Wednesday, September 30, 2009


...they're supposed to EASE your stress, right? Well mine suggested that I take a year off from work and travel across the country to pursue my dreams. All in the name of my mental health which has deteriorated into an abyss.

I think I will....

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I love this time of year. Today is cloudy, cold and a little bit windy. It makes me want to curl up on the sofa with Kody and watch a great movie. but instead, i'm bringing two co-workers to La Bonne Soup Cafe so they can experience the magic produced by Chef Pont.

I'm thinking of buying a pellet stove. My fireplace sucks and a pellet stove would actaully heat my house. yeah...i think i will....
I'm a volunteer at our local SPCA now. Well...after tuesday's orientation. I need 6 months of animal care experience in order to qualify for an animal control officer. two things: 1.) emotional me being an animal control officer and 2.) me in a uniform. Good thing they don't carry guns...

Monday, September 28, 2009

New Hampsha

My friends from back east came to visit ME this past weekend and it really was more awesome than I thought it'd be. I was nervous because sometimes people change and you're just not sure if you have anything in common but that was not the case with these two. If nothing else, we had a bond in common I had totally forgotten about...

It was a total kick back weekend. We didn’t really have big plans…we just hung out and talked until my throat hurted. Friday was fun because we started the day with the amazing world-famous French toast at the Tower café, then we visited my favorite watering hole and later I had a few old friends come over for some games. Which, with this group, didn’t get very far but that’s okay because I was losing anyway.

And Saturday was a total kick back day too because we floated in Janet’s pool all day (Thanks Janet!!). I even left Kody at home so we could actually relax. When we ran out of the few beers I brought over I ran home, re-supplied and then grabbed Kody. (just to show you I’m not a super bad mom) We danced, sang in to beer bottles & vacuum handles, ate Lisa’s delicious home-made salsa & guac, played a few card games and called it an early night. Well…they were all early nights really. They were on their east-coast time and I’m always in bed by 8. The only time it didn’t mesh was in the morning. “um…helloooo?? Can you pipe down? It’s not even light out!”

I was surprised at how much of my high school days I actually remembered. I was worried we’d not have much to talk about, but, as I said…my throat hurts. They brought up people I had totally forgotten about and told me what their lives have been like since high school. Some great; some not so good. Both Lisa and Jnaice have college educations so that puts me in the not so good category but I thank the state of California for helping me there..hmmm….

Sunday we went to Red Hawk Casino, talking Janice out of going to San Francisco which is kind of a shame but I’ll make them come out again and we’ll go there too. Nobody won but it was still fun going somewhere I always go with my early girlies.

So now my friends are gone and I am totally sad. I even teared up after I dropped them off Sunday evening. I thought for sure I’d welcome my alone time, but, not so. They were such comfortable & wonderful company…like chenille slippers; I’d wear them anywhere, all the time (no, I’m not gay).

There were many more pictures taken but Lisa and Janice have most of them…I’ll just post a few so you can put names to faces.

Within our first hour of seeing each other. poor Lisa...we suffocated her. (notice my awesome new red sox hat?)

Our FIRST cosmo!

How happy we get drinking first Cosmo...(Debby's here)

Pre-bad girls...

Very bad girls...

Debby's sandwhiches and mine. can you tell the difference?

After 3 or 7 cosmos...notice it's still light out?

Not the greatest pix but the reason why i'm not married...

Is Janet trying to burp??? Lisa is on the edge of her seat...

Day after... : )

So...thanks again you two. and you 3. can't wait to see you again!!! oxxoxoxox

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

debby's not the ONLY one...

...that can start a list.

i've got one too.

After a HORRENDOUS eye-opening weekend (nothing related to debby's Yes-Man post) I've decided it's time to change.

I can no longer wake up and hate where i go. no longer. SO i've decided to actively pursue an animal-related career. I've chased the all-mighty dollar long enough and it's gotten me no where but a house in Miseryville. Now, i'll find a career where i make about half as much as i do now; but, will make me 5,000X a million times happier.

It will be hard but i'm prepared. because I'm sick of hearing myself talk about the same shit over and over and over and over and over an.....

hey...i did 32 days of no drinking and lost 25 pounds...i can do anything.

On another note, i have some friends visiting me this weekend from MY HIGH SCHOOL DAYS!! i saw lisa about 11 years ago and i got my belly button pierced so we'll see waht i get pierced THIS weekend...haahhaha...Janice i have not seen since i was 16 years old. whoa....was i EVER 16?

I've slaved over cleaning my house so they "think" i'm clean but they already know me...i've de-haired the best i can but i'm not houdini.

