Thursday, February 25, 2010


I've been kinda seeing this guy veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery sporadically while i'm on my HCG diet (500 calories a day) and it's been almost too hard. First off, on 500 calories a day, even though my body is eating my fat for nutrition, i've been quite off. a couple of my friends have noticed and have taken the time to comment about how "off" i am.

and becuase of that, i don't really have the energy to date anyone either. But this guy is very persistent and he's really nice on paper. There is something about him i can't put my finger on but i'm not sure if it's him or the diet.

5 times i had to remind this guy I CANNOT GO OUT TO DINNER!! He's not a good listener but that makes him a typical guy and i like typical guys. So i decided to ask him if we could just start over NEXT weekend when i'm off the diet and starting to feel like a normal person. He agreed and said he understood.

4 hours later i get a text asking if he could come over after he dropped his girls off. I didn't even have the energy to scold him, again, for not listening and just texted "next weekend"

So i did this diet the best i could for 35 days. I've lost 23 pounds and today is my last HCG dose. i have 3 MORE days of 500 calories and then i start the low carb phase. the difference between this round and my other two rounds is the first two i never stuck to the protocol. a few days after my last 500 calorie day i ate and drank like a king. not gonna happen this time beucase i'm SICK to shit of being chubby. i haven't drank alcohol in 35 days and i have next month to go with no alcohol either. honestly, i don't miss it. it's a pain in the fucking ass. being hungover, spending too much money, eating like crap, lazing on the couch, i'm looking forward to another sober month. although st. paddy's day IS the 17th.. : (

i'll be crying all that day. but i'll be crying in my skinny jeans.

Monday, February 22, 2010

spending money, spending money...

spending money i really don't have...

kevin helped me (read: did) put this together. Can you believe my luck? it came with two left doors. i'm giong back to big lots to get the right's its own little home for my baby.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I didn't want to have kids for a number of reasons; but, one of them was they'd make me feel old. Turns out I didn't need to have my own daughter - I have one via Debby's womb.

Too bad Debby won't give me the option of beating her...

Monday, February 15, 2010


Not an amazing valentines day but it was Kevin's birthday and it was nice hanging out with him.

TODAY was an amazing day though...i got up at 4:30 (yes i'm a senior) and cleaned out my bookcase, cleaned out my trunk, loaded up donation items, found my keys that have been lost for over a month, cleaned my back yard, organized my spice cabinet, cleaned under the sink, cleaned out credenza, got my leaky refrigerator fixed, brushed Kody, pruned my lemon tree, picked up poo and cleaned out my front flower bed.


i got tired just writing that.

we have a lovely 3 day work week. i wish every week was a 3 dayer.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Here we go again!

Tom came over Thursday night to hang out and play games. we ended up just watching Bruno and the food network.

I like him...he's alot of things I've been looking for. He's got a huge house, a pool, wants me to be his housewife (aka: don't have to work : ) he even smoked a cigarette with me! (which i'm quitting on the 28th) he's a bit grabby; but, ironically, that's ALSO something i've been craving...just not when you don't really know the person. but it is good to know it's there.

Anyway, he know i'm on the diet because i can't eat or drink anything so he makes the typical but sweet comment of how i don't need to lose any weight and tha ti look great. so i asked him if he wanted to see what i looked like when i was fat. he says "I'll bet you were a cute fat though"...showed him the picture and he goes "oh....yeah....." hahahah...coudln't even hide his digust.

Then when we were saying our goodbyes at the door, Kody totally farted about 6 times!!! loud, loose and bubbly! but i wasn't sure if that was him or Tom so i asked horrible would that be if your date totally cut one while saying goodbye...hahaha..good times, good times.

and on ANOTHER awesome note:

i'm gonna need a bigger kitchen.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oooh yeeaaah!!

Momma one happy bitch!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Perfect Saturday

The girls and i met for coffee and headed out shopping eeearly in the morning. we bought books, candles, yarn and crochet needles.

that's right. i crocheted. we all crocheted our own very beautiful scarf. the massive imperfections made them prettier, IMO.
in our ugly defense, this pix was taken after about 17 cups of coffee...yeeeeow!!!
later on we met up with the group and went to a roller derby match. now that was totally fun! i wanted to strap on some skates and kick some ass!!
seriously. i'd go here again...
me & me bro
me and me gorgeous ex.
god i suck at blogging. oh well.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Aunt Frannie

My favorite Aunt Frannie died this morning. Peacefully, in her sleep.

I remember Frannie as being soft-spoken, kind, loving, nurturing, talented, funny and accepting. I was sent to live with them at 16 when my mom could no longer handle me and she took me in as one of her own. She was so very tolerant of me and tried her best to guide me in the right direction. I'm only sorry I disappointed her too.

But I am forever greatful i was able to experience living in such a loving, quirky family. She raised 8 beautiful children who are all amazing in their own way. And they all bear traits of Frannie and that's such a good thing.

Frannie looked and acted exactly like my a way, my tears are for him as well as for her and her family. She will be so greatly missed by numerous people, too many to count. I hope her and my Dad are lovingly reunited, rejoicing in the lives they've led and the people they've touched.

Goodbye lovely, lovely Auntie...