and 7 and if you don't, doors are locked and curtains are drawn. BUT, everyone must have arrived promptly because there was not a seat open in da house. (well...these seats were filled later)

Janet and I decided on the Wine Flights which means, for those less sophisticated - like me, you get a glass of wine matched perfectly with each course. At $70 per person, we decided to split the flights. BUT we upgraded to receive champagne first off. And here is our very FIRST course:

You are encouraged to walk around the restaurant, including the kitchen and chat with whomever crosses your path. I'm shy so i just wlked around and took pix...hey..people just started talking to ME!

We meandered out to the courtyard which was beautiful. Wooden benches peppered the area with planters full of gorgeous trees throughout. They had a lovely wall of water that drenched over a small-leafed's janet by the WOOD fire, enjoying her first course:

More of the Kitchen:
Chef Noah Zonca in Act I - the preparation and selection of ingredients
The staff. See the guy looking at me? He had tattoos all over his body, including the infamous tear by your eye indicating either a year in prison or one murder? either way, of course he had the hots for me....actaully he didn't and isnt' THAT sad? i can't even attract an inmate!
Here the staff is preparing our first course of Heirloom Cauliflower and Baby Romanesco with Dungeness Crab Thighs, Crispy Speck and Warmed ‘Cocktail’ Hollandaise

Plate clean. i wanted to lick it but i really was trying to appear upscale.
We sat next to the cutest couple ever. Kim & Patrick. They were celebrating their 4 year anniversary. When they first walked in I"m thinking "great...Britney Spears is in the house" Jealous much? Anyway, as God would see fit, He sat her right next to me. Janet encouraged me to talk to them but I really wasn't in the mood. She made the first move and in about 5 minutes, I fell in love. Kim told me after 4 glasses of wine that as soon as I opened my mouth, she leaned over to her husband and whispered "She is so our type of girl". awww...someone loves me!
Second course: A Salad of Red Endive, Frisée and New Lettuces,Stan’s Cured Pork Belly and Blue Cheese Panna Cotta surprise here.
Chef Noah preparing Course #3: Organic Chicken Roulade with Truffle Poached Maine Lobster,‘Pearls’ of Preserved Meyer Lemon, Rock Shrimp and Pan Juices

Ta Daaaa!
for the "Intermission" they served sushi and sashimi while people milled about. Janet and i ordered Saki and i'm sorry...after all that fine wine, that was disgusting to me so, believe it or not, i could NOT drink it. When the staff asked if they could remove our glasses they asked why they wree still full...i explained i hated it and they took them BOTH off the bill! now shouldn't every place be like taht?
Course #4 Naturally Raised Piedmontese Beef Tenderloin,with Sieved Potato and Wild Mushrooms,Zinfandel Reduction and Parmesano Reggiano

GOD. I felt so guilty but it was so delicious.

I'm officially a member of the Clean Plate Club.

And for dessert, served with a fabulous port wine: Nancy’s Old Fashioned German Chocolate Cake, Orange-Caramel Glaze, Candied Tanned Walnutsand Espresso-Mascarpone Laced Ice Cream

I actually finished the dessert with a nice decaf...i felt so haughty! (yes i looked it up; it's appropriate)
and the doggy bag of the two bites janet pretended taht she just coulnd't eat! it was embarrassing to ask them to wrap it up but of coruse it was for our babies so who cares>

The whole evening lasted 4 hours and it was such a wonderful experience. I am SUCH a foody so this was a completely orgasmic evening and i have not had one of those in like forever so I thank you The Kitchen! I said i'd only do this once; but, i think i lie....

Monday, March 09, 2009

I love this President

I'm not a liberal and I'm not a republican; i'm a liberublican and he's just doing things right. I was thinking this mornign, LORD knows why, how W was the worst, WORST president ever. what a horrible legacy to carry on.

i can't believe he hasn't committed suicide. course he's too stupid to realize he sucked. really.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Furlough Friday!

Monday, March 02, 2009

just bits of my commute...