Thursday, December 29, 2005


Crazy Aunt Purl is not a blog i read frequently, becuase i'm jealous. She's as funny as i know i can be but i'm lazy. i did read her blog today and she had a GREAT list of resolutions and i thought 'that's totally smart! why has no one blogged about their resolutions this year?"

I told her too that i LOVE lists. they give you hope. motivation. and feeling that THIS time you'll really follow through. and you mean it!! But at 40, i'm on to my self. I can't even fool me anymore.

but my boyfriend is still somewhat new and my friends don't care so they believe when i say i'll lose weight, or quit drinking, or smoking and start working out.

The only thing i'm consistent with is my habits.

habit: A thing done often and hence, usually, done easily, automatic

resolution: opposite of 'habit' (see above)

SO...i'm taking tomorrow off and that gives me a 5 day weekend. Tonight is my "last night" which means i can drink and eat to abandon and without guilt.

Problem is i have had so many "last nights"...s'why i'm getting fatter.

Homework: Name ONE resolution you'll commit to for 2006.

(And Peng is a GREAT example becuase he makes resolutions and STICKS TO THEM ALL YEAR!! it's an anomaly i know but he really does. this year one of his resolutions is to include me in everything :)

ONE of mine:
stop calling in sick to work

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

home improvements

thank you to all for your congrats. i still pinch myself that i'm actually starting a new job in less than 2 weeks. i'll feel part of the world again instead of surfing the internet for 8.5 hours a day. sometimes 8 when i take a long lunch.

My brother, Eric, is staying at my house for a few days and doing home improvements for me. i cannot tell you how awesome that is. i pulled my carpets like 2 years ago and left the shaggy ends in the hallways and doorways....he put down carpet tacking yesterday which makes a huge difference. then he put in a new kitchen light, Monday we ordered charcoal floor tile for the kitchen

and also bought two solar tubes.

one for the kitchen and one for the living room. it'll look HOT! if i were rich, my roof would be made of glass. love that look!

anyway, hope everyone had a great christmas and hope everyone has an awesomely fun new year!~

Friday, December 23, 2005

i got the job

...may i repeat that???


Thursday, December 22, 2005

could it get any worse?

try calling back the window guys and telling them you think you'll pass...i had it narrowed down to 2 now it's back to 4.


i have a feeling they're going to end up paying me to do my windows...

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


I'm getting lots of visits from sales people to replace my windows in my home. They're all funny and unique in their own special way (meant to sound gay).

Sears sent two guys to tag team me. Their presentation was straight from the 80's. including the heat lamp to make the wind thingy spin. Total cost to replace 11 windows: $11,800. How do you say "buh bye"?

2nd guy was sweet as pie. Nervous, patient, gentle, funny (in a nervous way)...gave me an option of type of obscure glass for my bathroom...nice! total cost: $6,500

Next guy was KFC's Sanders twin. He had a huge belly and two of his snap buttons on his shirt were unsnapped. Funny guy, no gimmicks, no whistles, just a non-chalant "naaah, we don't collect money until we're done" super confident taht no one can beat his deal of: $5,700.

the 4th guy was from Anderson windows. Next!

the 5th guy, young, 6'2, dark mudded curly hair, piercing green eyes, charming and smarmy. Thinks i'm gonna buy cuz he's so cute..."Well we don't really need the business and we coudn't even get to your house for another 6 weeks!"...i'd say next here but it got worse. I made it clear i would not be making any decisions until the weekend becuase i need time to digest, review, ponder, etc., and will make my decision on Monday. Bottom line made me squeal with delight: $5,300. I said "wow! that's the best deal so far!"

"So, let's sign up then!"


the 6th and final guy is a retired cop about 5'3 and slightly nervous in a very odd way. had the best presentation, slightly 80's-ish too, but it was all good. Their contractors license literally has stayed the same since january of 1963! BBB customers since 1948! Hello??? almost unheard of today. But, will they tire and RE-tire? then i'm screwed. he was honest and said "'s slow and we need the work!" which i appreciated...bottom line for them? : $5,550.

So...smarmy and super sweet guy out. it's between retired cop and KFC. And you all know how i feel about KFC...hahaha...

I searched every where on the internet for window reviews and could find none. Anyone know anything about Certainteed and Cascade?

