Wednesday, September 27, 2006

sugar UPDATE!

thanks to all my bloggers (becuase i'm sure it was due to you :) i'm so popular!) for your support!

and if it wasn't you 3, then thanks to everyone else who supported the campaign to save Sugar!!

(from the Fairfield Humane Society)
Thank you for the tremendous outpouring of support and best wishes for Sugar! The Humane Society received calls not only from the caring citizens of Lancaster and central Ohio, but also from across the nation and even from other countries! With such generosity, funding for Sugar's needs are secured. She will travel to The Ohio State University Veterinary Hospital on Thursday, September 28, and it is anticipated that her surgery will be the following day.

Thanks to your generosity, the Fairfield Area Humane Society established an account called "Sugar's Fund." All monies received in excess of Sugar's medical costs will be set aside in "Sugar's Fund" and will be used to meet the future emergent needs of abused or neglected animals that come into our care. You can contribute to "Sugar's Fund" through PayPal

To make an online donation to the
Fairfield Area
Humane Society
click here

or please write "Sugar's Fund" on the memo line of your check made payable to:
Fairfield Area Humane Society, P.O. Box 1109, Lancaster, OH 43130

Look for updates on Sugar in the days to come! Like you, we all are hopeful for a successful surgery and rehabilitation and anticipate a happy life for Sugar! Thanks you so much!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sugar (click on Link)

If you can help, please do...thanks...

We have an emergency cruelty case dog that needs immediate medical care. However her medical bills are going to range into the thousands and we NEED your donations to save her life. Without your donations Sugar will not have a chance at survival.

Sugar was dumped at our shelter after hours and may very well be the worst abuse case our shelter has ever seen. Sugar has suffered severe injuries to her skull making her head and face deformed. Her jaw is broken and she cannot open it not even to eat. Many of her teeth have been broken out as well. We suspect that whatever happened to this dog happen several months ago because the bones have fused and healed together in the abnormal way you see below. This also means her jaw has been broken for months; which is why you can count every bone in her body. To watch this dog go about her everyday business is truly inspiring. She has touched the hearts or every single person who has come in contact with her. Since she has been with us, her tail has not stopped wagging, and she is always happy to see everyone and everything. We may never know what happened to Sugar, but we do know that whatever it was that she deserves a second chance at life. Won’t you let Sugar have that chance? Sponsor Sugar today!

Monday, September 25, 2006


i love to feel wanted.

i have not touched my real estate in 3 days and i'm damn happy about it.

yesterday was football day. i planned on getting hammered and then calling in sick; but, after 6 cocktails i remembered i had an interview today.

i wasn't in to partying anyway really (what??? you say after all, i did have 6 cocktails!). However i still made a yummy salsa with my - you guessed it - Miracle Salsa Maker . I also made a Croc Cheez with Liquid Smoke that tasted oddley like really delicious barf. and i am not kidding. course, no one ate it once i said that...hmm...note to self...

the interview went really well. i was in there for 45 minutes and that's not bad for someone with zero experience in that area (appraising). Now, being the projector that i am, i'm trying to figure out what i'm going to do with Kody while i'm travelling 2 to 3 weeks a month. My original plan was to bring him; but, i found out in the interview i'll mostly be traveling in groups.

Kody's hard to hide.

If i just had a normal relationship, then Kevin could watch him but what are the chances of that?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

TVP - My new friend

I signed up for a Baby Shower food item for tomorrow - Taco Meat. Everyone raised their eyebrows...or was that rolled their eyes? because they know i won't be bringing meat. But thanks to Melody and Dori i will have dish worth bringin.

I was supposed to make it last night but i woke up at 4:15 with no sleep on the horizon, some time that needed to be spent with Kody and the dish to make. (i hope it keeps until tomorrow?)

So...without further adoo, adieu, achoo:

See my handy dandy Miracle Chopper that was my assistant in the background? Money well spent, eh?

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Buggy Eyes

my eyes are going buggy from studying. I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!

Kevin and i walked to the farmers market for lunch (only 2 more weeks left :( for that and :) for rain!!)

On our way back we stopped for a coffee. There was a woman in front of us who ordered a veggie sandwich and mentioned to us (saving you for a windy story) that she was a vegetarian. after a few seconds I said "you know, we're vegetarians too!". it's always fun to identify with other veggies beucase, sadly enough, we're too far in between (?) to be common. And of course, i must mention that Kevin is Vegan, becuase that is just no easy feat. "yeah? we'll he's veeeggaan" i pronounce out of proudity.

