Monday, July 31, 2006

like kleo

she has funny cartoon pix so since i've got zero to report, i'll do it too!

hee hee...

Thursday, July 27, 2006

sarcastically drippy post

Awww....poor poor Landis tested positive for high levels of testosterone. At first i was very upset that this fur-wearing fuck won the tour de france but i should know better...karma can be the lovliest of elixirs...

sweet, sweet victory indeed....


I captured Betsy looking CUTE & happy...this is after she's been brushed for 10 minutes and feelin' fine...she runs over as cocky as ever, steals kody's ball and enjoys it right in front of him...he's cool with it though.

We watched Rent last night...i like it better as time passes. i have to say i HATED the protest scene...that Maureen chick was highly irritating. good voice though...

I love new york...i sure as shit wish i would have lived there at least once in my life.

oh well...

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Every once in a great while, a song will find its way to me that makes my hair stand on end and gives me goosebumps. It will make my spirit soar and rekindle that flicker of elusive hope....this is one of those songs:

I'm listening to it at work, with headphones, and it's taking all the strength i have to not jump up on my desk and belt it out at the top of my lungs...

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Sometimes he'll lean his whole right side of his body on the netting and non-chalantly look to the right and if to give me the time of day...but his eye is "caught" in the netting so he has to blink alot becuase..well, it's probably irritating! it cracks me up. this isn't the exact shot but you get the gist of his brilliance...


i took my camera to the park a few times to try and capture Betsy rolling on her back with glee and, of course, she never did it. Today, i DON'T bring my camera....grrr...

I read chapter 3 of my Real Estate Principles, took the test and got 9 out of 20 wrong. not good. easements, tenency in common, common law, blah, blah, blah...BOOORIIING!

I got a book from the library yesterday called The Unquiet Mind at the recommendation of my doctor. I'm sorry, but that lady is CRAZY! I'm not quite sure why he recommended that read? Hmmm...

The California State Fair is coming. and to nurture my white trash roots, i'm so going. since i had a reaction to my meds, i'm off them temporarily. i'm supposed to go back on in a few days but i think i'll wait til AFTER the fair...momma needs a black out day.

Speaking of black out, i'm praying we have one just in our building today. and in about 10 minutes would be great...(let me finish my blog first). nothing would be finer today than going home on the states dime.

i have my titty squeeze thursday. and miracuously enough, right after that appt i get my lump looked at (not my titty lump, another one). here's to hoping Thursday is the most relieving day of my life...

Monday, July 24, 2006

First Magazine

I LOVE First Magazine. it's cheap, full of articles geared for the ADD adult and, after you've finished reading the ton of "useful" info, the end of the mag has games & puzzles. Again, perfect for the ADD adult.

After about the 78th copy I've read, I noticed they always have a "Health Alert" section. It dawned on me this morning as i felt compelled to take a potassium tablet because of the article i had read earlier about potassium deficiency (PD) and, oddly enough, I had all the symptoms of PD.

Which reminded me of the time i realized i had to give up flouride because that probably has been what my problem was...flouride poisoning as i had all those symptoms as well.

and zinc deficiency...and overload of vegetable oil...and pesticide exposure...and dust mites...and...well you get the idea...

So i gathered 5 random copies i had laying around of First and here are the symptoms listed each week in the little "symptom box":

Unexplained Fatigue
Weight Gain
Brain Fog
Food cravings

Umm...who does not have these pretty much on a daily basis? I think they might be tom foolering me...

Friday, July 21, 2006

Not so funny...

my girlfriend has just told me her doctor has put her on premarin. She went in because she's been crying, not sleeping well, can't eat and is really hot at night.

Typical western doctor behavior...don't REAAAALY get all the facts. Just assume because she's 44, it's menopause.

Like the time i went to the doctor with a sore throat and he wanted to put me on steroids. STEROIDS! Of course i didn't, took better care of myself and healed. without steroids...

So, if the doctor had asked her qeustions he would have learned that in the last year she lost her husband (divorce), put her dog to sleep (Gabby was only 5 and my friend loves her dog like i do kody), lost her house, lost her job, got in to a heavy duty play about breast cancer, met someone, started a serious relationship immediatly, is now broken up after 6 months and one tattoo later, now lives with her parents....Hmmm...cryyiiing non-stop, can't sleeep or eeeat...must be menopause!

well, i got sidetracked. my point was: Premarin. menopause is a fact but is premarin the only treatment? HELL no! and even if it were, i'd research every thing else and STILL would not consider premarin. There's synthetic hormones, herbs, natural cures, soy, yoga, meditation, etc...with premarin there's uterine cancer, raising cholesterol, blood clots, heart attacks do the math...

