Saturday, July 28, 2012

weird week

Tuesday.  Best lunch ever.  In hindsight, minus the company.  Wednesday...getting sick - Thursday, Friday very sick.  And work for the first time in like, ever, we're swamped.  I used to have zero problem calling in sick becuase half a monkey could run that help desk.  But now, we've got better players and big projects so on top of feeling sick, i felt guilty. 

Yesterday Rich, our bartender, texts me that they found Dan dead in his apartment.  DAN!  I've played pool & darts with him a million times, had some deep drunken converstaions with him over the years, he even bathed my dog while i was in Key West!...he was 51...  It's just such a weird feeling...

Today i'm going to rest again since i'm feeling better but tomorrow is massive chore day and farmer;s market day.  i better feel good.

Monday, July 23, 2012

30 Days of no "S"s

First day of no smoking, no sugar, no sedentary behavior and no Smirnoff. Or Stoli’s. Or spirits, I should say because I WILL use that as a loophole (Budweiser does start with a “B”)

Of course, first day starts off with no bike ride in but I can’t be TOO perfect…it will scare me and others. Besides, it’s gonna be 104 today and I have to come home for lunch to bring Krispy Kreme-r in so he doesn’t bake himself to death. But tonight, I’ll make up for it by doing 20 minutes of Yoga….

…not much, but, again…I don’t want to shock things, such as my under-worked body.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


My brother is in town and i went to Chris' house to make them eggplant parmesan (from Chris' garden), salad and a shit load of games. 

Michael's goal is to say Barack Obama in one big burp.  Guess who'll get to that goal first?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Retail Therapy

Next week i start my schooling for the Vet Tech program.  that's an AS degree!... I took the pretests and scored no less than 92 on all of them.  I smaht.   I'm also ONLY riding my bike in to more lazy car days.  I gotta get my ass in shape becuase i'm ready for a man. Soooo ready....

I wanted to go to Key West in August but I don't think i can...Kody's pretty bad and i can't leave him for an entire week.  which sucks becuase the people i met last year really want me to come out and i'm so flattered by that and I loved their company. I'm so going to miss out.  That fucker's probably gonna live 5 more years...hahhaha...kidding God!

I took my PLP day off yesterday, watched some shows, took a nap and went shopping at Big Lots. I took TWO HOURS to slooooooowly go thru the entire store and bought the greatest shit! LOVE that store....

Sunday, July 15, 2012


I love mine.  A lot.  Nick, a 30+ year old hot, let me get this straight, polynesian guy? is just the right amount of "brother" where i'd do just about anything to protect him. 

Friday, i was sitting in Drew's cube (another super-hot awesome, funny, always saves me when i suck at work) fingering out cream cheese and taking tiny bites of it off my finger.  I looked at Nick who looked at me briefly in disgust and looked away to finish his conversation with Drew.

I says "why do you always look at me in disgust Nick?" He said "I don't always look at you in disgust...only when you do disgusting things..."

Drew says "and her question is re-iterated..."

Life is good...

...and bad becuase i'm me.

But i have to say, when i review what i have, i'm pretty frickin lucky.  I have an awesome job and have had that job since 1993.  Is it my dream job?  no.  But by God it bought me this house and several vacations and allowed me to take care of my dogs.  It's allowed me to live pretty freely without worry becuase i know, no matter what, I'll be able to take care of things.

I have friends, including from high school, that i've had for over 20 years.  I have an awesome brother whom I adore and the two others that i love too.  : )  i have new friends 6 years and younger that will become life long friends. 

I've had two dogs that have been amazing.  Both I adore(d) and am grateful for them.  They've been anchors, company, companionship and friends.  I'm glad i have the heart to love them so deeply that it has changed me.  And even though Kody is on his way out, I've reached a level of peace about that.  I was the best 'mom' I could have been.  Not great but that dog had it made.  He did whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted and lived a pretty good life.  i shall feel no guilt.  I'm just glad he's been a selfish prick most of his life becuase that will explain why I get to be selfish in not putting him to sleep, even if he screams in pain.

so kidding.

I've finally answered my dream of working with animals, in whatever capacity, by going back to school, months ago, and i'm greatful it's an online program so i can both work and learn.

I may not be perfect; but, by God, I always try.  And i thank a semi-old friend for pointing that out...I continue to work out sporatically, continue to be healthy sporadically, continue to live life sporatically and etc., etc...but at least i'm movin....

Life really has been good....