Monday, December 19, 2005

Ah well

i didn't take the job. they wouldn't bring me over as an associate and there is no way i'd take it at my same level right now. doesn't make any sense. i think it's pretty lame though! doesn't say much about their organization if they interview me as an associate and i'm reachable as an assocaite yet they offer me the assistant?

i'm sure something else will turn Jack Black said in King Kong...failure is only temporary...

or seomthing like that...

Friday, December 16, 2005

King Kong-less

I hated this movie. It insulted my intelligence. Now, now...i know all about entertainment for the sheer fun of it; but, PLEASE!! This was so ludicrous I couldn't let it go.

But i tried, becuase i left the theater. I left for other reasons though. I can't handle any animal pain whatsoever and they really do make you love Kong. I know he's fictional but this is how we would handle a situation like this. Like ET. Fictional, yet i know if that ever happened, we'd treat the alien as horribly as they did ET.

Peng stayed and i'm happy to say he found it as ridiculous as i did and even more incredulous that it got such RAVE reviews! Why do i always hate movies that critics adore! (minus Harry Potter, of course)

They, most definitely, could have shaved a full hour off this movie....

hate mail?

Thursday, December 15, 2005

i have a big fat check coming in a few weeks and I'm excited and scared. The latter because i SUCK at handling money.

here is a list of possibilities i have for that money:

putting the bulk in ING and waiting for my car to die
replace ugly white lino in kitchen with beautiful warm tile
adding two solar panels in my living room
replacing all my old crank windows that now leak water and my heat
re-doing my back yard so that it can sustain me wholly (including my chickens!)
re-doing front yard so neighbors don't hate me

man, i can't wait.

In February, i'll be 40. 40 years old. I look 39 and act 16 so i think i'm still okay. but it's setting in that i'm not a 20 year old anymore. Hard for me. I'd be like Bridget Bardot if i were famous...accepting aging ungracefully.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

okay, okay...

i'm boring so i hate blogging now.

Saturday, Peng and I went to PAWS and basically did nothing. We stood by the 2nd gate, just in case we had an overflow, then we'd spring in to action but there never was an over flow. so we hung out with a guy named Gordon and listened to his interesting stories with the back ground noise of the tigers setting each other straight.

finally, near the end of the day, Peng and i got to go down to where the elephants were. It was so cool to see them up close after seeing them on the internet for years. They got two new elephants Lulu and Tinkerbelle from the SF Zoo; but, Tinkerbelle died shortly after she arrived. her feet literally seperated from her leg. Very common in zoo elephants because they usually stand day in and day out in a little tiny area they are forced to call home.

in the wild, elephants will walk 200+ miles every day. their needs are not quite met after we kidnap them from their families in africa.

we suck.

On a higher note, umm...well there isn't any. i'm still waiting for the job i interviewed for a few weeks ago to call me and let me know if they are going to hire me. they offered me the job but not as a promotion and i told them 'no' so he's going to talk to his boss again and see if they can actually promote me and bring me over so cross your fingers~

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Updating is hard...

i almost fell off my horse Saturday. it was comical to see. the damn thing decided he wanted to jump over the creek which made me slide to the right. i hung on to the horn and my hat slipped down over my eyes...i was too terrified to scream. i kept thinking "ohmygod! i'm going to fall off this horse and be Christoper Reeves!"

but i didn't. although i can still feel the ramifications of that slippage in my back. and the bruises are still all over my legs. yay.

i had coffee today. i'm not as strong as Tabbys and it made me totally wired. a good wire i must say. so i recommend a 2 day hiatus and THEN have one. whooooo!!

"one time i was two and ..."

you had to be there.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Second Head Removal

It was time. I showered and drenched my unintentional dread in conditioner. Peng arrived and took his place on the couch.

Surgical tools strategically placed for use:

After many attempt to save the second head, the decision was made to begin removal. First removal upset patient VERY much as it looked like healthy material:

That'll be good evidence for Judge Judy...

Second incision highly successful, if not sad...i felt like a huge piece of me had been removed. when, in fact, it had...

End result:

Lesson Learned: a little knot after a few showers isn't cute or funny. It can cause mass destruction and loss.

Off to ride horses today...yay!

Friday, December 02, 2005


These movies just aren't long enough...maybe it was the beer, maybe it was that there were only 6 other people in the theater but this movie rocked!

the only weird thing is he went from this:

to this:

i'm sorry but how does his girlfriend sleep with him and not have that image pop in to her head...ew....