BUT, since i hate working harder, here's more unbelievably horrendous info on the PRODUCTION of Premarin:

bottom line: If you're menopausal, pausal, think twice, take care of you AND the that's a win-win.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


i went to my dr.s appt today and it's for tomorrow.

it's 102 degrees out right body is melting. hopefully right down to a 6.

on other news: who wouldn't vote for her!

come on now...there's time for that AFTER you win the election.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Betsy is a masochist

I had her ears cleaned and her nails trimmed; but, her ears are building back up with the black goo. so they kinda hurt her...even when she scratches her OWN ear she yelps.

but in the morning, she's so happy to see me stir and actually get out of bed that she plops her feather-light body on to mine and i grab her roughly (as i'm used to doing with Kody) and squeeze her (and inevitabley) her ears until she yelps. she jumps off me runs away with glee and comes right back for more.

sick puppy.

She has come such a loooooong way from being near death and imitating unwillingly a throw rug. She's happy, full of spunk, rolls on to her back now with a ball in her mouth; in other words - she has found her personality.

She WAS a foster dog...but now she's MY dog.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


i hate to move that post down. but, alas, life is about moving on.

i was reeeeeeally sick yesterday. i had like 4 drinks on sunday and it fried my brain. or maybe it's the medication i am now on...they did not like each other and they 'had it out' in my head.

BUT while i had those 4 drinks i made a bunch of pesto to tame my super basil bush. i made vegan witha vengeances' tomato pesto with my homegrown tomatoes, Dreena's sun dried tomato pesto and her Walnut basil pesto. it was wonderful comfort food for yesterday but i have to say Dreenas asparagas with cilantro dish was aMAZING! so light; so simple. i tried to save some for Kevin but couldn't do it.

i'm watching season 3 of 24 and it's VERY stressful. i'm so gay.

it's like 180 here in sac-town. i rode my bike in and that's fine for the morning but i hope i don't die on the way home. to catch up on everyone elses life...i love blogger.

Friday, July 14, 2006

related to prior post

i think i found some footage of me as a baby...or at least here's proof that we live in a parallel universe: wooden chair, relaxed, havin' a good time, etc...

She's like Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. GD funny....

Kevin is one LUCKY man!

'member how i said i'm amazed at some of the most embarrassing things i reveal about myself on my blog? well this one tops it all...

Yesterday i was talking to a co-worker about my relationship with Kevin and how much i love him; but there was just something missing. And then i remembered about the one time Kevin and i were walking down the street at lunch and he came up behind me and slipped his arm in mine. It shocked me becuase he rarely does things like that (well...what guy does???) and that's when it hit me!

So i met Kevin yesterday at the bonn lair for a pint and we talked about lots of stuff. I had my foot up on the table rocking my chair back & forth and my other leg stretched out, relaxed, enjoying myself. As usual, we eventually got around to the subject of us breaking up. I told him about the conversation i had with i love him so much and i could never put my finger on "it" - becuase he's so wonderful and yet something always seemed to be missing...

And then i explained to him about the time he slipped his arm through mine and that's when i realized, it was the affection that had been missing. I continued on to my finale of there really is no (and if you knew what was coming, you'd say DRUMROLL PLEASE!):

roooomaaaance....but, while i said the word romance, a very snappy, and quite loud, 3 second rumbler slipped out. when i say snappy, mind you it would have been snappy on it's own but i was sitting on a wooden chair as well. think an E.F. Hutton commercial. we stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity when he slowly said..."yeeesss...i just can't put my finger on it...."


Thursday, July 13, 2006

i only LOOK dumb

Last night i pulled a couple of plates off a table and they both had quite a bit of meat on it. So loving my doggies the way i do, and not wanting the poor animal that gave it's life for these greedy fucks to simply go to waste, i thought i'd just box it up and let it provide sustenance for my babies ( a little political there).

i took it to the back, grabbed a to-go box and picked the meat off the plate in to the box. One of the other waitresses glanced over while i was doing this and exclaimed "Oh no! You don't EVER use your fingers!!"

"Uuuh, really? You think that would bother them if they knew i was bagging their leftovers with my fingers?"

you know...i only LOOK dumb...

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Old Friends...

I went out with an old friend this past weekend. I hadn't seen her since i was 25ish and she still pretty much looks the same.

she even parties the same...sans drugs.

so we went to my favorite, dangerous local bar and it's been shut down temporarily losing it's liquor license - surprise! but, not to be defeated, we went to the pizza parlor right next door and ordered a pitcher of beer.

then we went to the liquor store and bought a pint of vodka.

then we ordered a cab. at the next bar, we only had two drinks before Darian was completely hammered. It was kinda nice not being the one to be babysat for once. so i ordered us a cab home and we passed out.

i woke up the next morning to a counter full of all the food i had in my fridge. my yummy pizza that i was saving was gone. i ordered like 7 pounds of different kinds of nuts and they had all been broken in to. and these were RE-SEALABLE bags that were torn totally wrong so i can now NOT use the nifty built-in seal.

the one that really made me mad was the pine nuts. those are expensive and half the bag was gone.

but what was even worse was a few days later when i was picking up dog poo in my back yard, their poo's looked like snickers bars: full of pine nuts!

guess Darian wasn't the only one with the midnight munchies...

