Saturday, October 31, 2009

Raymond DVD playing, fire in the fireplace, a cup of hot tea and snuggled in my brand new incredibly soft fleece pj's with my best friend. Some people might think that's a lame Friday night; but, i was pretteh, pretteeeh happy.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

one down three to go.

Go phillies!

I'm down 12.8 pounds. technically i need 14.2 pounds to go but that might not be feasible. i'll settle for 8.2. and i have 12 more days to go so that's not TOO unreasonable (on THIS diet, that is)

I went to the SPCA thrift store and bought this cute little tea cup for my new tea days:

and i got some lovely smelly flowers from TJ's...i'm such a girl lately!

I'm in Cisco Infrastructure training this week and I'm totally lost. i think i need a different career. ever do subnetting? don't.

We're dyeing my brothers hair satruday and i pray it doesn't come out like the LAST time i dyed his hair. He called himself Guido buecuase he LOOKED like a Guido. black hair, white goatee and a gold chain. hahahaha....i told him the other day that when he left my house that day i watched him walk to his car while i was in tears from laughing. hahahaha....i guess i'm NOT as good with color as i pretended to be.

Loaded a bunch of applications on myiphone. cool backgrounds, a flashlight feature, hangman, google voice search, espn scores, and free internet radio. i love that thing...LOVE it~ i treat it better than i do kody! kody i drop, iPhone i do not.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Apple Hill

Me, Debby and my brother decided to head up the hill yesterday morning. Debby was without Megan, I was trying to get out of a one-way depression and my brother is living life.

The ride up was gorgeous. We don't have many colored trees in our area but the few we saw were incredibly vivid and poppy outty. i couldn't get a picture because Debby drives too bumpy. but here's an idea:

There were TONS of vineyards up here. i was surprised at how many, so we're planning a wine trip soon in Janets massive caravan with Chris as our chauffeur. Probably girls only since men don't drink wine. Typically.

By the time we got there, there was a pretty long car line so we enjoyed some witty repartee and fun conversation. The day was absolutely beautiful. We only stopped at one place because they're all pretty much the same; lots of apples & vendors. Since I'm on my 500 calorie a day diet, I thought it would be really hard to be here; but, it wasn't. the only thing i eyed about 72 times was the blackberry sour cream apple pie. GOD does that not sound fabulous???

Anyway, here were are in a private cornfield right before the owner came out with his shotgun

When we were getting ready to leave, we decided to cruise on over to the beautiful tomato farm just down Hwy 50. Now tomatoes I can have so I was pretty excited. On the way there, we passed this little cafe in Placerville called the Cozmic Cafe. It's a darling place that's actaully built in to the side of a hill that was used in the old gold mining days. So when you walk past the baristas and tables, you'll head in to the actual tunnel that goes deep in to the underground. it's even cold like you'd expect. WHY didn't i get a picture!!!

Anyway, after our tea & coffee we headed to the tomato farm which, majorly disappointingly, was closed. SUCKED! But Debby was telling us on one of her outings up here, they passed an Alpaca farm. She said they are totally weird looking and 15 minutes later, we were by that farm. I asked her to pull over so i could get some pictures.

3 words. They Are Darling. I'm opening an Alpaca Farm

Now, I don't take good pictures anymore but i have to say, i look hot here. Oh and the alpacas are cute too.

Chris was taking a picture of us but i fell in to a hole...simple shit like that makes Debby and Tanya Simpleton laugh hard.

each one has a grass in their mouth. These animals are incredibly sweet too. really. i'm getting one.

and this was Lilly. She had a tracheotomy and had to breath through that hole in her neck. SHE was INCREDIBLY loving. In fact, we couldn't get her off us... look at her little teeth sticking out. they dont have teeth on the top; just the bottom. weird huh.

She was quite smittened with Debby.

When she got oddly amorous, my brother, the protector, stepped in.

Then she took her business to me. I'm easier.

When we were getting ready to leave, we chatted with the owner for a few more minutes and Lilly came over and just pressed her long-ass neck in to my body to be petted. I just wanted to BEAT her!

the owner talked us in to going to her store (of, money, money) and before i did i climbed on more hill and snapped this picture. she looks like Where the Wild Things Are.

