Friday, October 31, 2008

YES on 2!

Here's another no-brainer. This proposition is giving factory animals the right to stretch their limbs!

That's all??? Seems like this should already be a natural right; but, believe it or not, it is not. i'd post video but i cannot watch these types of videos anymore. Don't think that becuase YOU won't watch them either, does not mean horrific cruelty is not happening, becuase it is. And it's more the norm than not.

HOwever, passing this proposition will give the animal some room to move around, open up their wings, stand up. and wouldn't you, if you were incarcerated for life, rather have a bedroom sized room than a coffin? Because that's what those animals are in...boxes to match their body size.

If you're going to utilize their bodies to furnish your dinner plates, the least you can do is let them lead comfortable lives until their end.

God gave us dominion over animals; not the right to mistreat and abuse them. Do the right thing...please. Be their voice.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

No on 8

I thought there is supposed to be a separation of church & state? Isn't marriage considered a religious event? What difference does it make if two people want to join together legally? Like the bumper stickers say "Not for gay marriage? Don't have one."

But for the sake of an argument, let's say in the beginning of time it was Adam & Steve. I know, pretty sure, i'm actually physically attracted to men. It's in my genes (or in my jeans as i'd hope)...but, what if society tells me i HAVE to be with a woman because that's what the bible says! unless it's Angelina Jolie, i gots some problems.

what i woudln't want, is someone telling me who i have to love based on THEIR belief of what is right or wrong. I love men. I can look in a mans eyes and tell him "oh my GOD i LOVE you!" but i cannot look at a woman (in that way) and say the same thing. Can't those "yes on 8" people possibly think the same way?

So they say "well, if we let them marry the same sex, what's to stop them from marrying their brother, sister or a goat?" Because, that's illegal! And goats are horrible lovers.

I'm somewhat closed-minded (especially when it comes to Prop 2) but in this case, it ain't none of my business what other people do. Do i want to protect the "sanctity of marriage"? Well...okay. Fine. But should I prevent two people who love each other, however odd that might be to ME, not join together in a life commitment? No.

More bumper stickers: "Why should we prevent gay people from marrying? shouldn't they suffer like the rest of us?"

"If we give gay people rights, then we'll have to give EVERYONE rights!"

The nerve!

Vote HELL no on 8. (and yes...i'm speaking to you, Welly and Left)

Saturday, October 25, 2008


In the comfort of my very own home. Now THAT'S American!


Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm taking my new job by the balls!

I just found out yesterday that i am NOT limited-term which means when i pass probation, I will be permanently a staff. You have no idea how great this is...unless you're a state worker.

I'm going to ask them if I can develop and provide training for this project for the entire state of California. I'm gonna be hot...i'm gonna be Sarah Palin! *wink*

Thursday, October 23, 2008

In Loomis??

Chris, Janet and I went to Loomis on Sunday to check out a little botanical garden. Of course, we brought the dogs which made it way more hectic but it was still very sweet and that's exactly what i want my back yard to look like!

These were MASSIVE wind chimes for just $1,600!! but they sounded like a church in England

Here's Kody's long lost ancestor frozen in time. I tried to show him but he couldn't care LESS about history.

Just seeing what my thousand dollar camera could do...

I love teenage mutant ninja turtles. and penis shaped mushrooms.

and frogs.

not so much ants but these were still cool.

Don't think Kody didn't try to have a quick snack when i wasnt looking. or even when i was.

this is their huh? a big-ass greenhouse.

and now to the art gallery...which the dogs WERE allowed in...LOVE IT!

this picture does not do this sculpture justice. it was a dragonfly with stained glass wings...very cool....

I would LOVE to have this in my back yard. so would kody.
The artist calls this the Tax Man

A little Kody spawn...

Can you guess what this is?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mary Jane

The other day Janet and I went to our favorite local hangout. She was setting up our darts while I went to the bar to get our drinks.

I sat between two gentlemen and exclaimed “I smell pot!” I sniffed the guy to my left, shook my head then sniffed the guy to my right. And then I started barking feverishly.

Hahahaha…I thought that was REALLY funny on my part. 5 minutes later he secretly tries to ask me if I smoke pot so I could go outside and get high; but, alas, no. Those were my super old days…me no likey pot anymore.

Thursday, October 09, 2008


Well, now...I started my job in Stockton on Monday. On sunday i had severe anxiety and really just wanted to call in sick; but, as you know, that wasn't an option.

the commute was an easy hour; i stayed at 70mph the whole way. When i got there i was greeted with such indifference, i had to laugh. My co-worker, Andy, was in the office that i was to plop my ass in. He says to me "Um...i just watned to let you know, i've been here for about 4 weeks and i'm trying to go back to my old job."


I says "'s not even 8:30 and i'm about ready to cry." He proceeds to tell me of the ineptness of this particular place and the agency overall. But as the day proceeded, I met my leader, Nick. Now, you all remember Nick the comptuer guy from SNL (and Michelle's blog); he is. in the flesh. He'll look you in the eye after you ask him a question and say "So?" 50% of the time he doesn't even acknowledge that I've spoken to him....and I love it all. My boss hasn't even hardly said "Boo" to me and that's okay too.

I suddenly feel at home...i burped in andy's ear and he accepted me, like a wolf in a pack. We've toured abandoned institutions and it felt like being a survivor after 28 days later and i LOVE that kind of shit...we shut off alarms that had been going off for days maybe even weeks...HEY i'm a survivor!!!

I'm now going in to my 5th day; friday and that will be followed by a monday off (holiday) and a training day in Sacto on Friday so, so far, so good.

Choppy blog but i'm tired...commuting is exhausting even though i'm kinda liking it. I have to actually get up early, walk my dog, clean up, pack a lunch and wear semi-nice clothes...that, in itself, is a lot of work for me. But i'm doing it. AND i'm doing it with a pay raise :)