Thursday, August 30, 2007


I must say, I AM a natural lottery winner. I've enjoyed my time off sooooooo much, i just might quit my job and go on welfare. Or seomthing like that.

Course i love money too so that just might not work. In fact, being off work and NOT being a lottery winner is a bit tricky. Tuesday, I literally laid around all day not knowing what to do with myself. But, if i won the lotto I would have rented a boat and tooled around the sacramento river, trolling for little boys. (hhahaha...kidding honey)
Speaking of honey, mine took the day off yesterday so we could go to tahoe to hike. it was a glorious hike and we had a GREAT time! as did Kody...but did you need to question that?
And one funny thing about Kody is he's a GREAT trail dog. but, when he disappears, there has to be water nearby. I always do panic when he disappears so i pick up my step and when i see this:

just a peak of water...i breathe a sigh of relief.
Here he is just WAITING for someone to throw anything out in the water:

(actually he's in mid-shake but BEFORE that)
So this lake was very cool and there was absolutely no one around.

You know what that means, don't you? SKINNY DIPPING!!! This was my first time skinny dipping except in a pool once so to prove i WAS naked here i am in some of my glory!
and then i told kevin to do a dive so i could get his ass but unfortunately, i got too much so i'm not posting it but here is the little devil right after!~
Here's kody enjoying a 'salad'
and last but not least, on our way back, I just had to get this picture because it's one of my favorite looks:
so that was Wednesday. Thursday i did a frickin' 25 mile bike ride in this wretched heat! oy! But i'm sure i lost 17 pounds for it so that was worth it. off to my celebratory beer!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Sick Vick

The righteous side of me believes this man should be shunned from society. Dropped from his multi-multi million dollar contract deal and evicted from his house.

kevin believes he should do his time and then be allowed to resume his life. that could be true. i've committed crimes before and definitely learned from them (only AFTER i got caught) so i'm certain he's stewing in his own remorseful shit. but only beCAUSE he got caught.

now he's found Jesus?

He states he needs to grow up? and that he rejects the idea of dog fighting?

who's being fooled by this? Not me. Don't turn over that leaf so fast, Mr. Vick. It's a little suspicious. Well...i suppose only for those that can see right through you.

the rest of society will probably let it're an pander to our superficial needs...but I will always boo you when you come on the field, Mr. Dog Murderer...I won't forget. There can be no way a man who could do the things you did so callously, all of a sudden become kinder, more caring - concerned. No way.

and no way will i forget that...

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Day 2 on mini-retreat

Well, i'm keeping busy despite my bad behavior. I shopped at Costco aaaaand...well, i think that's it. Oh and i partied til 2 am the other night...

how old AM i?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

first 1/2 day off...

I was going to take yesterday (wednesday) off but thought i should at least go in and get my desk cleaned and fill out my time sheet, blah, blah, blah. So i decided i'll take HALF the day off and i'll make a list on any down time i have in that 4 hours that i await til my freedom.

so my list entailed of going to tahoe, the ocean, cleaning out cupboards & cabinets, washing the car, cleaning the fridge, working out every day, playing my piano, organzing all my pictures, re-org garage after Saturday's garage sale, create a budget for the next 12 months & shop for cute workout clothes.

for the last one, i've decided that i'mgoing to wear my workout clothes TO work. Becuase the biggest pain in the ass of riding your bike to work is packing your clothes the day before and changing once you get to work and then changing back when you leave. it really is exhausting. so to justify wearing workout clothes to work monday, wednesday's & fridays i'm going to go to teh gym too and lift weights. now before you think i'm odd, there are people that pretty much wear their pajamas here at the state. one girl, every single day, wears black shorts with black tshirts and black combat boots, black eyeliner topped with long black hair. SO, i should look pretty normal.

I will gain a nickname i'm workout girl or gymrat...but it's better than barfly or hungover hussy.

