Sunday, August 23, 2009

On a diet again...

HA! Fooled ya! i already started this diet on July 25th and I didn’t want to blog about it; because, come on….how many OF my blogs are dedicated to a diet? 7,487, THAT’S how many. And to blog about this one would probably curse it so why take the chance? (by the way, the diet uses HCG so that keeps your body from going in to starvation mode)

I had heard about this particular diet a few months ago but I also heard you couldn’t drink alcohol and you could only eat 500 calories a day. Ain’t no way I could do either. So I did the low-carb thing again and only lost 6 pounds in 3 weeks, only to gain back 3 over a wine night!! I said ‘fuck it’ and checked out the diet anyway.

It is now 30 days later and I have lost 25 pounds. No other diet in the last 15 years has been so amazing in results. And now, my hypothalamus has been reset and so has my metabolism. I will now able to eat a reasonable amount of food with a bad day or two here and there and NOT gain weight.

I’m not quite through this diet yet, i have 3 more 500 calorie days and then will low-carb it for 21 days (called Phase 3), eat regularly for 2 weeks and go back on Phase 2 for 3 more weeks and should have reached my goal weight of 135.

I feel so amazing, so proud and I look really good. I’ve accomplished something that I set out to do and that’s not always me. I’m hoping I’ve turned a new leaf because my life needs a new direction.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Because that's kinda what I paid $5 for.

Sunday, August 09, 2009


Look how cute my hair is!

I know we're not supposed to love ourselves but i am SO in love with myself right now!

Tidbit Blog


I've been busy not drinking. it's amazing how i'm not in the mood to blog when i'm sober...which means i'm a rambling drunk who thinks she's interesting when she's partying. hahahha!!!

I went to the Dollar Tree yesterday because when i'm broke and feel liek shopping, that's the place to go. what REALLY pleased me is Tom Cruise's book is there...ha! take THAT you freak!

Went to red hawk casino friday and came home with $180. not bad seeings how i pulled out $300, won THAT back and more. yay! i see a 2nd job on the horizon!

Only 2 more weeks til Janet gets back. and i can't even drink then to celebrate!~ but that's okay...i'm pampering my liver til October 3rd for the Oktoberfest. they'll be carrying me to the car after 30 minutes i'm sure. that beer is VERY strong. but i told myself this time, i'm eating as soon as i get in there...that's always my mistake. no food + german beer = curtains for tanya.

Weekends are really long when you're sober too. you'd think that'd be a good thing.

Saturday, August 01, 2009


i just did some yoga and MAN did that feel ever-so-good.

Last night the dogs were doing their somethings-in-the-bushes-and-it's-driving-us-wild barking so I went outside and found a crow. It looked like she was tangled up in the blackberry bush. So of coruse I screamed bloody murder at the dogs to get in the house but neither one would listen...they wanted that bird. Kody got his back fat pulled and betsy got her ass paddled. They finally were corrallable to the front door and went in. I spent the next 15 minutes trying to get that crow out. I thought it was dead at several points because she just laid there. I watched her foot slowly open up from the branch (which made me think she died) but then I saw her still breathing. So I put on some heavy duty work gloves and grabbed her gently around her body and pulled her out...she flapped, tried to move and did and then flew away...

I'd like to think she's okay but I doubt it...poor thing. I hate shit like least she didn't die at the paws of our dogs.