We all suck together when it comes to spending money. But we have so much fun. and we all bought hats. Debby's hat was soooo friggin soft that when you touched the edges with your fingertips you cound't feel the hat. THAT'S how soft it was. (sorry it's blurry but the clear one that came out and looks good of the other two, i have 14 chins and its my blog so i ain't posting it)

Okay. this picutre is fricking hilarious. Debby is a russian model, chris is doing something gay and my ass is about 5 feet FROM center of photo. like you could slide right down my back in to a pool. hahhahahah....but really, i am skinny.

and THIS is from my iphone on the drive home...pretty good huh?

When we got home, Debby and i made a lovely salad full of deliciuos flavor that only Debby can create, and an hour later i was in bed, happy & sleepy.
as bad of a day as i had friday and started to on saturday a day with a friend and a brother completely 180'd me. it has spilled in to today too.
life is a long fucking road; but, pepper it with little rich things and it doesn't seem too undoable.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I opened this box, and what did i see?
This beautiful iphone I bought just for me!

I had the hardest time getting the protective cover on. there's a few dog hairs in there; but, at least I got the phone protector thingie on. I already DO love it. when you text a message it sounds like a typewriter! ah the memories. (of a typewriter, i mean)
I'm at training in rancho cordova today and tomorrow and i'm so happy to be OUT of the office. i have friday off to do my spca training and other stuff after.
My diet is going pretty good. i've lost 8.2 pounds and only have 17.8 to go. oh god. really 27.8 if i want to get really skinny but i'm not sure i can. and maybe i'll just do another round of HCG after the holidays. what i NEED to do is start seriously working out. i may not need to get so low in weight if i got in shape. i'll use part of november, all of december and part of january to see if that strategy is going to work. let's hope so. 500 calories per day is draining my lifestyle.
God blogs are so selfish. how vain to think people are interested in my piddly little details of my life. but it's my blog so ... there you go.

Monday, October 19, 2009

it WAS a good day

We got up early and went to starbucks for coffee.

When we got to the ananda center we decided we didn't want to meditate for an hour so we left and went to Target to find God. and THERE He was! In this cute little shirt I bought and, finally, my Nikon can-carry-anywhere camera! So now i'll be able to get pictures of our outings, which we've decided there will be many of, regularly.

Church was a little odd this time; but, I still love it there. There's no denying the peacefulness you feel when arrive. One of their topics was humor. For the life of me, i cannot remember what it was that triggered our giggles; but, it was a doozy. I tried so hard to be an adult, i really did. I kept telling myself STOP IT!!! but, the flood gate opened full-fledged and we were off. We were trying to repeat what the "priest" was saying, as instructed, but, our voices were wavering which told us both we were still trying NOT to laugh and that was it...we laughed more. by the time this particular topic was over, we needed tissues.

i act like i hate that but there is NOTHING better than uncontrollable laughter. Thank you Debby : )

After that, we went to the Dollar Tree. Debby just needed candles but spent $22+ which means she bought 21 more items than she expected...(know how i know that?) While we were shopping, I was like "Oh right! i need bleach." I grabbed a bleach bottle and said "Dude...this is totally awesome bleach!" and Debby's like "Really?? why?" and then saw the label...hahahahah....
(takes nice pictures huh!)

I ended up spending the rest of my evening watching the most boring Patriot game ever and cleaning my house. I winterized my bedroom, which means hanging my gorgeous wine-colored curtains, wine-colored rugs, fall foliage art work and a dark fall-like quilt my mom made. i love those colors. so rich. and for some reason, i slept like a rock.

I like not drinking. i really do. the conundrum is i LOVE a good party too. i have to find a middle road. if i could, once or twice a month, really tie one on and the rest of the time be a productive member of society, i'd be overly thrilled. and by "tie one on", I mean meaningful fun like Second saturday or riding our bikes to Bernardo for brunch and then R15 for beer & smokes or driving up to apple hill, riding the hay rides hanging out at poor reds and then getting coffee to sober up for the ride home.

we'll see...i'm trying. i'm aaaalways trying.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


God my dreams are SO vivid and amazing. last night i was dating a darling serial killer (we talked about Dexter a lot yesterday) and i actually turned him in. it might have had something to do with the fact that eventually, he was going to get me because I was on his list.

Then I dreamt i was 9 months pregnant. An old, OLD boyfriend from '92 was the father and we (me, him, my father, my brother and two cats - went to Happy Tails Opening House yesterday and ALMOST adopted a cat - Natalie. Still might.) were all living together in the same house. Plus some doctor. He told me to put some device on my belly so we could look at the baby and he was BEAUTIFUL! the picture was like a normal color picture with a dreamy white background and he was so sweet and perfect.