Anyway, i was able to cross off a few things on my list becuase on my short 1/2 day off i washed the car, cleaned out a cupboard, cleaned the fridge, shopped for said cute w.o. clothes AND got in some quality t.v. time.

I think this is gonna be some goooood time off!

off to run!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I'm doin' it...

...i finally am so fricking sick of working i'm taking the next two weeks off to do nothing. i don't have to get up at a certain time, i don't have to dress, i don't have to tell Kody that i don't want to go to work every morning....

for the next two weeks, i'm livin' the life of a lottery winner.

Monday, August 20, 2007


Nothing screams white trash louder than a fair lover. and that i wear proudly.

We originally had like 13 girls going but of course that whittles down as the day approaches and 5 showed up.

Janet and I prepared for our day the best way we know how:

But two flasks of vodka is just never enough so we headed over to our favorite bar; the Tallac Lounge. (just to prove it's our favorite bar, we had keychains made at the fair claiming our love. For the bar, I mean)

The Tallac was closed. Bummed, but not discouraged, we went over to Stingers which has the best outside area to smoke, drink & chat - our 3 most favorite things.

The bartender told us, after we mentioned we're going to the fair with our flasks, that they had a metal detector now! There was NO way we'd risk losing our precious babies so we poured our liquid heaven into an old water bottle I had in the car. Come to find out there WAS NO METAL DETECTOR. that fucker is buying us a round o'drinks on our next visit.

No matter because we got in okay. Man, i cannot describe how excited i feel once we've paid and are in the fair. i just think i'm going to have to go again becuase one day was NOT enough.

Since Dena and Sally weren't going to meet us for another 3 hours, Janet and i decided to get a beer. We weren't allowed to go through the "as seen on tv" buildings yet becuase Dena likes to go through those too. But she doesn't like the art exhibits so we headed over towards that area.

Before we go in to the buildings, we watched the little irish dancers on the center stage and were able to catch the last 10 minutes of the show. it was really great!

NOW, we head to the art stuff. There are 8 buildings to go through. we skipped the toyrus becuase that's way too many kids, bleh, and the boat one cuz unless i'm on a boat, i have no interest in them.

we captured a few arty things but none was more devasting than this exhibit...

The green pile are toy soldiers. it depicts the number of men & women that have been wounded during our current war. Surrounding the green pile are little grave markers with the name of each soldier that has died to date. It was amazing to see. The pile was about 4 feet high and as round as a mature tree...ick.

Anyway, and on to more somber news - we also have a 9/11 exhibit which contains a huge marble ball with the names of those that died during that attack.

Beside the ball are the actual beams from the twin towers:

Okay. That's enough depressing shit.

Finally, our girls call and say they're on their way so we waited for them by the Golden Bear. (that's the fair's mascot) Here we are relaxing and catching up. Sally must stink because we're shying away from her. hahahah LULU'S!

(sally, dena, me & Keema - Janet is taking the pix)

Dena and Keema didn't stay long becuase dena's daughter-in-law went in to labor that morning. bitch...didn't she know we had a fair date??? I hate when stuff like that gets in MY way. Keema just wanted to leave, i think, after she spent a few minutes with me and Janet. But it was all good becuase that left Sally, me & Janet and we all party at the same pace.

So what's our first move? Beer.

Waht's our 2nd move? Beer.

Our 3rd move is to sit down, chat and party a little. Sally got HER flask in - bitch.

Her flask has a beautiful bunch of grapes with Janet's pretty...

Our 4th move involved (finally!) the 'as seen on tv' buildings and more beer. I usually spend any where from 100 to 300 dollars at the fair (most on beer)...i only spent $140 this year and that included...well....lots of beer. and i'm ashamed to say, about 17,328 calories of CRAP food. my stomach hurt so bad i had to sleep on my side. ain't THAT a pretty picture?

Speaking of pretty picture:

Sally behind the wine counter, pushing wine she didn't have.