And kevin is Vegan...99.99% of the time. When we get coffee, however, he has to use cream becuase soy milk in coffee is disgusting. soy creamer is lovely. but becuase i made such a big deal out of it, he had to ask for the soy milk.

i got a talkin' to when we left.

i have to work at my 2nd job tonight. here's to hoping i make a million dollar tip so i don't have to work eithr job anymore...(and yes, DOES buy happiness)

Monday, September 18, 2006

My Boyfriend and todays Guest Blogger

...he surprises me sometimes with random things and this is one of those random things. Funny becuase i was disappointed in myself and slightly stressed that i should post something!

and yes i am aware of my drinking issues...leemeelone....

so i wrote your blog for today. feel free to spice it up.


I’m doing a guest blog for TK today because she’s busy studying for her real estate license and I can tell her fans are getting restless. I encourage her in her new venture and hope that this will lead to lots of wealth so she will eventually learn that more money won’t make her happier and I can say I told you so.

So, how about a weekend update? Well, Friday night she sat home alone because she had to work her waitressing job early in the morning. I personally witnessed the angst of her debating herself whether or not to participate in the Crazy Hat Pub Crawl. There really is nothing that TK likes more than pub crawling with a hundred of her closest friends. She does like an audience and nothing makes a better audience than beer imbibed 20-somethings with funny hats. Not to worry though, she did pop a couple of Amber Bocks with Betsy’s mom. TK has a way of getting people who drop by to tip back a few with her.

Saturday morning she missed, for the 10th consecutive year, the Great American River Clean Up. She did have a decent excuse though…she was working. So while I was cleaning up Sacramento’s great asset, she was fighting off advances from older Greek men who were taking even older Greek men out for breakfast. She did well though, tip-wise.

Saturday afternoon found her mixing drinks for a co-worker while they lamented their various bad choices in different men throughout their lives. Seems the new theory is to ‘get stuff in writing.’ But there are only so many reclamation projects that are willing to sign contracts and these men can always claim they were ‘under the influence’ if the case ever makes it to Judge Judy.

TK declined my rather generous invitation to attend the monthly Vegan Meet Up. While she is very sympathetic to the plight of animals and admires those who reflect their beliefs in their eating and buying habits, they just aren’t quite the party animals whose company she really craves. While she despises our current President’s policies, she thinks she would have more fun swapping fart jokes with him than hanging out with his political foes. Again, that’s part of her endearing charm. But TK was able to completely catch up with her Netflix queue so Saturday night wasn’t a total waste.

Now nothing screams Sunday morning like going out to breakfast. So phase I of Sunday was successful. Phase II was to involve cleaning her house and that was partially successful however the lure of football and beer tended to misdirect her efforts a bit. I was there to make sure she stayed somewhat on task and I have to admit she was more than willing to keep the hummus, salsa, chips, and beer coming my way while oversaw her efforts from the couch. She is a wonderful hostess and would have made an outstandingly nurturing mother had alcohol been one of the building blocks of a well-balanced diet.

Sunday evening TK decided that the Vegetarian Society potluck also didn’t hold much interest for her. She missed a nice presentation from the Animal Protection Institute which is sponsoring legislation to regulate the transport of farmed animals. The movie would have made her sad and angry though so it was probably best. Later I heard that she enjoyed a full evening of Three’s Company reruns. (But who am I to judge because I went home to watch even MORE football.)

Just another normal weekend for our TK girl. Don’t you wish you lived closer?

thank you punky...; )

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Ring around youranus?

I have been plagued with the question of "what the hell are these rings on all my shirts!"

so i was working out and got the brilliant idea to use my Trader Joes Canola Spray as a WD-40ish type thing, go to put the cap back on and BINGO! that's the friggin ring! I rest the can on my belly, put the cap on and push it down til it snaps as such: (looking down at me belly)


I'm either really smart or really stupid. Since i'm a presidential candidate, it must be the latter.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Fat-Ass Arkansas

The governor, who realizes obesity is a major problem in his state, goes on a diet and loses (NOT an easy feat) 100 POUNDS!

