Monday, March 29, 2010

Another Biking Saturday

Well, quite the opposite of the LAST post, I made time for an all-girls bike day. Belive it or not, I actually did not feel like going; but, once on the bikes…it was totally fun.

Our own personal photog (well...just at my house)

Saturday was a gorgeous day and all the girls came to my house.

We rode our bikes to light rail and caught the train to downtown. (First set of bruises…lifting heavy fucking bikes on train.)

On light rail:

I made a beautiful map of the bars we’d hit for the day and that went out the window since the very first bar we went to was closed.

So we substituted the Torch Club for Gallaghers.
It was a Vietnam Vet meetup or seomthing because it was packed with Vets. We only had one drink here and headed of to the Streets of London.

It’s totally fun riding your bike with a buzz on…the air was cool, the sun was warm, we giggled and chatted and praised ourselves for being so much fun.

the girls leaving my ass at a red light and though that rather funny too....

AT Streets of London:

Intentional Butt Crack in Streets of London Parking lot:

After streets we headed to the Monkey Bar but side tracked ourselves to this mansion with a gorgeous set of steps to hang out at and drink beer.
We were starting to settle down on the steps when sally handed me a beer. As I reached for the damn beer I fell down half the stairs and crumpled like a brittle tree. Right on my shins. I could only lay on my back and moan while I rubbed my shins and I wanted to cry but the girls (minus Debby…at first) were laughing so hard I could only laugh too. Bitches.

yet another staged scene but that IS where i fell:

blurry photo of ONE injury on ONE leg...see the skin on my sock? that's right...peeled my damn skin right off~

At the monkey bar they gave me a bag of ice so I iced my legs while we hung out…alcohol is great becuase i still should be crying.

Next stop: Limelight. That was totally fun but now we’re all getting pretty punchy drunk so the memories get sketchier.

cougars pickin up on jail bait hahaha...
so bonn lair was really a blur. something about time outs for me & sally, had to chase Debby back in to the bar, sally's boyfriend irritated with 40+ drunk "women"...i dunno. i woke up at midnight to Debby in my new lazy-boy...shocked me.
and the next day, i was on crutches, icing my ankle, with my boy by my side...good times...good times....

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Who the fuck am i....

I don’t know if turning 44 changed me internally or did I just mature at a reeeeally late date.

This blog will suck as most of my blogs suck because I don’t spend ANY time on them let alone all day, which I should to make an excellent blog. You know…let my ideas develop? This blog will be like all my other blogs…diarrhea of the thought chamber.

When I was younger, I was VERY creative. Very funny, very tricky, very hopeful, very clever; now…I’m like a shell of a human being…I should be trying to reinvent myself as you should do in your 40’s if you don’t meet your dreams. But was I always just kidding myself? Did I think too highly of my goals or was I just too lazy to try and reach them? Could I have reached them if I tried harder?* Was smarter? Or am I simply not destined? Is there such thing as destiny or do you really forge your own path? And if the latter is true then I’m back to *.

Anyway, I digress. Since I’ve been off my diet I’ve tried my drinking friend again. She sucks. She makes no sense, brings me no joy and is begging my belly to protrude again. But I’m trying. I’m trying to make her fun again. I went to a St. Patty’s day party, I drank alone while doing chores, and I’ve partied quietly with my best friend - all things I used to love doing…nothing. Boring. Pointless. Directionless.

And tonight I stopped by a local bar and ordered a “diet” drink and found myself praying that no one would talk to me. At a bar! Where I went to not be alone!!

So I’m skinny, I’m partying, I’m lonely, I’m lost and I’m uncreative. I’m spinning my wheels and trying to find crumbs of happiness. Kody’s about the only thing that can muster some joy. I’m thankful I have a job, I’m thankful I have options and I’m thankful I’m free; but Christ all mighty, why am I not joyful???

