Wednesday, March 29, 2006

pix of my little betsy

i've had her 4 days and she's already wagging her tail non-stop. you can tell she feels better and is happier and that is frickin' awesome.'s betsy before, cowering in the corner at the merced shelter:

and here's my little girl after:

Peng had her Monday night and he said she found the mirror in his house (she LOVES to check herself out!) and stared at herself for like 5 minutes...if that aint' the cutest thing ever!~

she'll be available for adoption in about a month.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Betsy's ok

we just got back from the vet and although she's emaciated and her ears are severely infected, she just needs some long-term TLC. i bought her some wet puppy food and mixed it with good dry food and popped her pills in there...we'll get her ear infection down and then we can flush out the gunk.

she's on her period to WONDER she's depressed!

i ain't got nothing else going on. i'll post pictures if i can ever get my yahoo/DSL running again...crap.

Monday, March 27, 2006

can you say "stress"?

This was a stressful weekend. My car died; $880 was my quote from “Honest” Engine. Got another quote, though, for $561. Remember: my car is worth $20. Betsy, the dog at the Merced Shelter, is on death row. She’s to be put to sleep any day now. My Solar tube that cost $115 is now costing me about $1,000 because my brother just can't seem to do the job and etc. My house is a mess. That’s always a given. I bought lots of veggies to plant and, yet, my green house is still in its box.

Friday night, without a car, I lie in bed thinking about Betsy. I’m selfish. She’ll create more drama than I’m comfortable with. She’ll make my house stinkier. What if she pees in my house? I’m selfish. She’s had a horrible life from the day she was born. For cripes sake they left her IN THE BACK YARD WHEN HER OWNERS MOVED OUT WITH THE GARBAGE AND WITH NO FOOD OR WATER!!. Is this the life she’s supposed to know? Then she’ll be put to sleep and that’s it for her? I got an email from the shelter. She is, indeed, on the put-to-sleep list. Well…now I can’t sleep. I email Diane from the rescue and tell her to just get her out; I’ll figure it out later.

Saturday morning, I get her. She’s skin and bones and cowering waiting for her next “blow”. I assure her I will not beat her. She smears crap in Pengs car, she’s coughing and shaking her head as her ears are bloody with mess.

We take her to the launder dog and clean her off. Poor girl is terrified. I bring her home and take a long walk with Kody. They get along on the walk even though she has no idea how to walk. And she’s still waiting for the next blow to her body, head, whatever. She has no idea from this day forward she will never be hit again nor starved nor lacking for love.

Long story short, my car costed (for lack of a better word) $60 – just needed fluid, skylight costed more than I wanted but the guys were so wonderful I was glad to give them more, my greenhouse is built (thanks to Peng) and Betsy is alive today.

Bottom line? I do hate living; but sometimes, things like Betsy, nice & honest construction guys, a cheap car repair and a beautiful greenhouse make it just a little bit better…

Thursday, March 23, 2006

sad...but true

my car has taken its final crap. it's been a good vehicle...but now i'm heading back to the world of car payments.

so it's a toss up between the Nissan Murano, Honda Pilot or the Chrysler Pacifica.

Chrysler is having a special: 60 months 0% financing and no payment til October. but it's still a chrysler...

what to do?

Friday, March 17, 2006


Well Slante and Erin go braugh!!!

Only 4 more hours and i'll have my lips wrapped around a green beer. sounds gross but i'm excited. most everyone flaked out but i don't care...there are the others AT the bar that can be just as fun!

I got up this morning to iron my oldest lime green shirt. what's worse than when you iron wrinkles IN? those are even harder to get out! i've got my erin go braugh pin on and when i go home to feed the boys i'll put some makeup on and out de door i go!


Here's to you
Here's to me
the Best of friends
we'll always be

but if we ever disagree...

forget about you's to me!

Thursday, March 16, 2006


it's THIS kind of shit that ruins my day

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

St. patty's DAY!

how do i find myself here again? I'm heavier now than i've ever been. and for the first time i have to say, i don't look it! maybe my brain gained weight or seomthing.

friday night is st. pattys night and i wasn't going to do anything becuase that's kinda gay. (sorry dena) But my brother asked me specifically if i was doing anything so it got me goin....doesn't take much. so, i'll get my fill of green beer and start a diet sunday. with a good long kayak in my new tandem kayak. and my boys....all 3 of them.

Peng and i are on total opposite views of the death penalty. I know it's wrong for our government to kill; but, why am i always happy to see one less horrific person be able to live on this earth? and one less that will be eating innocent animals too!!

here is our string of discussion:
That is a ligature used in choking & subduing Carlie

He should be locked away forever. Death penalty is still just revenge, not justice.

What makes being locked away forever not revenge? He killed, he should be killed. Live by the sword; die by the sword.

You’re suddenly Jewish? If we all lived by an eye for an eye, we’d have a world of blind people. Society has a right to protect itself, hence prisons. That’s not revenge, that’s safety. If you look at the parts of the world without the death penalty, they also have less violence.

The world is also full of checks & balances. You play, you pay. That applies to everyone and everything. It’s simply nature.

You cheat, you suffer great pain
You drink, you live with problems (health & life)
You eat sugar ,you get cavities
You play with fire, you get burned
You eat like a pig, you get fat
You kill, you get killed.

Ah, but society does not work that way.

You cheat (bankruptcy) you are forgiven the first time.
You can get a liver transplant if yours dies from overdrinking
You can get dentures paid for by a group medical plan
We treat burn victims, no matter whose fault, at great medical expense.
You can have health care guide you through a weight loss program.
Life in prison is certainly not a picnic.