Janice called me earlier and said "i already told my co-werkahs that i was already pahtyin in my head so i'm outte hea!!"....can't wait to listen to that melody for the next few days.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I'm glad blogging is not my job because I'd be fired by now. what's worse than that is i have NOTHING to blog about!

although i've been having funky-ass dreams lately. so vivid, so cool, so amazing. i really wish i was a producer becuase my dreams would make amazing movies. speaking of movies, i watched Doubt and curious Benjie butty. HATED BB (sorry Deb). in fact, i fast forwarded through the last was just too long. but taht made the ballet dance pretty funny. and they did a good job, makeup wise, making brad pitt look as darling as he did on thelma and louise. then i watched a hundred episodes of white trash but so funny.

today is chore day. in two weeks i have two friends coming from new hampshire to visit me!!!! i'm so excited. i'm only slightly stressed becua sei have to clean this damn house and it's just FULL of kody. even after i clean it, it's only a matter of time before it's kody-ized again. oh well...hopefully we'll be SO enmeshed in conversation no one will ntoice.

i got a basket full of figs from my bi-monthly shipment and i made these FABULOUS apps. i cut them in half, spiced them with herbs de provence, topped with goat cheese, pushed an almond in the center, broiled them for 6 minutes and sauced them with a honey balsamic vinagrette dressing. soooooooooooo delish. is major chore day. and football. i like it in the background...that's why i liked it when kevin came over...i like him in the background too. : )

Sunday, September 06, 2009

new things

now that i got my whole house fan, i think back on the things that were so amazing to finally get:

instead of laundramat - a home washer & dryer
wall heaters and fans - central heat & air
stick shift - automatic
wait til i get home to pee - doggy door
job hopping - state job
renting - owning
diets after diets after diets - HCG
pay phones - cell phones
researching outside home - internet
string floss - stick floss

can you name a few?

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Money...makes the world go round

...and everyone wants a piece of it.

After joining Dean Graziosi's "academy" and now fighting to get my money back, I've become acutely aware of how many scams there are around me.

for some odd reason, a security hold was put on my credit card. I called and to make a long boring story short, before the situation was handled, they asked me if i was interested in having a 24/7 security personal identity watch on my credit card. that would protect me from potentially THOUSANDS of dollars and years of time in the event my identity is stolen. $7.99 a month.

at the fair a few weeks ago, Janet and i both 'entered' a contest at a plastic surgery center with the chance of winning a $300 grand prize to be applied towards any procedure we pick. guess who won? both of us. Just to get us in and spend money.

i had to join a facial product and in order to get the 10% discount, you HAVE to go for the auto shipment every other month. just to ensure they get your money.

I'm just sick...sick of the grubbers out there. i need to figure out a scam so i can join the masses. ha! kidding...i could never do to others what has been done to me...i know how it feels and it ain't pretty.

which brings me back to paragraph 1: Dean...give me back my money.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

I'm desperate

I'm so desperate to get out of state service, i spent a large amount of money to a real estate "academy" to teach me how to make millions.

Now I see clearer. And talking to a few millionaires has helped a bit too. I could have learned a lot of this stuff the old-fashioned way. course I'M very lazy and I liked their format and am still impressed; but, not $#,### impressed. So it weighs heavy on my brain this morning that i have to fight them to get my money back. I almost had them yesterday; but, they "tricked" me AGAIN in to staying. (they're REEEAAALLY good at this stuff. Or i'm REEEALLLY bad)

Anyway, when i left that real estate investment meeting last night i was border-line in tears. It looks like it's just a lot harder than I thought. And believe it or not, Sacramento does NOT have a lot of houses left to invest in. The guy said last year they bought over 400 houses; this year, 14. Not encouraging for someone new.

So the predominant thought was I'm stuck working 8 to 5 for a lot longer than i wanted. I had to look Kody in the eye last night and tell him his pool is further away than i thought. and if you knew me, you'd know how incredibly painful those thoughts were....

NOW i'm in full-blown tears...

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


i'm getting a whole house fan this weekend! that's as green as it gets!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

blogging is hard

especially when you're life is fricking BORING!

although last saturday we went to the fair. that was kinda fun. i drank beer and ate corndogs. i knew i would. it's just pointless to go to the fair and NOT be bad. Jeannie bought a $3,000 tempurpedic bed, janet bought a $500 set of pans and i bought some eyeliner. i've spent enough money in the last year, i just can't spend any more. : ( i'm trying to do The Secret to attract more money; but, i only attracted .50 that i found in my laundry basket.

i absolutely hate my job. (see a pattern here?) it's unfortunate becuase i ADORE my co-workers and my boss but I am the absolute bottom rung there. ME! THE BOTTOM (W)RUNG! Everyone is so friggin smart and know their shit. i KNOW there's a learning curve but come on! i don't have an extra year lying around. They were supposed to hire this other guy who was dimmer than a 1920's light bulb but that never panned out. Then i wouldn't have been aka the bottow (w)rung...My boss did give me a project. Let's just hope he didn't make it up to keep me busy....

at least i'm still thin.

off to ride my bike..the weather is nice and cool now....makes it easier to exercise....