Where the fuck am I going and a better question?

the fuck
am i?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I starved myself all day and rewarded myself with this...
Pre-roasted (and kody)
after roasted (and kody)
whaaaa...? could this be KODY begging for veggies? what kind of wolf ARE you?

Sunday, March 14, 2010


I love makes me feel so friggin good and i FINALLY talked someone into taking out the cruisers and hitting some bars in the early afternoon..

it was so awesome outside...can't you tell??

We didn't want to go too far becuase i know us too well so we just went a few miles from home, played some darts and made fun of the bartenders weiney. (Debby had to wear her hat that she bought like mine becuase she wants to BE me.)

The drink was SO strong at 2Me's we only could do one more bar; Chargins. this is us on our bikes that you can't see but YOU try taking that pix with an iphone!

See how skinny i am???

hahaha....i was pretty wiped out but i only had a beet salad all day, so 3 drinks knocked me ON my ass. I called someone i've been lightly seeing and he didn't rush over to save me so he's out.

I tried good ol' tried & true faithful Kevin but after 9 years he's had enough of rescuing. so i called a cab.

Back to the drawing board.

Today we're walking the alcohol for it's the Lord's day. maybe a smoke or two...

Saturday, March 13, 2010


So I was SUPER excited when i emailed this:

and got a positive response. He's edgy, 6'2, artsy, beautiful, looks like my mailman, etc...I even went shopping for cute clothes, starved myself an extra few days to be super thin, made an appt with my girl to get my hair done and fantasized.

We made a date for Friday nite. and friday was going to be a shitty day for me. i had to have two teeth drilled at 7:30am, i had to go to work on a Furloughed friday and then wait 7 hours to meet my future husband.

But i started my day but checking out his picture again for motivation and found this:

He's a potato! a damn potato! I don't mean to be mean but in this venue, this IS what you see first and you have to ask yourself "can i have sex with this person?" The first guy, YES...2nd

i was crushed. but i went out anyway becuase the thought of getting myself ready and hanging out at a trendy spot alos sounded fun.

And he was a nice guy. Very overweight, talked too fast, pronounced his "s" too much and is a therapist by day. uh uh.

I cancelled my hair appt because THAT was not worth a long drive to roseville and back.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Baked Eggs

I made baked eggs to Debby's suggestion...i overcooked them but they were still quite flavorful.

I'm riding my bike in and it's 36 degrees. i'll be riding reeeeeeeeeeeally fast.
Kody met this Queen B last night and has the blood on his forehead to prove it...i'll get you Bella...

Monday, March 08, 2010


...of champions...

Sunday, March 07, 2010

So this lady across the street, (I've blogged about it before) keeps her boyfriends dogs in her back yard. he comes and gets them maybe once a month for i THINK is a long weekend of camping, hiking, running and least i hope that's what it is becuase i feel terribly sorry for them.
i used to sneak back there and take them to the park and let them run for a bit to burn off some energy.

She's since moved out and has been in the hospital; but, the dogs are still there. The boyfriend comes over and cleans out her house (she's a hoarder) and seems to forget to collect the dogs. so i wrote this note and left it on the fence but got worried that he might take it out on kody and kill him, becuase only one neighbor would be nutty enough to LEAVE said note:

Hi Dad. Please take us home. We don’t like it here…we know you pay really good attention to us once or twice a month but that’s not enough for us being such an ACTIVE breed.

It’s small, smelly, lonely and boring back here. We’re tired of the neighbors looking at us with pity while we watch them walk their dogs, take them to Starbucks and hear the dogs cozying up on their beds at night, being loved & warm.

We love YOU no matter what…can you please show us the same?

"Please don’t take offense…we love your dogs. We just feel really sorry for them. They are quite lovely and really need to be in a family pack. " they are:

and in case you're not sure what a spoiled and loved dog should look like:

See? His head looked a little cold and i am RIGHT on it....

oh. and here's me 10#'s from my goal weight:

don't mind the batman eyebrow...i think i lost weight in my forehead too.