So my (and Janet's) first 'as seen on tv' purchase was a double-sided dog brush. I used it last night. i was NOT impressed but that's why beer is good! it makes everything seem so much better than it really is. Janet bought the chamois cloths that she's also holding. those are AMAZING!

here's me by two weird shaking old people:

(nice rack, eh? What is that; sterling silver???)

And every once in a while, i'll get some deviant behavior in my system and it plays out all night. Tonights behavioral issue was moving all dresses off of the mannequin's boobies:

(I hate my camera)

We head to the cool rainforest area that's all wet & humid which i love...and waterfalls EVERY WHERE!

and scary charging elephants that bring out the double chin in me!

and NO night would be complete without those goofy photo shoots in the booth.

I put the damn token in too soon so the first shot is us, 3 grown women, trying to get situation in a room the size of an airplane bathroom. The rest are hilarious.

It was the most mellowest fair night that really flowed quite nicely. we were never over-heated, over-drunk or under-hungry (ahem). we didn't get irritated or argue or even want different things than the other. We stayed until the fireworks and all made it home safely so i'd say it was the PERFECT California State Fair day!

Thanks girls!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Chris Farley is BACK!! a 3 year old girl!*

*picture received by Michelle

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

tidbits #5

Friday, me and 5 of my lovely friends went to Golfsplash (a water park) and had almost the time of our lives. if it weren't for the 40 minute lines and 1 minute rides, i'd say it was worth the $25 admission fee.

In fact, when i win the lottery, i will rent that park and only invite up to 20 people. yeah...woudnl't that be cool? No lines, good friends, BOOZE!

I saw'r the Simpsons movie last night. i loved it. it really is just the t.v. show only longer. make sure you stay past the credits...

Saturday, we're all going to the state fair. it's where we get drunk and buy shit "as seen on tv" and i can't think of a better way to spend my day : )

This morning on my walk i was thinking that i need to stop making facial expressions so the lines on my face will just go away. But that thought reminded me of this girl i used to know a loooong time ago who refused to laugh heartily because it would make lines on her face. (she was a bitter, bitter girl and i'm glad to be rid of her) And although now i'm sure she looks well behind her 40 years, i think i'd rather have "earned" a look like this from a life well lived...

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I went in to get my morning coffee before taking Kody to the park and ordered my new obsession: iced grande Americano, two pumps of chocolate in a Venti cup with xtra ice (phew).

This lady looked at me a few times and smiled...I'm like "yes?"

She said "god i wish, just once, i could go out in public with my pajamas on..."

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tuesday August 07, 2007

I've got nothing to say but Kevin wanted me to blog so his picture would move down. He's shy like that.

I'm taking this friday off to go to SUNSPLASH! woo hooooo! Sally is trying to figure out a way for us to get our flasks in...around all the children...hahaha...

nice, huh? (that ain't me)

Jesus, is that it? I believe it is...I've been using Tuff foot on kody's pads and it's a miracle worker...he no longer has ripped pads. yay! now we can go on long hikes and such.

okay NOW i have nothing else...entertain me.

Thursday, August 02, 2007


..thanks Doggy bloggy for caring.

I gained two pounds but i'm chalking it up to my womanliness time and the fact that my muscles are bulging out of my clothes. All in two weeks time.

yes. that's it.

yesterday, we went to the city; again. i LOVE that place. it was freezing too unlike the hundred degree city we had just left behind. I didn't take too many pictures becuase i seem to go quite frequently now and what do i picture?

except for this very funny ironic one....
(click to see what i mean.)

And these gorgeous flowers!

We walked for 4 fucking hours! i'm still in pain! We finally stopped for lunch and after that i had a glorious, albeit short, pedicure. my toes is pretty.

then we went to the beach

There's a cool windmill in the background. i'm sure it's not operable anymore but i still love it.

but not as much as i love THIS beast!

digging his way to china and loving every second of it. But not before terrorizing sleeping beach goers...that's right. i'm the asshole dog owner that doesn't control her dog yet laughs and laughs and laughs when he scares people. (well...only when their friends are laughing too - otherwise; i run)