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

my fav (and my first!!) youtube

Sunday, July 09, 2006

life on a sunday

sometimes i embarrass myself of the stuff i reveal on my blog. I really am such a "heart-on-my-sleeve" kinda girl.. but still.

today, i put my extra mattress on craigslist for someone less fortunate than me and that mattress is awesome. it's a Midnight Magic Dream Maker from Bassett and i love it. i've loved it for 20 years but my boyfriend does NOT love it and i dont' think i need to explain why.

the dip in the middle should be explanitory enough.

the Italians won the world cup. I was really excited and i don't know why. but being excited always feels good and i always look for ways to feel so.

my girlfriend found out her boyfriend who she should have left years go has a fling. they are broken up; but the fuck pretty much found the new girl about a day after. So now she feels pain. becuase who wouldn't? He'll never be good enough for her anyway so it's kind of bittersweet. honestly i'm glad because she deserves so much better anyway. and soon she'll see that too.

which brings me to the next point of she found a million dollar client in her real estate career that i wanted to start too! and i got JEALOUS! Jealous of my best friend who might make some great cash and some great cash in the future. A break she needs; she deserves... just shows how fallible i really am. i love her and yet i envy her. but that's me. i always feels so unimportant, inadequate, unworthy - that when others are successful it makes me feel every bit as unworthy and seemingly deservedly so. isn't that wierd? i love her; i just think most times i hate me.

I ask myself how i could be so bad? Why am i so sad and negative all the time? I mean i love animals! i care for them! i dont' eat them! i rescued Betsy!! she almost died and i saved her...why is that just not enough to make me love me? i'm giving away my Midnight Magic Dream Maker mattress to someone who's less fortunate than me and yet i still dont' feel worthy, i give money that i dont' have to help animal organizations succeed, i am considerate to most every entity i come across, i'm polite, i'm kind, i'm a listener, i give; but what do i do for me? I have the most kindest, forgivingness, lovingness boyfriend that i can't honor becuase of how much i despise being me...what is the answer?

I drink a drink for every time i feel bad and that's why i'm always drunk.

feel sorry for me? don't. i make my own bed...I just hope and pray it's the same one i just gave away...

Friday, July 07, 2006


i just spent 3 hours watching dane cook, animals, roasts, etc., on

i thank you, great internet, for assisting me in keeping my sanity during these times...


Thursday, July 06, 2006

Betsy & Kody

I wrapped my hair towel around Betsy's head today and she pulled it out and ran away from me. when she came back to me, i did it again. She pulled her head out and ran away. again. and again she ran up to me - never looking at the towel and the cause of all her confusion*. I think I could have done that many, many more times but i had to go to work.

i guess she's still not a hundred percent; but, it still cracked me up.

*Betsy was not harmed in me poking fun at fact, she did seem to enjoy it. in a weird way.

I am meeting a very old friend, Shana, tonight after work whom i have not seen in 15 years. she wondered if she'd recognize me and i said i looked pretty much the same except with more wrinkles.

Which reminded me of a story i told her 15 years ago when she was 40.

I heard a comedian on the radio who said that now that she was in her 40's she didn't really like to "get on top". Becuase she knows when she looks down at her man, she looks like a sharpei. Well Shana laughed and laughed...and you know, when you laugh, it's becuase you relate.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

the greatest book in the world

i just read Secrets of the Millionaire Mind and i loved it. i always read cheezy get rich quick books because...well, you all know i just wanna be rich! but when a cheezy get rich quick book uses the philosophy of Wayne Dyer and The Four Agreements and every walking guru on this earth, it grabbed my attention. I highly recommend this read...

Something is eating my tomatoes. i can't see any worms. what is it???

I took Kody and Betsy hiking Sunday in Tahoe and it was crowded as shit. Betsy did so well; but, she had no problem taking off with other families. Like she had already forgotten that it was ME who saved her ass! but they both tore their pads a bit and that kept them down for the rest of the weekend and that makes mommy very happy. i should just tear their pads every friday night, so i can have quiet weekends.

i didn't take a picture of my first recipe from Dreena's books but it wasn't very photogenic. however, it WAS delicious! Chickpea Mash Stew...i had it sober and then drunk and either time made the flavors meld or the alcohol livened up my taste buds because i think i shed a tear while i polished it off!

I started my 2nd job too on monday. another waitress "forgot" to show up so it was basically Debby running the whole floor and it got crazy; i got sweaty and she made bank. i love waitressing's fast and busy. and every day you walk home with cash. pure unadulterated cold hard cash.

i actually have work to do today. i'm going to get it done this morning so i have the rest of the day to check out my favorite blogs.

oh, and i'm getting my real estate license. the only way for an uneducated person to make dough. me uneducated...