Then the ex left me and moved out with no warning. So i was like "no prob. i'll do this myself!" then just before i woke up i was saying to myself "NO, NO! i can't be pregnant I CAN'T be pregnant!!! I've NEVER wanted kids!! WAKE UP!! This is a dream!!" and i did.

is that not fucking weird?

Debby and I are going up to the Ananda Center this morning. We both need it. But not before a starbucks run and a sit to peruse the Sunday Ads. It's gonna be a good day....

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Love is so painful that sometimes it's too scary to think about entering a union again. But I miss the companionship so I’ve decided I’m only going to date men that are useful to me. I'll hold out my love for the very last man.

First on my agenda: I need a serious overhaul on my house. I need a new bathroom, a new kitchen and new landscaping. In order, I will date a designer for probably 2 months because that’s all I’ll need for the “blueprints”. Then I’ll follow him up with building supply owner (ew! I’m picturing fat and breathy).

Once I charm all my supplies out of said stinky owner, the obvious next choice will be a contractor (mm…NOW we’re getting hotter). I want the contractor to teach me how to do frame work, wiring, plumbing, etc., becuase there ain't nothing hotter than a hot chick with a toolbelt. I know; I've seen one working with her hot man over the last few weeks..

And then after THAT, my next guy will need to be a gym rat and get my ass in shape. (Well…maybe this one should be first so I can get the rest. But I’m thinking the above guys may not be too picky.) Because my last and final guy will be the toughest.

The last guy I’ll date and hopefully end up with will be a multi-MULTI-millionaire. He will be tall, dark and boyish looking. He will be goofy and intelligent. He will be spontaneous, attentive, passionate, forgiving, curious, patient and loyal.

And he will willingly and wantingly buy me my freedom because he adores me. He’ll take me to Paris, Italy, the Catalina Islands on a sailboat, show me fine restaurants and amazing exhibits all over the world. We’ll spend weekends in his house on the Marina in the Bay and visit his Tahoe cabin monthly. He’ll buy Kody his huge pool with a waterfall and will send me and all my friends on a First-Class cruise around the Caribbean islands for as long as we want to be gone.

*sigh* Yup. That’s my dream. I’ve put it out to the universe so universe – you know where I live.

p.s. If you think I’m using the first 4 ; you must know…they’ll be profiting greatly too. : )

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Our first storm

was awesome.

i acutally went home at 3 becuase the thought of moving my car one more time in this typhoon for really nothing, sucked. and my tooth hurt.

i walked kody this morning and saw all the trees & branches strewn about everywhere. i get to my house: nothing. not one branch came off my trees...the Lord lovethed me yesterday.

here's out my back yard:
don't the wires make it so pretty?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Post

To move that picture down. it's funny the first 48 times you look at it....

I had a root canal Friday. Scared as shit I was but it wasn't that bad. NOW it's killing me. i'm afraid it might have to be re-done and the endo will pay dearly for that.

our first storm is here. this is when i become a nester. i want to stay home & cuddle in front of a fire and watch movies. Kody's not a cuddler. i got a problem.

I only have two more classes at the SPCA to become a free-for-all volunteer. unfortunately the next one availabe is at the end of november which TOTALLY pisses me off but i suppose i can do their crappy clerical work until i can get to the dogs. ironically, i'm trying to get OUT of an office.

i'm on my diet again for the last round. Once I'm done this one, i'm just done. Never have to diet again. isn't that great? i think i'm gonig to join a volleyball team and learn how to play. i kinda suck becuase balls scare me but that one's pretty soft, right? it'll probably land right on my tooth.

Okay...Kody's whining like the big bitch that he is so it must be Love Session time. That involves alot of smacking, biting and hair-pulling. Kody's definition of love...

Friday, October 09, 2009


Janice posted her pix on facebook and nothing made me choke harder than this one of Debby and I:

she posted another of me that i might have to shoot her for...beyotch.

Help me.

i was dreading and putting off this day for like EVER becuase i HATE the dentist...but 3rd time re-scheduled and tooth hurting VERY badly, i had to go in today....

The tooth they were supposed to drill is not the one's another one and it needs a root canal.

which i've scheduled for today at 2:45pm and you cannot show up drunk.