Why do we do this? Because we recognize the human frailty in ourselves. And doing good for someone can change them. By cruel punishment and revenge, we give up part of our own soul and are lesser for it. Hence the stand against factory farming – it’s the most efficient way to get protein to the masses at the least cost. But its killing us as a society. Perhaps the rise in factory farming has lead to some of these people becoming evil killers – they see life devalued all around us. The death penalty is all part of that. it devalues society and sends out a different kind of evil stench.

Well I wouldn’t worry. He’ll be on “death row” for 20 years.

so, i secretly agree with peng but again...i also secretly am happy to know he'll be dead. I'm an anarchist, a liberuplican.

Monday, March 13, 2006


kevin, kody, charlie and I went snowshoeing saturday. it was really beautiful in the mountains and VERY snowy. we shoed for about 2 hours when Charlie disappeared.

of course, i go right to the worse-case scenario: I'll never find him. in the spring when the snow melts they'll find him, scan his microchip and contact the rescue organization and i'll be listed as the worst foster mother on the west coast. So i found a cop and choked out the words, in between my tears, "Cell phone? can't find mine...foster dog...lost..." So the cop pulled over and i called Peng. he had found him. our day was over...

We went to teh Rainbow Lodge which is a GORGEOUS log cabin establishment. to the left and most obscured is the restaurant. pffhtpht. We wanted the bar which is to the right. as are the bathrooms, the board games and a lovely sitting area right in front of a roaring fire. So there we sat for 2 hours, drinking, playing, chatting, living in the moment (which i'm REALLY good at on the weekends). Of course, Peng stops after 2 so he can drive home and good thing.

The freeway was covered in snow. traffic started to slow so Peng tried to stop but you just can't on 2 inches of snow. we skidded and swerved and ended up nose in a snowbank. no big deal, really...well especially since i just had 3 white russians..I'm all "Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....that was fun!"

a big rig had jack-knifed in front of us and we were right behind the accident. i rolled down my window and asked if we could just cruise on by and the guy asked me if i had 4wheel drive which i lied and said "of course!" So we headed off and simply did 5 mph until we hit solid ground which wasn't for another 40 minutes.

it still was so beautiful. and Charlie is still safe.

Friday, March 10, 2006


I put a whoopee cushion under my co-workers chair and it was hilARIOUS! It was so loud and perfect that someone in the other department said "Oh my goodness!"

god I love me.

To switch gears: can you find anything sadder than this? Kody and Charlie are just going to have to get used to a 3rd...

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

today is wednesday

...and half the day i thought it was Tuesday. Can you tell what a great week i'll have NOW since Friday is even closer than i thought??

we went to johnny rockets today to have their boca burgers and they put like 4 cups of mustard on it. gross. (i love mustard on pretzels...just not much else)

i tried to get my coworker to sit on a whoopie cushion and i think she has a defective ass. she did it 3 times and NOTHING! it would just deflate without a sound. however, when I did it, it worked. what up with that?

i almost put brown sugar on my cream of wheat this morning when i remembered; i gave up sugar for lent! (i'm not really a practicing Catholic - i just thought it'd be fun) so i topped it with sugar-free maple!

my other co-worker is wearing a rabbit scarf...i'll let you imagine our discussion.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

i love this dog

...that i am fostering. he is sweet, mellow, funny, calm, tolerant of kody's attacks, and just a happy guy.

i did discover in my short time with him a funny quirk...anytime you get close to his nose, he crosses his eyes! It's hilarious. I recreated it by letting him sniff a bulb of roasted garlic which kept his attention long enough for me to get the picture...aint' he cute??

and kody i LOVE you too!

Friday, March 03, 2006


well, not quite yet. tomorrow i meet a young black lab who i will foster until i find a home for him. he seems sweet and all we need to determine is if he gets along with kody.

why do i get the strangest feeling that i'm giong to keep him.

glad peng doen'st read my blog anymore.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


i changed my plan and had browned tofu with a lemon-rosemary sauce. it was tangy and delish!

still had the endive...

kody and i did yoga too. we good. time for bed and yes, it's 8:16.

boring tidbits

i'm trying vegan right now. i only buy non-animal products for home use but have decided i'll be more lax when i eat out...

I'm even thinking of turning kody vegetarian. Way too much data to support a lazy, couch-potato dog actually CAN survive on veggies and tofu alone.

my kitchen floor is done. i have to include some pix if i ever clean the damn place.

i'm planning my next trip: Florida keys in November. we originally planned on going last november but never made it. this year looks way better financially wise and time wise.

tonight i'm going home and making the best recipe ever that i got on it got 98 comments!!! and all RAVED. i was like GOD, you'd think the secret ingredient was heroin...but it made me want to try it. so tonight i have "B"LT and belgian endive smeared in balsamic vinegar and roasted garlic.

i work with this very funny woman at work. she was a career waitress at the holiday inn so you know she's a character. we joke so much and she jokes with others that i changed her title from a Tax Technician 1 to a Tax Technician .5

i even changed her name plate.

i funny....

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Holy Shit...

that would be me if i were a stewardess.

we played the mega lotto last night and, of course, didn't win. but i had such plans for the money...

this weekend i'm going to try to get in to the Emergency Animal Rescue training class so i can now go anywhere there is a disaster and rescue the animals. hopefully, someday, that will be my full-time job.

for your daily dose of humanity and it's disturbing, helpless and devestating news, please visit regarding their top investigative findings over in Egypt.

if i were the world leader, some people would pay dearly...