Friday, January 29, 2010


My friend Debby is obsessed with lip gloss. so i decided i must be too since i like to copy the "cool" things about people.

So everytime i go to the dollar tree, target or Costco, i pick up a tube or 3.
Somehow, over the last month, most of them have ended up in my purse. And i shit you not...i just pulled these out of my purse this morning:

FOUR cups worth people!!!

I'm a lipstick junkie...

Thursday, January 28, 2010


No one better question whether or not my date killed me that night!


actaully i cancelled, stayed home with a bottle of wine and watched movies. sounded better at the time. We did go out last night and he's a nice guy. I liked the fact that after he had two pints, I was ready to go but he wanted one more. I wasn't drinking so that sucked for me but i understand the "one more" concept. So despite that glimmer of light, he's probably not my type. He is, however better than the last guy I almost hooked up with who had one count of harrassment and one count of attempting to inflict Great Bodily Injury possibly resulting in death. I'm just not in to taht anymore.

An even greater story was made at our local watering hole last Friday. the darlingest, darlingest new yorker came up to me and flirted with me for about 10 minutes. He'd look me up and down, smile and ask me what i was doing later. after a few more minutes of flirting, smiles and batting eyelashes i says to him "If your plan is to take me home tonight; that ain't gonna happen."

He says to me "Okay. if you change your mind, i'll be over here..." and walked off.

goddam new yorkers. they're hot and too honest. i need me one.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I have an actual date Thursday night. It’s been a while; but, I’m hoping it’s like riding a bike.

His idea of a date: taking me out to play shuffleboard. Shuffleboard!? It may have been a while but it is obvious what he’s hoping for. He’s gonna be in for BIG a surprise becuase this shit is expensive. I’d better at least get some chili dogs and a blizzard first.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


i'm in training all week for VMWare. i have to say, it's kinda interesting and i'm actaully reading the material when i get home from class to review.

who am i?

still training for 1/2 marathon. still partying like i wasn't. but not going to compromise on that...i went to the gym after class and it was friggin PACKED. Damn new i just came home, found debby in my driveway and we decided to do Slim in 6.

The days are getting longer which will force me to ride my bike to work. Moving my car every two hours to avoid a ticket is starting to suck anyway.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

If roles were switched...

This is not normally what 43 year old women do on Saturday nights; but, that's why I'm glad we are who we are.

We took advantage of hanging out with Debby's daughter and her friend Kaycee and made up our own improv'd skit. They're both in the acting industry so it's easy for them. Why Debby and I are so good is becuase that's our generic age. hahaha....

The "kids" are the moms and the "moms" are the kids...the moms are talking about how well we get along...

Saturday, January 09, 2010


I cancelled my eharmony account for many reasons; but, the main one was the ONE guy I was only remotely interested in, closed our match becuase he didn't like what I said in my profile.

In retrospect, maybe the "all men are stupid cocks" comment was a little off-putting...

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


you know what I love about my dreams? They're better than any book or movie I've seen.

Last night, Viggo Mortensen was flirting with me and then asked me out. And you could tell we were both attracted to each other becuase we had those little smiles on while we talked. and when he had his on I stared at his mouth and just wanted to eat his face.

And later, I knew I would be...Mmmmmmmmmm....

Then, I was interviewed by a reporter about being a "philanthropist" and she wrote a full page article about me in Entertainment Weekly (?? no idea) and I cried when i read it becuase i was so happy to be doing what Ive wanted to do my whole FAMOUS! ha ha ha...

gettin' ready for work...

Monday, January 04, 2010

Let's hope 2010 is THE year

My only new years resolution is no texting while driving. And to find a new job; one that makes me happy.

The other more typical resolutions I refuse to make anymore. BUT I am training for a half marathon so that requires some kind of commitment. I also called my gym this morning to renew my membership because I’m tired of Debby being the super-skinny one. I am now known as the FAT GIRL OF THE GROUP! How did this happen? I can no longer rest on my charms to get me by because guys can’t see past my belly to GET to my charms.

I’ve also made the commitment to party only 2 times a month. Better than two times per 3 days. The 16th is my next party and I’m not looking forward to it like I thought I would but I think it’s because I’ve drank 13 gallons of alcohol in the last 3 weeks. I’m temporarily dizzy daily. But my skin looks GREAT! (thank you Obagi…I love you)

I saw two awesomest movies this weekend; Bruno and Up. I did NOT want to see Bruno but Kevin asked me to just watch the first 15 minutes and if I didn’t like THAT then shut it off. Two words: airplane crash. I could not look away…I made Debby watch it and she pee’d her pants 15 times. It was so over-the-top funny that it was over the over-the-top. He’s a brave man. And Up was just sweet. SQUIRREL!

Last on my list, no tv til 8pm. i'm going to try to go to bed around 9 / 10 but i'm not going to watch tv from the time i get home til bed. if Debby's man can fit in the gym daily with his incredibly busy schedule, so can i. And really the only reason why i can't fit working out in my schedule is i have a lot of tv to watch. LAME!