Thursday, October 08, 2009


I know a few people this could happen to..

Police: Karaoke singer attacked over performance
STAMFORD, Conn. — Police say a woman singing karaoke in a Connecticut sports bar was attacked by six other women who didn't like her performance. Five of the women were arraigned on assault and other charges on Wednesday in Stamford Superior Court. The other woman appeared in court Monday on the same charges.
Police say the Sept. 23 attack on the 25-year-old woman from Port Chester, N.Y., happened during karaoke night at Bobby Valentine's Sports Gallery Cafe in Stamford.
Authorities say the six women, all under the legal drinking age of 21, knocked the singer to the floor, punched her and pulled her hair. The victim suffered bruises and a chipped tooth.
The victim has said she was singing "A Dios Le Pido" by Colombian superstar Juanes when the violence began.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Me, me, me....NOT ANYMORE!

Last nights volunteer orientation was AWESOME! Oh my God I’m on fire…I think I’m heading towards my purpose! Can you imagine? While I was showering this morning I pretended I worked at the SPCA and I felt compelled to hurry and get ready so I could get there…can I get another “can you imagine”???

I’m going to spend all my furloughed Fridays there. Why not? I ain’t got nothing else to do but stay home, watch tv and eat. I’m going to be a mentor, a trainer and eventually an employee or very close to them as an officer. Whatever it is, I’m on the right path. FINALLY!

And the really good thing about the SPCA as opposed to the city shelter, which I tried to volunteer at but cried too much during orientation, is the dogs you see stay alive til they’re adopted. (I asked Kody if I could foster a dog but he gave me a HEEELLL no. Prick. You think he paid the mortgage.) So the dogs I saw last night were so sweet. I found about six I wanted to take home. They’d lean so hard in to the cage door so you could get just the right scratches in…I just wanted to crawl in and lay down with all of them. But soon I’ll be able to take them out and walk them, bathe them and play with them. They even have morning adoptions on tv. My feet might be on tv!!!

One other program I loved was when you take the SPCA vans to fill up with gas, they want you to take one dog with you so they can stick their heads out the window and just be a dog for a while…is that not totally sweet!!

I feel good today. I’m so happy that I’m finally making myself get OUT of myself for a change and do something worthwhile. I’m so very very selfish & lazy…I hope this changes that….once and for all.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

tidbit blog

Janet and I are going to the SPCA's orientation tonight to become volunteers. I need to get animal handling experience for when i interview as an officer. We'll probaby learn about animal neglect and, ironically, I couldn't get up early enough to take Kody for a walk.

On my way to work, I saw Chad sitting on a bench under the freeway. It's so weird; he's a celebrity here in sacramento and he's a crack addict. For a moment, i wanted to turn my car around, pick him up, hang out and talk about how life has so "wronged" us. But I was too afraid he'd get me hooked on crack. And I really had to get to work.

Walking on my WAY to work, i always pass by the huge concrete cigarette butt ashtray. what pisses me off is all the cigarette butts around the damn ashtray! That takes some incredible complacent disregard to stamp out your butt right next to that. RUDE!

Friday I have to get a crown replaced. My tooth cleaner gets mad at me because I never tell her about any issues i'm having...if i do, i know they'll need to drill at some point. So I wait until they find it during my 6 month visits. Now i've waited too long becuase it is KILLING me! i have to chew only on my right side and i might even have to resort to soft foods til then....Janet better re-supply my xanax...i'm gonna need it.

i lost my red hawk sweatshirt and it now has sentimental value since Janice bought the exact same one during our casino visit. : (

Monday, October 05, 2009


Yesterday it took him two tries to get up. He still has the energy to be a prick and all that but my boy is getting old.

and i took that worriedness to bed. it's cold here (finally) at night and i still turn my house fan on so my room is pretty dang meat lockerish. I woke up around 1 and put my hand on Kody's belly. it was cold and hard. I shook him; no movement. i shot up and yelled his name in a panic and he slowly lifted his head and looked at me like "WTF?"

It's gonna be a looooong 10 more years....

Saturday, October 03, 2009

: (

I sold my piano. that made me sadder than i thought it would. The end of an expectation that i would play the shit out of that thing. the end of my hopes of playing my soul.

two consolations: the hundred dollar bills she paid me with and that someday I'll buy a grand piano.