Sunday, May 30, 2010

St. Maarten

I'd love to blog verbatim our entire trip but i don't have the patience for that so you're getting a readers digest version.

we spent the entire first day traveling. it's a VEEEEEEEEEERY long flight from Sacramento to the Caribbean hence why there are all the new englanders there.

i tried to use the Dutch i learned for an entire month only to get laughed at and/or questioned if i was German.

we got the perfect studio at teh end of the resort across the street from the Red Piano, a french pasty/dinner restaurant and the casino, to which i quickly lost $60.

we met a SHIT load of people there that quickly became friends and it was hard to leave becuase of's called the friendly island and it really is the most friendliest place i've ever been.

so. here are the highlights:

day 2: toilet in room flushed as if it was going to eat your face so you had to push the button and run.

sunglasses fogged up the SECOND you walked out of your room.

Bartender Nick wants to have a baby and mine seemed good enough. met a guy from LA there who snotted in the pool, tried to lie about it but i told him part of it was still on his lip. he apologized and went home.

met guys on the 4th floor balcony who we ended up hanging out with about 40% of our stay there. they were the "balcony boys".

Dena napped while i went to the casino where i struck up a conversation with a beautiful older woman. went to a machine and the person next to me won $212. when beautiful older woman came behind the person she was cheering and i was like "Oh is that your husband?" she said "look a little closer...that's my friend" i left slinking away repeating in my head for about 3 hours "Oh is that your husband???"

partied more and found an AWESOME beach before it was bedtime.

Day 3:

Stayed at said awesome beach for an entire day. did absolutely nothing and never got bored. met a darling girl from LA named Annabelle. hung out in the crystal aqua water for an hour and burnt.


went to red piano, sang and hung out with holland boy who i asked if he was planning to kill me. he was not. he helped dena walk me home, ahem, and tried to stay where i told him "go away...i'm drunk!" and he did.

Day 4:

Walked to Skip Jacks to catch the sailboat where we would be all day. got sea sick in the beginning which is unusual for me since i've sailed MANY times before. met a shitload of new yorkers and loved every one of them. The 28 year old son shared with me his women woes to where i gently directed him on how NOT to hurt women. later he thanked me said i seemed really nice and fun. not in a sexual way but you didn't need to add the last part you dick.

came back to port and was met wuith a torrential downpour. had to cover my shoulders on the zodiac back becuase the rain drops felt like hail against my burnt shoulders. got home and went to swim up bar and hung out for a while, met some asshole Pennsylvania chicks and left. Our resort was having a party and i bought a gorgeous $120 ring and eventually came home to sleep. (first assholes i ever met on the island, by the way- they were jealous that me and Nick (the bartender) were friends)

day 5:
another beach day. Balcony boys came by to hang out and we drank for like ever, went to Ciao's for dinner and had 2 bottles of wine, full dinner, dessert and port wine WITH dessert for $220. went to red piano where i didn't, aka: couldn't, drink anymore. went home before everyone and slept.

day 6:
caught an ugly boat to Phillipsburg where we bought all our cheesy and some nice gifts for everyone. got back to the dock an hour and a half early so we sat at the beach bar and drank until the boat arrived. came back, met BB guys, drank, and headed to Sunset cafe where you can watch the planes come in literally over your head. i got too hammered so we left and stopped at buccaneers where i got my 18th wind that quickly died down and had to walk home. dena went back out and i just went out.

day 7:
hung out at the beach and chatted with everyone we'd met throughout the week, packed our bags, ran in to BBoys, hugged and said goodbye and caught a taxi to the airport. where i had my 3rd offer by an island boy to stay and live. contemplated offer, then headed in to airport.

and that was it. about a million other little details in between but it was an AWESOME FUCKING TRIP. i almost cried when our plane flew over the whole island. i ended up bawling on my ride back home just wondering WTF am i gonna do now? return to the same ol' routine? No. i hopefully my blog will be about finding out that happiness really just wasn't on the island but in me and where i'm happiest at. you know, i hardly took any medication on the's like i didn't need it.....whereas the undercurrent in my spirit here is depression, the undercurrent there was joy. it was very odd....i know it was just a week but YOU know it was something more.

all the pix are on my facebook : )

Monday, May 24, 2010

day 2ish st. maarten

i'm blogging on the beach. : )

i wrote a whole shit pile yesterday and lostthe connectionso i'm gonig to write in notebook and post later.

just wanted to let you know that i'mblogging on the beach. i'm ina real corona commercial.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

tidbit blog

It was a good weekend...Went to Second Saturday here in sacto with my bro and Kevin. It was packed and the night was gorgeous. I actually explored more of 2nd saturday becuase of my brother instead of the usual sit in one bar, maybe two, and drink.

we found this garage that was totally partying! this band was slightly irish slightly bluesgrassy and i loved it. If you looked around, everyone was smiling...i love happy music.

We left early becuase...well not sure why but no big deal. probably one of the better 2nd saturdays i've had....

Yesterday i shopped for my trip. I bought sundresses, tshirts, shorts, pants, shoes....oh my! LOVE my new converse and my sexy wedgie shoes...i'm not a heel wearer so this should make all my friends happy. i wore the converse yesterday before going out and kody wanted me to kick his tennis ball but i'm like NO WAY! give me just ONE pair without tennis ball spit on the right tip of my shoe, please, kody!!!

and today i springerized my room. new art, new curtains and still the same ol' viggo tshirt.

two more weeks and we'll be in paradise...i really can't believe it....

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


My custom-made attestment of my love for Viggo...
Now I just have to lose 15 pounds to be able to wear it without scaring people. Didn't realize "small" meant "will fit a 10 year old girl."

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Weird Sunday

I usually drink on Sunday's becuase it's my thang. but today i had ZERO desire. i must be sick.

i like to drink too while i do chores and i kicked ASS today on chores...all sober. now it's 3:16 and i'm bored shitless. there's only so many games you can play on your iphone before you feel pathetic.