Instead of following example or even encouraging him, he seems to be only appreciated nationally and the fat-asses of arkansas are pissed! The owner of a Soul Food restaurant, hands on her, no doubt, double-wide hips, states "that's fine for him...But he ain’t got to make the whole state lose weight.”

Can you believe this? Kids in the school are demanding "real" food like nachos and cheese. Now, grant it, i LOVES me some nachos & cheese and biscuits & gravy and french fries and oreos, but i KNOW better. so i EAT better. and, on occasion, i will have me somes nachos & cheese and biscuits & gravy and french fries and oreos...that will be my choice.

He even, GOD FORBID, banned smoking indoors...i'm sure teh iron lungs aren't happy about that either.

God i should be president. I'd rule with an iron fist! No more animal products shall be allowed in the US (except my hidden cheese and ice cream in the oval office-hey. that'll be my scandal - not too bad), smoking allowed only in bars!, all streets will be paved for the comfort of rollerbladers! Work weeks will be cut down to 3.5 days and will vary to cover the monday through friday week! All testing will be done on inmates (my republican side) and never again on animals! Driving while drunk on a bike shall be legal again! Marijuana will be legal as will the mass making of hemp products! there shall be 3 presidents: republican, democrat and Independent (i shall play the role of all 3)

Vote for Tanya 2008.

Friday, September 08, 2006

The Fair

First costed me too much money. And this, of course, is after i drank too much too fast and after i had been led by my arm to a water fountain to rehydrate what the Budweiser had taken away.

the following are the items i purchased, in order.

If you've seen the commercial of the onion chopper , that really was my original goal. i HATE chopping onions but i love my desperate search and while Jeannie tested out Nasa-type beds, i turned around to hear angel harps...

i bought one. i've used it about 5 times so well worth it.

Next item up for bid? now i have been wanting one of these for quite some time now. But i felt stupid for buying this at a "fair special" price when you can get one at Target for about $40 cheaper. But i can't cry over little details like that...nothing i can do now and it sure will be nice to stop seeing unidentifiable bags loaded with ice crystals and something that used to be edible in my freezer.

last and most embarrassing item that i've received hella flack for is:


tha'ts right. $65 for a bronzer, a concealer and a brush that leaves little brush tendrils on my face when i use it. Every day, one of my "mean" co-workers has to say "oh my! you look really bronzey today! that stuff sure is workin' good!"

All in all...i love the fair. i might bitch; but, it's worth every foolish penny i spend.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

You know who i feel sorry for?

Tom Cruise's OTHER children.

he has other children, you ask...? i think so but who would know since THIS is all we ever hear about:

poor, unnoticed, unpopular children...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


what is the big deal about katie couric???

who cares? she's a reporter. one of a billion. why does every news page and web page got her face on it? am i missing something??

Yay! I was Tagged... my lovely friend Carrie.

5 things everyone should eat before they die? My favorite and #1 is a good White Russian. Made with Stoli's, Kahlua and organic milk.
I have a lot of memories (mostly good)and they all come flooding back when i have one of these...

#2: Trader Joe's Jo-Jo's - these taste like oreo cookies USED to taste like before they added all the life-threatening chemicals that make it taste slightly off...but the Jo-Jo's are delightful and vegan! ( pix)

#3: Can i be unhealthy here? because we know White RUssians and JoJo's are like loaded with vitamins. I'm going to throw in potato chips. my fav is O'Lay KC BBQ. but Target has the best chip like EVER! They're called Archer Farms Mmm...

#4: Togo's #14. need i say more (okay maybe i do for those that don't have a's a delicious Hummus sandwich)

(if you google 'togos hummus' you'll see my blog!!!)

#5: SALSA! made with my new miracle chopper that i bought at the fair!

okay so my list was really lame and you shoulnd't have held your breath. But unlike most of you non-meat eaters my favorite foods are actually meat. i care more about the animal than i do their flesh so i chose to not list any of them as my fav foods to try before you die...but if science ever perfects the petri dish steak then MOVE OVER!

although that sounds reeeeeally gross. why grosser than the actual animal i don't know...

I'm a party pooper too. i tag Kody. ; )

Sunday, September 03, 2006

My Left Hand

So my nails grow really long with my Formula IV vitamins. and when they do i LOVE to paint them French style...and i always do the left hand like really good:

buy my right hand is another story: